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Found 22 results

  1. I have just noticed my motorbike entitlement has been taken off my licence!. I passed my test in march 1982 but DVLA says they have no record of this!!!!!. Christ cant make this up. They said i have to send a letter to DACT in swansea, anyone else had this issue?. Im 56 and they are asking to provide details of pass. help please.
  2. Hi all, Today I received my first PCN parking ticket (Yay), but I am not quite sure if it's fair. So, I parked my motorcycle on the pavement with the cycle rack so I could chain it up; I'm not sure if it's relevant or not but, there was a double yellow line on the road and no loading stripes on the kerb, but my bike was well out the way and wasn't causing an obstruction to businesses, roadways, pavements or other cyclists. Also, I wasn't aware of any parking restrictions for motorcycles, could I claim ignorance and hope for their better nature? If I disputed the ticket would I have a chance of getting it wavered? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Shaun
  3. I parked my large touring motorcycle in Padding Station, on arrival at the car park, there was no signage that indicated a dedicated M/C parking area, I parked neatly within a marked car space. I purchased a ticket at the machine and then noticed that there was an area for m/cycles - HOWEVER, the access was up a narrow ramp with chest-high railings and a complete u-bend (360 degree change of direction) part-way up. The size and weight of my machine would have preveneted me negotiating this bend, I could not access the m/cycle parking area. When I returned from my appointment I had a parking ticket, which gave a reason of 'failure to park wihin an authorised space' or something along those lines (I have the ticket somewhere). I phoned the parking company listed on the ticket and explained my case, I was advised that it would be taken no further. However I then received a notice (including photographs) that show my bike parked neatly and fully within a car space, I again phoned and explained, I have now received several letters from a debt recovery company seeking £135 payment of 'fine' and fees. I am of a mind to tale this to court, as there was no signage that inidcated that motorcycles should ONLY park in allocated spaces, similarly if I had a diabled badge, then I can still park in 'normal' spaces if all the disabled spaces are full. Any legal knowledge out there that covers this sort of situation?
  4. Me and my freind were riding our bikes down the A 11 last week and we were pulled over near Snetterton race track. We were both reported for dangerous driving as there had been reports of two bikes wheeling on the A 11. My freind admitted to wheeling as he did do it and didn't really know how to reply back to the copper as he was very manipulative and wanted to get a confession. I never once did a wheelie so denied the accusation but admitted to speeding as I knew I did speed I was sitting at 80 when he pulled behind us. The problem me and my freind are having is we don't think they have got any evidence of a wheelie but he's already admitted it. My main question is do they need evidence to give my freind dangerous driving and myself when there was no copper or any car at all when he did a wheelie which I might add only lasted two seconds. The copper never tried to prove anything and I thought if he did have proof he would of shown it to us. It seemed like he didn't have enough evidence to convict us of any dangerous riding so had to try his hardest to get my freind to admit his wheelie and tried getting me to admit a wheelie. What can we expect to happen next as he wasn't very clear on what would be happening and frankly we are both in bits at the minute as we risk getting a ban through dangerous driving which neither of us obviously want. Hope this makes sense many thanks.
  5. Hi I know there are lots of articles on here and other sites about this with conflicting information, and the laws have changed a bit in the last year but I was hoping for some help for where I stand. Just moved into new flat and parked my Motorbike on some empty ground opposite so as not to use up any of the residents minimal street parking spaces. This morning I came out to find a Contractural Breach Charge on my seat (not stuck on). I looked around and EPM have put some signs up on the back wall but with no lighting and I couldn't see them when I got there last night. There are no bays marked out and no entrance or exit, it is just some empty land next to the side street and I was tucked up against a tree. The side street is council permit parking only between 9-6 Mon-Sat. It appears the advice is no longer to ignore them but if it had been windy this morning, I wouldn't have even found the ticket. It states it was observed for only 10 minutes and 9 seconds, colour not recorded, and the location is noted as a Solicitor's 2 streets away. Doesn't have my street name on it anywhere. I know this is an invoice etc but I clearly did not accept entry to any contract by parking there as the sign proclaims. What is the best course now, appeal to EPM then POPLA? Thanks Dom
  6. Hi PCN challenge Yoda's! I have posted this over on MoneySavingExpert, will update both with responses if useful... Help! A friend who shall remain nameless recently received a PCN on his motorbike at the Aquatic centre from Gemini Parking Solutions. Here's the info: - he parked his motorbike next to the cycling parking outside the front of the centre, to get there he had to access this area, via a gravelled area which could in theory be deemed to be pedestrian walk area but he did not pass through the Gemini Parking Managed and ANPR fitted carpark entry nor did he enter their carpark area at any time -there are no signs saying do not park here - the ticket was issued in this area and the reasons given on the PCN are 'the vehicle was parked in a no parking zone' and in the other section 'parked on a public footpath' - he had on a previous occasion on asking the Gemini parking warden (who was not wearing any identification vest or name badge other than holding a parking ticketing device) be told to park in an area with similar coloured gravel and it would not be a problem. - this carpark is motorcycle (MC) park for free but no where is there a designated parking bay, so MC users have to take up a car bay, which on another occasion he was told not to do as he would incur a fine again from another unmarked warden. He wonders if the jurisdiction of Gemini is enforceable beyond the car park area and into the pedestrian area, which must be owned by the London Legacy Development Corporation who would have control of the area outside the designated Gemini parking controlled area? Should he wait follow advice as per your newbies thread and appeal before the 28 days expires, or should he respond within the 14 days to try and retain the discounted amount if unsuccessful at a later appeal date. It would seem on this thread that Gemini dont offer the reduced amount beyond the 14 day window [as per another website] that contained an uploaded letter from 2012 sorry couldn't attach link as new person. