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  1. Hi all, I have a 2013 Fiesta which has leaking suspension struts. I was told this in May 2015 when the car was 15 months old. I have been in dispute with Ford ever since. Ford's reason for refusing a warranty claim regarding these suspension struts is that they say it is not covered after 12 months by the warranty. I have read through the warranty, both on Ford's website and the printed copy that came with the car, and there is absolutely no mention of them excluding anything other than the obvious brake pads, tyres, wiper blades etc until the car is 3 years old or has done 60000 miles, under the base warranty. Ford have offered me £150 voucher to use at a Ford Dealer to have the £540 job done. This is a gesture of goodwill. I'm not inclined to accept this but am being stonewalled by Ford, who seem to be unable to answer any question I put to them about the lack of an exclusion in their warranty. It feels like they can make any clause up to cover themselves. To me this smacks of breach of contract. I have had the car serviced by Ford and as per the schedule. I am on the verge of taking them to the small claims court, but would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer, particularly regarding the enforceability of a warranty clause that isn't in the warranty and if the finance company are worth persuing (even though it is Ford's own finance) as they have an interest still in the car? Kind regards, Jazzer
  2. Hi everyone, I could do with some advice on my current situation. I have recently moved in with my Girlfriend. We both own a property on a mortgage. I still have some things in my flat, however I am gradually sorting this out and intend to let the property eventually. At the moment we are both paying council tax. She is paying the full amount (because she had a lodger who has recently moved out) and I am paying with the 25% discount. We have put me on the electoral role at her property too, and I'm about to fill my annual electoral role form in to say I've moved and the flat is technically unoccupied. My question is what to do about council tax. It doesn't feel very equitable for us to be paying effectively twice for services we are using only at one property. Not sure what I should do or how to go about doing it. Thanks for help in advance. Jazzer
  3. Their idea of negotiation is offering 10% of the total claim. I'm tempted to let go to the judge to decide. J
  4. URGENT Had a conversation with Capital One this afternoon. They claim that they only need to pay interest in restitution whilst my account was open (account was closed in 2008) and then 8% statutory from then on. I have to file the hearing fee tomorrow so I need to know definitively if I am right in claiming 27.9 % from the day the ppi charge was levied and 8% simple on top. J
  5. So I'm right then? Just checking before I pay the listing fee and before I ring crapital one back. J
  6. Ok, so regarding interest I get charged a ppi fee on my account in 2002, then i stick that into my spreadsheet in 2012 and it calculated the compound interest at capital ones rate over the ten years and then adds 8% simple interest on because this is a court claim now. CapOne are trying to say the FSA calculator says different, however I think this is irrelevant as its a court claim. Could someone tell me if I'm wrong before I hassle capital one. J
  7. Thanks Slick, Nice to see you again. Can anyone give me an idea of what should go in my bundle? I think I know what to do with the bits Slick mentions, but just a list would be useful. Just to further clarify Capital One are trying to deny the misselling as well as the refusal over interest calculations. Interestingly got an email from the trainee solicitor at CapOne that has been dealing with me asking for an extension for the witness statements to be in. They seem to want extensions for everything do CapOne! Any help very much appreciated. Jazzer
  8. Hi, Capital One aren't budging, and I now have a court date. Before I submit the £325 hearing fee is there anyone who could advise me that I've done my spreadsheet properly as Cap One are still bleating that I'm not calculating the interest properly, though I'm sure I am. Also some idea of what I should bundling for court would be helpful. Jazzer
  9. Allocation questionnaires have been done, total value £1560, including court fees. They are trying to fob me off £280
  10. Account is long closed, and I'm doing this through the county court. Jazzer
  11. Hi all, I'm in the middle of a dispute with Capital One over the calculation of contractual interest on PPI charges. I have calculated the contractual interest in the same way I calculated it for credit card charges previously, in that I took their interest rate and applied it in a compound fashion from the date of the charge on my account until todays date. I used the spreadsheet to caculate the interest. Just want to check that I've done this correctly. Kind regards, Jazzer
  12. Ok. So in response to my estimated claim for PPI plus interest at 27.9% the delightful Capital One have offered me £80 or so. How they come to their figure is interesting since they flat refused to give me the information in my SAR. Also they are only giving interest at 8% and certainly not for the period over which they have held the money, which is in excess of 10 years. My calculation puts the amount they owe at the moment at £2400 or so. Obviously I've refused their offer, which they even go so far as to say is what the Ombudsman would give me. Most amusingly they have admitted liability in their letter. My previous experience is with credit card fees where they deny responsibility right up to and including paying you the money, so that came as a bit of a surprise. Anyway to cut a long story short, I intend to make a claim against them in the County Court. My question is has anyone got any sort of Particulars of Claim for going after them for PPI? Thanks guys, Jazzer
  13. Thanks ims, Going to post it tomorrow. Hope they go as far as making me make a court claim....just got the hang of the idea of 8% statutory interest on top J
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