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  1. @Babyang @Leolion Hi guys, sorry to hear you’re having the same issue. I have contacted watch dog and also been through small claims with no result. I have been in contact with others who have also been caught out.
  2. The name on the receipt is ATM Motor Trade and the same address as now (50 Salisbury Road, Vista Business Centre). I paid by a bank transfer. Rija is the Sales assistant that sold me the car and also who I dealt with when I returned the car, I have text messages from her with her name on. I found ATM Multinational LTD on the company website. I also am very concerned this will not end in my favour but am very disappointed that the law doesn’t protect better against these cowboys just dissolving and starting new businesses.
  3. Sorry for late replies have had a busy evening. When I looked into the Old Street address myself it seems that it is a mail forwarding company, but the ATM Multinational LTD you found is correct, I found the information using a registered company no from the company website. Attached you will find PDF of my original claims form, note that this has now been set aside as the company name changed and therefore to take my claim further I had to amend and reserve the papers. The new claim form will have to be scanned in so I can add this tomorrow morning, but it has all the same details except for the new defendant being ATM Multinational LTD. Per a question the name on the sales receipt is ATM Motor Trade, and having looked now nobody signed on the behalf of the seller which I didn’t realise at the time. Doc_20190123_180202-1_Redacted.pdf
  4. Can I sue her individually as she was just a salesperson at the time of sale? The paperwork was changed by the court to have the LTD company name on it but as far as I can tell they have now just started a different ltd company in the same place with Rija as their director.
  5. The LTD company is called ATM Multinational LTD, which is the name I now have on the paperwork. When I bought the car they were trading as ATM Motor Trade and then changed it to trading as Quality Motor Trade Centre. The current company they seem to be trading as is Vista Motor Group
  6. All at 50 Salisbury Road Hounslow Middlesex TW4 6JQ Could they now be - London Car Market Limited - incorporarated 2017 USED CAR SALES ONLINE LIMITED - - incorporated 2016 application to strike The Salisbury Road address is simply a registered address I think. Where were they trading from? Have you any more information regarding the names of the people you were dealing with? What is the address that they traded from? They were trading from the Sailisbury Road address, this is where I went to view the car and also they had their office there. The only person who helped me was the saleswoman, her name was Rija and I had no further contact with anybody else. All emails were signed “ATM Motor Trade”. I believe they are now Vista Motor Group which is a new company with the saleswoman Rija set up as director. Thank you for your reply!
  7. First time poster here desperate for some advice after google has proved fruitless. This is a long ongoing story so please forgive the length and thank you in advance if you manage to read everything. I bought my first car 28/06/2018 from a car dealership in Hounslow, ATM Motor Trade. I found the car on Auto Trader, the dealer had good reviews and it was a good deal for the car that I wanted. The drive from my house was around 90 minutes each way but I was confident I was going to love the car. The saleswoman seemed knowledgable and friendly and I bought the car that day. I paid by bank transfer (stupid looking back) and drove the car home. Already on the drive home there were some minor problems with the car not wanting to change into third gear which I put down to my inexperience in driving it and figured I would learn to do it properly. I was also trying to be eternally optimistic and hoping the car was fine despite my instincts now starting to say otherwise. I got into the car the next day and the check engine light was on. This concerned me enough to get the bus to work but I also called the dealer to explain that the engine light was on. They said it was just an issue with the emissions on the vehicle, there’s nothing to worry about and it’s safe to drive. I asked for this to be put in writing for me - already losing my trust and sensing the worst - but that was declined. Having lost all faith in the dealer, I decided to take the car to a trusted mechanic for an assessment. He plugged in the diagnostics computer and also did a thorough check of the vehicle. The number of faults that came up on the computer was higher than 20 and that’s without the physical issues that were found: holes in air pipes, badly worn brake discs, a puncture, even the battery wasn’t attached properly. I took photographs of all of the evidence on the diagnostics computer and areas of the car where the faults could be seen and then the mechanic and I decided it would be best to wipe the faults from the cars internal computer to see if they would recur. I emailed the dealer that day with the evidence I had and told them I would be returning the car for a full refund under the Consumer Rights Act. Initially they tried to offer a repair or a replacement instead but as you can imagine I had no faith in them at this point. Eventually they agreed I would return the car to them. I did so on 08/07/2018. I had driven the car a total of three times - two of those being home from the dealer and back again. The saleswoman was the same person who sold me the car and after much resisting sent me a text message to say that I had returned the car and could expect a refund in 14 days. After the 14 days were up I received an email claiming that there were no faults with the car, they claimed they had driven it everyday with no issue and it was “functioning” and therefore they would not be offering me a refund. They also would not return the car to me but only offered a replacement vehicle. I declined this offer and stated once again I wanted my money back. I have not heard from the company themselves since this date. I ended up escalating the issue to MCOL. The dealer did not respond to the service of the claim, a judgment was made against them and then I finally sent a county court enforcement officer to collect on my behalf. In the meantime the company (a limited company) changed their trading as name therefore rendering my paperwork and claim invalid as the company “no longer existed”. I did not know when I made the initial claim that they were a LTD company trading under a different name. Initially the name was ATM Motor Trade which they changed to Quality Motor Trade Centre (the irony!). I made a request to the court to change the company name on my paperwork and reserve the papers. I have since discovered they have now opened up a whole new business and are trading under this name instead! I am now at a loss for what to do. They currently owe me £2500 which I borrowed in a loan from my bank. I can not afford another car as I’m repaying the initial loan and I’ve been forced to revert to public transport (which is horrendous in my area). It seems they will do anything in their power to avoid paying and are obviously skilled at avoiding the courts. Any help would be much appreciated. I once again apologise for the length of this and thank you for reading.
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