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  1. Hi all, I have exhausted all avenues and i am starting court proceedings. I have found similar cars of the age with the same amount of owners and service history to be around on average £1000-£1500 less. A few other things to add which I am unsure if i can claim for. At the end of the warranty I was involved in a car accident, non fault, I informed the warranty and jaguar that my car was taken for recovery but i had faults, they extended the warranty until I received it back from the repair shop. After inspection they told me the rear wishbone was
  2. Here is the footage from the incident, I would be open to any criticism or any advise.
  3. Hi All/Andy. I have received a letter from the courts to state they accepted my N244 late submitting of witness statement. Court day here I come. Thankyou all for any advise thus far. Ian
  4. Your not right, for a big firm I have noticed they have made a few mistakes with dates and so on of the incident within their paperwork. It is a shame that claims can and may get dismissed on the grounds of filing paperwork, I would love for it to be a case of going to court, submitting everything you have in one bundle, get a court date attend, give versions of events and the Judge decides! Well that is what me and my wife thought when we made the claim. We live and learn I guess. Thanks again and i will keep you updated
  5. Thanks, that is somewhat a relief to hear some good news!!!!!! So if I was served the CC from the courts on 7th August and I have 14 days to respond then I had to serve by the 21st? still the maths dont add up, but to my defence i did contact the courts and they advised to send with directions by the 24th. God only knows why they filed for judgement 7 days after sending me the counterclaim that they were sending also into the courts. It's a mine field this Justice system
  6. Andy, yes they sent the CC on the 30th, I never received anything from the courts until the 8th, I was under and I am still under the impression you have to wait for directions from the courts before filing anything.
  7. Here is the letter Andy, I read it as they know what they are doing and using the system to their advantage. consumer.pdf
  8. Thankyou Andy and I hope you had a good Xmas break. At this stage I am a bit worried that the courts do apply judgement, if this happens can the opposing side (me) contest the judgement. I will upload the letter they have sent to the courts and when you get a spare minute could you look through and let me know your thoughts.? Thanks
  9. Do I just leave it or do i point out to the court that i contacted the courts office to be advised to send my defence in with the direction's? I am worried that the solicitor will do anything to have it thrown out of court, admittedly I have made a few mistakes but nothing was untoward.
  10. Here are courts directions which show no dates for me to complete directions questionnaire and counterclaim. As you can see there are no dates other than a date to file the Directions, so I decided to telephone the courts and they informed me to send my defense statement in with my Directions questionnaire. I feel as though I done every thing that was asked of me on this occasion, Would you be able to offer any advise on what to do? I have contacted the courts to ask about the judgement they have filed, they told me they have not received anything from the defendants solicitor with rega
  11. Andy, here is a copy of the defence and counterclaim from the solicitors. img013.pdf img014.pdf
  12. Andy, On the paperwork it has 30.07.2018. I received directions and notification from the court on 08.08.2018
  13. Thankyou Andy for the response again. As stated, I received the letter and directions questionnaire along with a defense to counterclaim form on the 8th August. The forms stated the 7th August, The defendants solicitor filed for judgement on the 14th August which was 7 days past the courts letter date, if I did have 14 days as stated, although I followed advise from the courts, why would they file 7 days later?
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