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  1. I have looked at that but I am not sure. It says to say no to a part of documents and to senf it unsugned?
  2. sent cca to Lowells and CPR to solicitors. never received a thing apart from now almost 28 days to make the claim stayed. By the way. solicitors have changed also T&C sent might be later than 2000. Do you now what time period v24.0 T&Cs refer to?
  3. I have not in all honesty. I know I told them the right amount of earnings but in all honesty don't remember if they asked me for other loans or not in application. So maybe they can say I was dishonest myself ? I really wan to start it. Do you think I stand a chance?
  4. Hi, I have a debt with Capital one. the account was opened July 2007. IS there any point in asking for CCA? how to best deal with it ?
  5. Thank you for this! just looked at my noddle report and It says accounct closed £0. It appears 4 times as settled and this is that last entry: Account start date 05/08/2014 Account end date 28/08/2014 Opening balance £ 300 Regular payment £ £ 323 Payment start date 05/08/2014 Repayment frequency Monthly It is only since 2016 I have started getting emails about?
  6. Copy of defence here. Lowell Portfolio I Ltd v [nafta] Court Claim No. XXXXXXXX 1: I received the claim xxxxxxxx from the Northampton County Court Business centre on 10 Jan 2017 2: Each and every allegation in the Claimants statement of case is denied unless specifically admitted in this Defence. 3: This claim is for a Catalogue Account agreement regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. 4: It is denied that the Defendant has previously entered into an agreement with Shop Direct for provision of credit. 4: The Claimants statement of case fails to g
  7. Name of the Claimant ? LOwell Date of issue – 10th January 2017 Date of issue – submitted defence 12th March 2017 Asked for Agreement / Contract, Notice of Assignment and Default Notice but none received Particulars of Claim Particular of the claim, 1 The claim is for the sum of xxxxx due by the defendant under an agreement regulated by the Consumes Credit Act 1974 for a Shop Direct account with a reference of xxxx 2 The defendant failed to maintained contractual payments required by the agreement and the default notice was served under s.87(1) of the consumers
  8. About 20 days ago a submitted defence on a debt catalogue as the solicitors and DCA had hot responded to my letters to supply CCA etc. I had acknowledgement from court and waiting for them to defend. I have received a Notice of propose allocation to small claims track from the court saying Lowell have defended and that the claim appears to be suitable for allocation to a small claims track I also have a small claims directions questionnaire asking me to fill in if i believe this claim is not suitable for small claims track and must do by 27/03. They send a copy of the
  9. I had other PDL and lenders, credit cards catalogues etc and my credit score was poor. I just thought that maybe a CCA letter might put a stop to this? at least temporarily to start with?
  10. I took this loan back in December 2013 and repayed and borrowed more till I defaulted in 2014. I was always dealing with QQ. I then stopped hearing from them till december 2016 which is when I got Motormile Finance's first email.
  11. Thank you! I have looked at my Noddle , equifax report and I cannot see this debt there. What questions should I answer first? Why is there something wrong? Many thanks again.
  12. Hi, Thank you for all your comments. I have not rseponded to any correspondence with them, The last time i made payment was sometime last year and the loan is for £400. well that is what i owe so i dont thing is one of those that was written off? they have only recently taken it i think. Must look at paperwork better a=ti get a better account to answer your questions. They are asking to come up with a repayment plan.
  13. Hi, am receiving emails and letters from Motormile Finance with regards to a QQ payday loan. Just looking for some help on how to deal with them. I have heard some debts come under the CCA and if they cannot come up with a contract then they cannot pursue? iS this correct? Any advice much appreciated.
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