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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I’m desperately seeking help regard a claim with my travel insurance. Here is my situation: - Policy: Economy Light (attached) - Insure and Go is the insurance company - Incident while abroad: Money and travel documents stolen from inside our hotel room in Lyon, France, on the 1st night of the trip (22nd December 2017). Unfortunately they were not in the hotel safe. - Travel plans: The trip was originally organized in 2 parts: o 1 week in France: starting in Lyon (where the theft happened) and going to the south of France (Nice, Marseille and Perpignan) o 1 week in Morocco: Departure from Perpignan to Marrakesh and flying from Marrakesh back to London Luton. - Consequences of the incident: Cancellation of hotels in south of France (as we had to go to Paris instead in order to sort new passports) and complete cancellation of the Morocco trip as we couldn’t get passports in time. Extra accommodation and tickets to get home to the UK from Paris (1 week earlier as we missed the holidays in Morocco). - Claims I made: o Section I3: Passport and Travel documents: Seeking for payment to replace the documents (£100 each) o Section I2 - Personal money: Seeking for payment of the U$450 stolen o Section J - Cancelling and cutting short your holiday: Seeking for compensation of having cut my trip short because of the passports being stolen - Response from the Insurance: o Section I3: Passport and Travel documents: They agreed to pay but under this section it’s saying it includes all the extra expenses incurred in order to replace the passports (£100 doesn’t even cover the costs of the new passports, let alone all the extra expenses!!) o Section I2 - Personal money: They are saying there is an exclusion for this: (4. Cash or passports that you do not carry with you on your person (unless they are held in a locked safety deposit box).)"- so I guess I won’t be able to get this money back. o Section J - Cancelling and cutting short your holiday: They are saying that passports being stolen is not in policy as a reason to cut the trip short (which for me is more than absurd as without a passport you cannot travel!). But I don’t see it in the exclusions. They are saying that only these reasons are covered: "Travel and accommodation expenses that you have paid or have agreed to pay under a contract and which you cannot get back, including any local prepaid excursions, tours or activities, if it is necessary and you cannot avoid cancelling or cutting short your trip; and reasonable extra travel costs if it is necessary and you cannot avoid cutting short your trip." I really feel that passports being stolen affect the trip and in my case made me miss flights and my trip and accommodation in Morocco. - Costs incurred: Amongst hotels we missed, extra accommodation in Paris, flights missed and extra ticket to get back to the UK we spent over 2,000 euros! Is there anything I can do to get any compensation under Section J (or any other section that apply better to my situation)??? I’m considering to raise this with the Travel Ombudsman, but not sure how to approach. Please help.. this has ruined my Christmas and my 2 weeks holidays and I’m trying to get a sensible response from the Insurance, but so far I only got “rejections” of my claims. I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions you can give me! Travel Insurance Policy.pdf
  2. Hello I sold a car and posted the logbook with the new owner’s details to the DVLA by first class post. (next time I will record delivery – lesson learnt). I received a failure to insure wrote back to them with the details of the new owner and explained that I had written to him to ask him to provide the details of his insurance . I had already informed DVLA that the insurance company he said he was insured with (but not the policy numberI have no proof other than his word that it was insured). The next thing I had through was a court judgement for failure to insure. I contacted the court to advise that I had never received a summons. I completed the appeals procedure and now have a court hearing for a weeks’ time, it says it is a hearing to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. I did phone the court to ask if this is the time that I need to bring my evidence but the helpline advised they was not sure! the new owner contacted DVLA to advise that he was indeed the new owner and confirm the date of purchase (3 months before the offence) The DVLA have written to me to confirm that he has contacted them to advise he was the owner at the time of the offence but they have written to advise me that as DVLA have me listed as the registered owner at the time of the offence they are still pursuing me. I have read on a few forums and people with similar problems and it seems to be; Informing DVLA by post is the only requirement for me to have complied with the notification. X I have a witness to the posting of the logbook. Has anyone been through a similar process? I am currently looking at a couple of court hearings that the DVLA have been judged against which I think might have useful judgements to refer to. if no acknowledgement contact DVLA has no authority at law in fact the case of Duncan Peek at Horsham County Court in April 2010 it was stated that DVLA had NO STATUTORY POWER for anyone to ring them. Likewise in the case James COLLINS in October 2009 ( Liquid Knights long post) at Clerkenham District Court one had not to prove to DVLA that letter re SORN sent. Up to DVLA to prove otherwise. Any comments or pointers gratefully received, especially for the court hearing. Many thanks for taking the time to read this post.
  3. if you happen to have a claim, they will use Davies Group Loss adjusters to rubbish your claim, appoint your own FREE LOSS ASSESSORS to assist you, WHEN we had water damage recently, they trawled through 5 years of Insurers cover, if we had made a claim or not been covered they would have rejected the claim - THEY DONT TELL YOU THIS WHEN YOU TAKE THE POLICY - WHAT A RIP OFF TO REJECT A CLAIM - ours is Valid as we had full cover and never claimed in 5 years - DAVIES GROUP BY BAD INSURERS AS LOSS ADJUSTERS TO RUBBISH VALID CLAIMS. CHECK YOUR POLICY AN DECLARE EVERYTHING, AS IF YOU HAVE A CLAIM THEY WILL DO EVERYTHING TO REJECT IT!!!!!!
  4. So as the title says, I received a failure to insure letter, however, checking on the website, it says my bike is actually SORN. However, I never received a letter saying it was confirmed and the letter says I am still liable for the offence because I don't have that. I put the SORN through a couple of weeks ago (definitely prior to the date listed - 27/05/14) however, I don't actually know when they officially put it through as I've not received the letter. The website says it's SORN'd however (But there's no date listed when it went through). What do I do? Can anyone offer me some advice?
  5. noah 123