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi there, I have a huge issue with this insurance, my motorcycle was stolen from the college car park and Hastings direct claim that my insurance does not cover going to college. I had this motorcycle for a few months, and when speaking to their representative Im sure they as you for the purpose of using your vehicle. I mainly used it to get to and from work, as I cannot afford another car (mrs has one). When I asked for explaination they said they will back to me, but never did. I must also say that I have never received my policy booklet, nothing, so I didnt have chance to verify it. At work my friends are saying that going to college isnt like work, its your pleasure, same like you going to watch football every week. I didnt even use this motorcycle to go to college on regular basis, because of a huge traffic in the morning. My other friend advised me to speak to my MP, a local newspaper, watch dogs, etc. and all them saying its disgusting what Hastings Direct did to me. If possible would anyone give me any tips what to do and do I have any chance fighting for my rights? I feel completely disappointed with my insurance, really thinking I was naive to believe in honesty of this insurer who I did not change for past 3/4 years!
  8. Hello, I'm starting to develop a real interest in this subject as I've seen huge injustices in the past, so this is my vigilante intervention (I think I know the guy that got a PCN). he parked his motorcycle in the same place he has done for the last couple of summers - we often admire it with the kids. This afternoon I saw a ticket being written by an enforcement officer, who stuck the yellow bag on the seat of the bike. The location I will do my best to describe. It is a large area of road which has been divided up into car parking spaces to one side, a bus "slip road" to the other and a road running through the middle. There is an island (bricked) with a few black metal bollards installed. Around the island is a full circle of double yellow lines. Now, note that the yellow lines are painted on the road NOT the bricked area. Also, in the bus "slip road" NO PARKING is painted again on the tarmac, os on the other side of the lines. btw, the island is about the size of two cars and an ideal spot for making bikes. As far as I can tell the island itself is a haven of unregulated land and the double yellow lines relate to cars considering parking along the kerb of this island, roadside. There are no signs whatsoever on the island itself. Looking around there are various signs/rules relating to the parking spaces opposite, but thats all. What say you all? If he has been ticketed unlawfully I'd love to find him and give him the good news:) Thanks in advance
  9. This is going to sound odd... I had a court decree granted against me: 22/01/2010 for almost £3000. It was in relation to a motorcycle that I purchased on Hire Purchase in March 2007 on a 4 year payment arrangement. I believe the last payment I made to the finance company was around August 2008 (I was made paid off - Contractor). I would have paid just over £2000 on a £3000 bike which had interest on top meaning I was due to pay around £5000 odds... Obviously the court claim in 2010 was for the remaining balance of the credit arrangement including interest! So, would there be 8% interest per annum chargeable on this amount considering that the claim included interest to complete the agreement rather than the remaining actual outstanding balance? Now for the odd bit... I still have the bike! When I was paid off I thought I'd quickly get another job so I took advantage of the time off and stripped the bike bare and sent the frame and other parts off to be powder coated. My money dried up pretty quick and I didn't have enough to put the bike back together plus I'd sold the fairings on ebay to raise cash to get the frame back from the painters... I've slowly built it up over the years and am now almost finished. It has not been on the road or out of my garage since 2008. The thing is, I don't own it! I now have the money to pay the finance company. Well, I have £3000. What is my position? The decree is for just over £2800. Would I simply phone them up and agree to pay that then make the payment or are they going to be looking for the 8% per annum interest on top meaning it'd be over £4000 which would be nonsensical on a bike that might be worth £2000. Also, it's over 5 years now. Do I wait and see if they act before the 6 years is up and THEN attempt to pay assuming that they would be in a weaker position with the time limit expiring (does it?). I want to own the bike. I have £3000. I am severely confused as to what to do and seeking a little help. The bike, as it sits, is worth £3000 to me (the exhaust alone retailed at £1200 back in the day - Titanium race thingy) and I want to get out and about on it once again and have some enjoyment after the horrendous few years I have had. £3000 can easily buy me a cracking second hand bike that'll be mine straight up and I can worry about the other one after the six years are up, IF the 6 years matter (ie: would put me in a stronger position for bargaining). I'm not willing to pay £4000 as I don't have it and if keeping quiet and not making any contact with them (and hoping for the same in return) until January 2016 means I can crack a deal and pay the £3k for clear title then that is what I'd prefer to do. I CAN pay the £3000.
