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  1. Would be worth asking Lowell to produce the notice of assignment or even pursue the possibility that Lowell defaulted me, rather than the original creditor (O2). I have seen reports of success from both of these tactics.
  2. I'm with you on this, but it is what it is at present. It also seems all the more annoying, that your credit file is trashed, by what in essence isn't even a credit agreement.
  3. The O2 one is with Lowells I have also paid it in full recently. The T-Mobile one is still with them, and I haven't had contact with them for several months now. Would a better tactic be to wait until they sell it to a DCA and see if I can convince them to remove it instead. Judging by what I have read. T Mobile are an impossible nut to crack when it comes to defaults. I have also heard that Lowells have been known to routinely remove the entry completly upon settlement Anyone have a good template, to at least try the godwill route with Lowells.
  4. They happened last year BTW. I'll probably still pay it, just for the sake of not having it hanging over me. I;ve trashed my credit file for several years now then. I've got lots of other debst I never miss payments on, and I may be in position to rapidly reduce the balance of all my debts to zero. Will this kind of good action, negate them degaults in the long run? I have no plans to take out any credit in the short term, but I may wish to move house in the next couple of years, and I expect this will make getting a mortgage tough. Though I do have a
  5. Hi. I have 2 small debts (from telecoms companies), caused by my own silly oversight at the end of contracts. The Lowell one originally came from o2 (for £42), and I recently settled this in full. The T Mobile £20) one I about to settle, but I am going to use repayment as a leverage for having the default removed. These are rather low amounts, so I was wondering what my chances are of having them removed, by either cajoling or threatening them with legal action if they can't prove the defaults were served correctly. A copy of my letter (I've changed it slightly to suit
  6. http://www.taxcc.org/TCC_News/02/08/2013/is-your-case-over-6-years-old/ Are you sure about that? I'm going to go down this route anyway. It's my understanding that VAT etc are no statue barred, but tax credit overpayments are, as outlined in the HMRC own manual. They could take them from future claims of course, but I am way over the thresehold these days, so that can't happen.
  7. We just recieved a letter from HMRC advising us that we owe £218 in tax credits from the year ending 2006/7. Looking for advice on what I should do next. To give you some background, we claimed tax credits when our son was born in 2006, and thanks to an error when we updated our details, we were overpaid around £1,000. The error I believe was their fault, as we rang up to change our details and the operative appears to have changed it to a solo claim, thereby disregarding my income (which was from a full time job). I have never challenged this overpayment, and given the changing of r
  8. I was just wondering if a business can legitimately charge interest and charges (of £25) to a consumer for late-payments. Due to an oversight we did not settle our final bill when our child left nursery and it is now quite overdue. I know of at least two late payment charges and today received an interest charge also. I suspect the charges are probably legal. Although they were introduced part way through my childs time at nursery. But it is my understand that interest can only be charged on commercial (business to business) debts. I suspect neither were included in any original
  9. I believe this to be a breach of the banking code. Banks were warned to stop doing this a long time ago. I've often wondered why the banks pick a few people to do this too. I initiated a claim with Natwest while having an large overdraft on my account and all i got was their standard letter explaining the test case and so on.
  10. I was sold a PPI policy by Black Horse back in 2003. I specifically remember the woman telling me that if I didnt take out PPI my loaned would be rejected. Now even back then I was pretty savvy and knew that was a lie, desperately needed the money. The problem is it was so long ago I dont have any paperwork. Does anybody have any tips for discovering my account no.
  11. This is a copy of the letter i sent to UKPC: Dear Sir/Madam I write with attention to the above parking notice. The alleged contract breach above occurred in a private car park As the registered keeper of this vehicle I cannot be held liable as any alleged contract can only be formed with the driver at the time. A registered keeper is only liable for a parking fine if the offence occurs on a public road and is a criminal matter. Your attempt to assert this to be the case in the alleged incident above equates to your company breaching the criminal justice act as quoted b
  12. Firstly i know these are generally unenforcable in law anyway, but i thought id share my experiences. I got a notice to driver from UKPC today. For parking in a disabled bay. This was in a Tesco car park however the car park is owned by Legal and General. The funny thing is that the car park owners thermal lanced the markings off the road today as they are converting that car park area to a Taxi rank. So there are no disbaled bays... So anyway i took a photgraph of the car in situ with no markings visible just in case it ever caem to that. However im going to send them the
  13. The only way I can see to avoid the possibility of lots of prosecutions being "satyed" is if someone is ballsy enough or crazy enough to not settle and fight the case in the mercantile court. However, is it a fair argument for claimint that you didnt settle in full out of court as you wanted to test the case to establish precedent. Also is it likely that a judge may award costs should the case be lost and you refused out of court. Or is all this without precedent and inadmissable... Slightly worrying turn of events i think
  14. I will look later, i have a few £14 unarranged borrowings on my account...
  15. The most likely will not cash the cheque.
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