    Failure to insure

    Sold a van to an east european in sept 2013. After the buyer had gone I realised he had taken logbook and left the green slip with his details on by mistake. Immediatly phoned dvla (phone records prove this) when I realised the mistake and was told not to worry it happens all the time.Just send a letter to confirm the details of sale. I wrote a covering letter to explain this and sent to dvla using royal mail without proof of delivery assuming that was the end of it. Then in November I was informed that I was liable to a fixed penalty fine for not insuring vehicle. I immediatly sent a second letter to dvla explaining I had allready informed them. Posted the letter by royal mail trusting that it would arrive safely. Then I started getting more letters stating I was still liable to a fixed penalty.I have replied to every letter immediatly explaining the situation .Now send everything by royal mail to be signed for.DVLA has acknowledged that I am no longer the keeper. But hay-ho just received a SORN DECLARATION in my name. I now assume the new keeper has not sent log book off to change details. Sent a letter to complaint to enforcement offices but they still insist I pay the penalty or they will take me to court. No no no!!! Why should I pay a penalty I have forfilled the requirements asked of me. Help is needed on what to do next.
  6. ferestu

    failure to insure

    Just received £100 penalty from the DVLA for failure to insure. This was the first letter I received although they stated they had written previously. Firstly the car is registered in my daughters name but I drive, tax and, insure the car. I cancelled the insurance because I was going away. The tax was valid and when I arrived back I insured and taxed it again. Then three weeks later my daughter received this penalty notice Stating that the car was not insured although the tax is was valid. Can anyone give me advice please much appreciated.
  7. which car cheepist to insure for an 18yr old. my lad is goingto do his car test and could do to know what type of car to look for. I know some of his mates have bought cars and are paying over £3000 insurance on cars that cost £1500 to buy. any advice welcome Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, Last July, I sent off a V14 for my car to get a refund of vehicle tax AND to declare SORN. I have a scanned copy of this document here: imageshack.us/a/img6/5034/taxrefundscan.jpg Around November, I started getting letters from the DVLA saying that I had failed to insure my vehicle. I wrote to them to inform them that I had applied for a refund of vehicle tax and to declare SORN but got no response. I am now being taken to court for this offence - which is completely unjustified since I did everything required to comply with the law. A scanned copy is here: imageshack.us/a/img844/9491/failuretoinsure.jpg I now have two choices: 1) Pay £50 to settle the case, losing out on my £65 refund in the process. 2) Go to court and argue my case. Can anybody please give me some advice on what to do? Thanks in advance!
  9. Is anyone insured with this insurance company. We got a quote from this company which is half of our present premium. Everyone in the family have done the same and yes they all come out at a much reduced figure. We can get to the point of buying the insurance. The point I am making is that none of us have Ford cars but it does accept our registration numbers. I cannot see on their website that it only relates to Ford cars. Dont want to buy the insurance and then they send us a letter saying "as this is not Ford car" you are not insured. Any help would be appreciated. HH
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