  10. Hello I purchased a Motorcycle last sunday the 8th which was from a gumtree ad so basically private. The bike was description didn't mention any issues. On my way to see the bike the Private seller mentioned a problem with the starter motor but he would consider £150 of the cost of the bike which was £950 so basically £800. So i took the bike of which i had no knowledge of how it should run or how much the fault would be to get fixed etc. I took it to a bike mechanic near my work to look at the described fault and it wasn't as he said it was something else. Which the mechanic then repaired but on doing so he said "but that is not what concerns me" and pointed out another fault which he mentioned the Imortal word everyone dreads "safety" especially when riding a motorbike in central London as i do. So i notified the person i purchased from and he said "I dont believe those parts need replacing prove it" So i took the bike to another garage for a second opinion and he said there are major problems with that bike and the chap that had sold you the bike knew this which is why he has sold it to you.I have texted and left voicemails for this person and had no responce funnily or not so for me im more than a tad angry.So i have a copy of the original advert from gumtree and have an audit trail of the messages(mainly me messaging him) plus times and dates where i have called him with no answer etc. So as i have no address to visit him even though he probably thinks "your problem pal". So once i get the log book through im thinking my only route is small claims court is this worth pursuing?.
  11. hello, i received a parking fine, reading the information the forum and guidance waited until the notice to keep letter arrived, at this point not sure what the next step is, have heard that others suggest to ignore these letter, honestly would rather not receive any more letters and have them off my back ASAP. most of you might be thinking this is stupid of me but in my defence there was only three motorcycle bays which only fit one bike at a time, two was taken up by car drivers and the other one was in a secluded section. the leisure complex is big and having preivously worked there i know that there have been many bike thefts knowing that information parked right in line of the doors in clear view of carmera and lights, all that being said there was one disabled bay which was away from the front doors which i thoguth no one would mind as there are 10 or more disabled bays alone the front entrance which was unoccupied and I know no one would miss this one bay. have taken photos of another bike who packed in-between disabled bays on the cross section, the photos are not detailed enough as it was dark and the markings have slightly rubbed off. the car park is free to use forget to mention lol fined on 23 Dec 2014 NTK letter dated 22 Jan 2015 and arrived through door 26 Jan 2015 any help appreciate. thank you
  12. Hello having issues with a motorcycle dealer part exchanged my motorcycle for another second hand one, the bike had lots of hidden not mentioned in the advert problems dealer assured me he would replace and send the missing items onto me,never heard anything from him for 15 days even ignoring all emails i sent him a recorded letter yesterday explaining i want a refund or all faulty missing parts replaced as he is in breach of contract all of a sudden i get a phone call from him! amazing what a letter can do,anyway he was a right idiot on the phone (since found out its daddy's business explains his attitude) telling me the letter got his back up and its all "legal boll**" and thats not the right way to go about it as it makes him not want to help me he has promissed to replace the fauly and missing items (speedo, light switch rear light etc) but would not put it in writing he point blank refused saying he is too busy for that and dont expect the parts anytime soon as the factory is on holiday. (its not i have checked) now i have given him 10 days to respond to my request for a refund (sent recorded delivery), and i will not let the shop get away with this,so if i do not get my parts in the 10 days do i then send the letter before action? i have all emails stating he never looked or checked to see if the parts were on the bike before advertising it i also have a copy of the advert saved that mentions no faulty damaged or missing items does it sound like i am doing things right with regards to letters and timescale,and is it me or does it sound like he has no intentions of sending these parts on any help/advise would be appreciated
