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  1. back in march some 1 clipped the wing mirror on my van on a country road, they barely touched, there was no marks or anything, the woman tried to blame me (even though i was stationary) i rang my insurance company, told them what happened just in case the woman rang trying to pass the blame, nothing ever came from it and no claims were ever made. renewed my insurance last month, had a call at the weekend from my insurance company saying there is going to be an increase of £900 because i havent declared a claim, i said i havent ever claimed, they said theres a claim on the motor insurance database, so i contacted old insurance, asked them to remove the claim marker and send me a letter to state there was no claim. couple hours later i get an email with a letter attached, the letter worded.. "contact with regards to your request to remove a claim. We cannot remove this as it is a notification of an accident that happened. It is a non-fault claim and for notification purpose only, if you would like to discuss this futher please contact us" where do i stand with this, the only reason i rang and told them is the fact the woman who clipped my vehcile was trying to blame me, i informed them just to cover my own back, never claimed anything, nor did the woman, no excess has been paid or anything like that!!! it seems like an absolute joke, surely this cant be for real????
  2. i initially asked if they would be prepared to pay for the parts, thats when they asked for a tyre report etc, then refused to pay after that. i was even happy for them to go halfs with me on the replacement parts! but they now dont want to know and completely ignore emails i send
  3. bought Focus ST from a dealer 2 and a half weeks ago, the dealership was 200 miles away so it was a 400 mile round trip to get the car, the car is on finance. on the way home i thought i could feel a slight vibration, it was late the next day i took it to a tyre garage to get the wheels balanced as i thought that could be what the problem is. i was told all 4 tyres are past it, the car passed an MOT the day before i bought it so i said they cant be.. the garage lifted it back up on the ramps to show me. the 2 front tyres are very bald on the inner edges and all cracked between treads. the rear tyres have plenty of tread but again they are all badly cracked between treads. one of the front tyres also has a slit in the side wall! now, before any one says "didnt you look at the car before you bought it" yes i did, but i was checking things like body work, interior, engine bay etc, i didnt even consider looking at the tyres since the car literally passed an MOT the day before! i instantly emailed the dealership with what i found, they asked me to get pictures for proof and also get a tyre report done, then email that along with pictures to them so they can resolve the issue. i did the above, and this is the reply i got!!! "Hi Stuart, I have spoken with the MOT station that MOT’d your vehicle, I have showed them the photographs you sent, and we have gone through each point on the MOT standards relevant to tyres and they have assured me that the tyres are legal. MOT standards are available online. The other major factor to take into account here is that you took the vehicle for a FREE tyre check. The purpose of these free tyres checks unfortunately are to sell you new tyres. Both ourselves and the MOT station are happy that the tyres are legal and if you feel they need replacing it will be at your own cost. I am sorry this is not the outcome you were hoping for, however this is the very reason we independently MOT every vehicle sold" obviously i wasnt happy with that reply threatened to take it further, but they just ignored me, i contacted trading standards, they told me i have rights etc which i quoted to the dealership, they ignored again. i then decided to get the car checked over to see if any other faults were apparent. there were.. . it has a split inner CV boot, it had a broken boost solenoid valve, and 1 of the tyres also has a screw in it (aswell as been bald and cracked) there is also a slight vibration from a driveshaft (probably slightly worn) again i emailed the dealer, and advised i will be getting VOSA involved as i dont think its even been seen by the MOT tester as it wouldn't of passed! as soon as i threatened with this their reply was "if your really that unhappy, please return the car for a refund" the car is on finance, which for me to get out of now has a higher settlement fee than what the car cost, the dealer is over 200 miles away (400 mile round trip) its already cost me in excess of £200 to collect the car, plus a day off work. I asked them if they are going to re reimburse me of the fees to return the car, and also that with illegal tyers im not prepared to drive it 200 miles on a motorway so they would have to arrange to have it collected. again no reply and they are ignoring me im happy with the car its self, im just unhappy about the faults, and dont see why i should have to fork out over £500 to put it right! what else can i do now? it desperately needs sorting, but im literally getting no where
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