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  1. hi, I have become homeless and I am worried that my disability benefit might stop as it has not gone into bank last night. can they stop it. please help.
  2. agreed but it was only 5 m from door to assessment room.
  3. I have just had a decision maker from dwp. he said he has highlighted discrepancy's in atos assessment and written a letter to ask them to explain. he will keep me updated.
  4. hello. I have been on pip for a year now high rate mobility and standard care. I had a change of circumstance so had another assessment. I got 0 points mobility because they said I walked 30-40m to the room. it was 5 m. so I checked google earth and the whole building is 3 cars wide. also I told her I could only move 5 m at a time and she said I need in minutes. I said 1 minute. she put down 2-3 minutes. what is going on at atos. it was a physio that saw me. what can I do please.
  5. hi can anyone help me please. I applied for pip in april and have now been given standard rate component and enhanced mobility adding to £108. I have been waiting for 31 weeks and they are sending payment of just over £2000. can anyone tell me if this gets backdated to the time I applied or is there some sort of loophole to stop them paying the full amount.
  6. hello can anyone tell me how long you have to wait for a decision on pip as I applied mid april and had assessment report back to decision maker mid November, whenever I ring up they just say it will be soon. many thanks
  7. no sorry I have been on esa and jsa for nearly 2 years contribution based and now they are telling me I do not have enough ni to stay on esa contribution based, how do I get ni contributions
  8. do ni contributions count when on esa and jsa
  9. been on esa from 2011 oct tribunal won. not yet paid expected aug 29 2013 expected after upper tribunal win. money stopped end of 365 days oct 2012 income related oct 2012 till dec2012 receiving 20p a fortnight.(could not live on that) jsa dec 2012 till june 10th 2013. june 10th 2013 esa no assessment yet. I have been told I have to move income related again. how do get national insurance contributions to get esa contribution. sorry please help.
  10. should I appeal as I have blackouts fallen down stairs with my 1 yr old , broken plates need supervision now. anxiety and bad anger issues. can only walk less than 5 metres before I have to stop , letters from doctor saying I cannot go on public transport aswell.
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