  13. I had a motorcycle policy on a 125cc with 1 years no claims. In December 2012 I clipped a car on the back left hand side when the driver of the car slammed on whilst going round a roundabout. No parties where injured and the only damage was to my motorcycles brake lever (snapped of) We exchanged details and I contacted my insurer to advise of the incident. They advised don't worry and it would have to go through as an at fault claim and that they would be in contact and also not to speak to the 3rd party if they called. In March 2013 I purchased a 600cc motorcycle and called my insurer to amend my policy to my new bike - no problems. 2 week later I had a voicemail advising me to contact the insurer urgently. I called them asap and was advised that my policy had been cancelled due to false details provided as my no claims was null and void due to the accident. The agent told me they had received a claim from the 3rd parties insurer 6 days prior and because this hadn't been disclosed on the new bike they withdrew the insurance. I disputed this as I had informed the insurance company when the accident had happened straight away and when I insured my new bike it was with the same insurer (change of bike) the only questions I was asked where the reg of the bike and if all my details where the same. so surely they had all the necessary details of my riding history. I am now paying an extortionate premium for my bike insurance with a different provider because of this as i had to disclose that I had insurance withdrawn. Do I have a case to make a complaint to the previous insurance company because I don't feel I did anything wrong I disclosed the accident when it happened and was honest throughout. Many Thanks Max
  14. Hello all! In October last year, I bought a second-hand motorcycle that came with a 12-month parts and labour warranty. In that time, the bike has covered around 1,000 miles and because of the weather I only really got to use it in anger a couple of weeks ago and that's when I noticed that changing up through the gearbox at high revs made the clutch slip. No problem, I thought, I'll get onto the dealer to let them know. After I got back home I decided to do an oil and filter change and that's when I noticed the exhaust downpipes had rusted through and have small holes in them where corrosion has perforated them. I got onto the dealer on Monday last week and he said he'd get onto the warranty company. over a week later (today), I'd heard nothing back from them so gave them a ring and the bloke I spoke to said "they won't have it". I asked what he meant by this and he said "because it's a wearable item". I explained the bike's only done 1,000 miles and that the fault was likely there when I bought it and because I'd not really had a chance to use it properly I'd only just noticed the fault. I asked to speak to the bloke who'd actually sold it to me because in his words "if it's not covered under the warranty, we'll make sure it is" but he won't be there until later on this afternoon. Now, before he gets there I wanted to get an idea of my rights. The bike was sold-as-seen and had a "sold as seen" sticker on the screen but because of the warranty and reassurance that they'd fix it no-matter-what, I signed on the line and bought it. I understand things like brake pads, chain and sprockets and other consumables won't be covered but to my mind, a clutch is a major component and so is the exhaust. Any help on my rights before I go into see them will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi I would like to find out what the law is on European driving licences, i would like to do my A2 licence in Poland where it is legal by EU law to do your A2 at the age of 18, my question is would i be able to use that european driving licence in the uk where the age is 19?
  16. Hi Chaps, My bad luck with bikes continues... I purchased a new cb1000rr ABS from Fowlers in Bristol in March 2012 as a replacement for a ktm rc8 that blew up. It is still under warranty. The bike developed a fault with the brakes some months ago. The symptoms were spongy brakes with no power and the lever biting point not consistent. The lever occasionally comes back to the bar unpredictably with no application of power. The brakes are generally spongy. The bike has been back to Fowlers 4 times to fix this. Every time it is returned, they swear they have fixed the fault (air in the system, bled it 7 times, leaking caliper seal where they were replaced) and every time the vehicle returns to me the fault quickly re-occurs (1 or 2 days). I have been unable to use the vehicle for some months now, as it has been either in the workshop or waiting on a workshop slot to become available. There doesn't appear to be any understanding of the cause of the fault or ability to test if it is rectified. There is also the issue of my safety. It's brakes FFS! Clearly, I can't keep being a guinea pig and I'm getting incredibly frustrated at the lack of progress. I have involved Honda customer services, but they don't seem to have any solutions or sense of urgency. Could someone offer advice? (Note, this seems to be a theme with the Honda ABS sportsbikes if forums are to be believed... it's not so simple as a leak from the brakes, the abs system is an incredibly complicated setup that relies on flow modulators and is linked front and rear - the modulators are about £1500 each...)
