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  1. Thanks for your help. So that'll explain why they keep writing to my recently deceased grandmothers house. The plan is now for that house to be sold so that option will be taken away within six months subject to legal proceedings etc. Would you advise I write highlighting again that I am overseas with no address in the UK and the only address I have is in the USA? I did wonder about calling from my USA cell which would undoubtedly show up on their caller ID. I'd normally be adverse to this but it may make them realize this. I even copied my drivers license etc. in with key info like DOB and ID # deleted to prove my living overseas.
  2. So shall I ignore or write back saying this is not the original? (Obviously worded better than that). The reason I ask is because I mostly live overseas, I don't want this rearing it's head with court action and then it's more difficult for me to deal with. They do have my address in the USA but they refuse to write to me there.
  3. I know people are busy, just an idea would it be wise to send off a SARS request?
  4. The case with this old lloyds card debt resulted in them writing too to say they could not provide any information at this stage but the debt still remains.
  5. No, but it is a similar scenario. Please find attached PDF. The situation is that the card was taken out in 2000. I got into major financial difficulty in 2005 and entered into a DMP. I ceased payments end of 2013/ early 2014 as I didn't realize I was on a DMP but thought I was on an IVA. I sent a CCA request in 2016 (May I think). I got the usual BS, but didn't hear back from them until August 2016 saying they can't find it and I was still liable. The next I heard was this letter yesterday. My situation is that I reside in the USA, however, it is always a possibility that I will return. I do get to work out of the London offices for around 2-3 months of the year and I don't want to get bogged down by this & having a CCJ against me is not ideal (obviously). I am here in the UK at the moment as my grandmother passed away and their timing is impeccable. The letter dated was Apr 12th arrived day before last at a family members address. - Do they have a case given that the agreement is not signed or dated? - Does it matter that it is not an exact copy? - Does it matter that the pages are not synced correctly? - Does it matter that PPI was applied w/out my knowledge? - Should I request a NoA and copy of DN? I'd almost prefer to pre-empt this and kick it into the long grass if possible as I've got under 2 years to go before it's SB. I beat them in that other thread case brought against me in 2015 for for £1500 and they wrote to say they couldn't find the required documents, so were not pursuing this any further. If anyone can advise that would be great - thanks Name and address is showing correctly at the top of this sheet.pdf
  6. Oh and yes there was PPI on there too which for obvious reasons I have not pursued.
  7. Hi there I am guessing this is a common problem. Around 2 years ago, I received a threat from Cabrot regarding an £8k credit card from Halifax taken out in 2000 (I think - may have been 2001). I followed instructions and sent them a letter requesting a copy of the CCA and got the usual BS saying they couldn't find the file but I am still liable for the debt, the last I heard from them was August 2016. Anyhow, out of the blue. Yesterday, I received a letter from our beloved friends stating they had found said documents and they believe these were enforceable to obtain a CCJ. There is no signature on the forms and the page numbers do not correspond properly with corresponding numbers either missing or duplicated (I have copies attached with details blanked out - I can only upload 5 but have another 5 or 6). Additionally, there is no credit limit either, just a note to say that it will be determined and could vary. They do however, have my name & address on the top of the form. Based on this would it be enforceable and accordingly, how should I reply? I had hoped this had been put to bed but sadly not and I'm hoping I am not screwed. Thanks in anticipation. KR
  8. The trouble is I'm not sure. My work visa expires in early 2018 and the way our industry is at present, I may not be able to get it renewed although who knows what will happen if Trump becomes president - lol. I just don't want to come back to find that I've got a CCJ against me and could do with/out the hassle of fighting a court case from this side of the water. Thanks - Meadow
  9. Great thank you. I'll deal with that later but it won't go out til tomorrow due to time difference. Would you advise I prove that I am living overseas or just leave as is?
  10. Hi Andy and thanks for getting back to me. I'm having problems sending my post so hopefully this goes through this time. I'm covering a night shift so may not be able to deal with this till later. I'm sure you can guess where I got that advice from which was why Mike advised coming here instead. Will having sent a CPR 31 out cause a problem and if so how do I deal with it? should I send out a CCA request to Cabrot now or do I await a response from them? Thanks
  11. Hi - I got advised to log my story on this site by MBaxter who I often work with in the states. He cant sing your praises highly enough. 1. I have an outstanding debt from a Lloyds C/C for just over 6k. I received a letter before action sent to a relatives house who I have registered for my mail. I do come back home every 3 months for about 10 days at a time and I am not sure whether I will stay here or not. I own no property or assetts in the UK, so they can't touch me there but I don't know whether I will return to the UK as the industry we work in is changing fast and there is a possibility by the end of 2017, I could be back in the UK and don't want them to hit me with a CCJ by default. 2. The debt is from 2000 and I was paying said fleecers via Stepchange about £50 a month from 2008 up until June 2013 but I realized the outstanding amount was increasing. As a side note, it was Mbaxter who spoke to me about his DMP and I advised him on what I had learnt about my debt increasing so he stopped paying his too. 3. There had been several letters from them that I had asked my family member to open for me threatening to take my first born etc. But about 8 weeks ago, I received a letter which was "a letter before action" from their solicitors. Having read other threads on here and other sites, I sent them a CPR31 letter which I scanned and emailed to my relatives who sent it recorded delivery for me, with a footnote that I am living overseas and that if requested, they can have my US address or continue to write to the UK address in Southampton. 4. Tuesday, they sent a letter back acknowledging my letter, saying that they have referred this back to their client and that they will no longer be looking after this case anymore. My question is, should I send Cab's a CCA request for this now or should I await further communication from them I fear they maybe serving court papers, so is it best to get in quick with this? I am back next week for the Easter break, so I can send this myself. I'd appreciate any advice anyone can offer. Thank you.
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