  17. Hi all, need some advice. February 2013 wheel bearings went on Honda fireblade chewing up wheel rim. Cost nearly £1000 to repair. August 2013 wheel bearings went again to their credit garage replaced FOC after Honda refused warranty claim (more than six months) September 2013 thought wheel bearings had gone again even worse told need another new wheel. Of course Honda refused warranty claim because of six month rule. Have written to garage using Sale of Goods Act giving them 7 days to repair/replace. However garage keep saying they are fighting my case with Honda even though I pointed out my contract was with them. Any advice or is court action my only option? thanks
  18. Hello All, On the 5th of July I received a UKPC Charge Notice for 'leaving site'. I was racing in a local yacht regatta, and every public car park and marina car park nearby was full, so I decided the cinema car park would work, and as I was on a motorcycle would not take up too much space. I parked in the furthest corner of the overflow car park, not even taking a full space on what was a rather quiet day for the cinema. I returned after a rather delightful day sailing to find this bloody notice on my handle bars! The car park is a free car park. Do I have a case for any sort of appeal? Thanks!
  19. Hello My motorcycle was clamped for not having a valid tax disc on display. The thing is I have declared the motorcycle on SORN back in March 2013. I checked the same on DVLA's site and it says (with other vehicle information) "SORN not due", which I think means the SORN is valid and not due yet. (Please correct me if I am wrong) Now comes the tricky bit. I have always kept this SORNed motorcycle (I have two and I haven't used the SORNed vehicle since it was SORNed) on the sidewalk. Today someone must have moved it. Bottom line is, it was clamped whilst on a side road. To be honest I don't need the motorcycle, as I don't wish to keep it. I have just not been able to get around to disposing it off. My question is what happens if I don't pay to have my vehicle released? There was a leaflet left on the motorcycle which says and I quote Since I don't want the vehicle, what happens if I do not pay? Will there be further fees or penalties? What is the best course of action? Thank you very much for reading and your help.
  20. I owned a motorcycle which I sold around a month ago. Then I called my insurance company to cancel the insurance, they told me to send them the original insurance certificate which I did when they received it they said its ok to cancel my direct debit. Then after 15 days or so I got a call from them to pay the 'cancellation charge' of an amount of £400. My original insurance premium was £180 a month (TPFT). I don't understand this charge and since I was surprised the lady on the phone told me to check T&Cs in which she claims that there is a term about cancellation charge. I still havent read this because it's at home, I will do first thing when I reach home tonight. Is there anything else I can do to avoid or reduce this? It is ridiculous amount of money to 'cancel' something that I stopped owning a month or so ago!
  21. Dear all, I was given a ticket on 23.05.2012 within three minutes of paying for my scooter parking by text message. As many of you know, City of Westminster only accept 'pay by phone' and have done for a few years now. There was a delay in receiving my parking ticket SMS text message. I received the confirmation SMS text at 11.42am. The parking ticket was issued at 11.39am. I SMS'd for the parking ticket at 11.38am. I note Westminster operate a three minutes 'allowance' for parking meters and pay and display bays. I also understand he same principle applies to all the other parts of the protocol where a 3 minute allowance is given. Westminster have replied with the following (by letter), also attached with Notice to Owner document. "Your challenge against this PCN has been rejected because your vehicle was observed by the CEO for 6 minutes." Advise sought. Best wishes, ShivaYash Westminster PCN 23.05.2012 forum.pdf
  22. Dear all, (this is a re-post as suggested by another forum user) I was given a ticket on 23.05.2012 within three minutes of paying for my scooter parking by text message. As many of you know, City of Westminster only accept 'pay by phone' and have done for a few years now. There was a delay in receiving my parking ticket SMS text message. I received the confirmation SMS text at 11.42am. The parking ticket was issued at 11.39am. I SMS'd for the parking ticket at 11.38am. I returned to the scooter at 1.30pm to find the PCN attached to the wing mirror. I note Westminster operate a three minutes 'allowance' for parking meters and pay and display bays. I also understand he same principle applies to all the other parts of the protocol where a 3 minute allowance is given. Westminster have replied with the following (by letter), also attached with Notice to Owner document. "Your challenge against this pcn has been rejected because your vehicle was observed by the CEO for 6 minutes." Advise sought. Best wishes, ShivaYash Westminster PCN 23.05.2012 forum.pdf
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