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  1. Okay dx100uk and thanks for getting back. I think on reflection there seems little point in me claiming any PPI back because any reward will just go around in a big circle and end up where it started, doesn't seem to be worth my time, even just for the principle of rectifying the miss-selling of the PPI policies in the first place. Having slept on it overnight I have come to the conclusion that I will probably no longer pursue my claims any further as there is little point. Thanks anyway for your advice and support.
  2. Nothing to report other than I am waiting back to hear after completing all the questionnaires which were sent to me. Quick question, if any of the money awarded on any successful PPI claim goes towards settling any outstanding debt after completing an IVA 7 years earlier, what happens to the interest?
  3. I've never heard of any garage warranting a customer supplied part, I think only the parts supplied and work carried out by the garage is warranted? I might be wrong but I doubt any garage would carry out such work if that were the case because there are plenty of unscrupulous characters out there who would supply their own known cheap damaged engines etc and plead innocence when it doesn't work and hold the garage responsible for the repairs. When we offered a quote and the customer supplied their own parts, we always stipulated on the quote and invoice that we would not be responsible for th
  4. I don't know why some garages have an issue with offering quotes? After-all they are only estimates and can go up, and in some cases down. Main thing is that the customer is kept fully in the picture at all times. We used to own a few garages over the years and often we would be asked for a quote to fit an engine which the customer wanted to provide themselves. We always gave them a quote based on the engine being complete and in good working order but we offered no warranty on the second hand unit as we didn't provide it. We would always assess the condition of the engine when it arrived
  5. What made them check the roof airbags, especially if they couldn't tell anything about them just from a visual inspection? Seems odd to me that if the HPI check came up clear, and there was no visual sign that the airbags had been deployed then they were obviously looking for a reason to return the car. I bet they didn't pay retail price for it too I used to be in the trade for a considerable amount of time, and so my advice is to tell them to cease contacting you as it is harassment. There is no proof that the airbags have been deployed before they accepted the car, anything discover af
  6. Hi there dx100uk and many thanks for your reply, that makes absolute sense. The outstanding debts with Halifax after the IVA distribution amounted to less than 4.5k over one loan and one credit card. My PPI claims date back to the mid 1990's and probably cover 10+ years of payments every single month (between £10-£20). I am cool with the idea of paying back everything I borrowed, and so it is possible that there might be some spare left over after paying off a possible £4.5k Fortunately after completing my IVA many years ago I learned to look after my money better and I am finan
  7. Hi guys, quick question here: I had an IVA from 2005-2010 and successfully finished it and it became statute barred in 2011. In 2013 I claimed PPI from one of the creditors, EGG and they took a chunk of the reward to settle the debt which was written off after the IVA was completed. I understand that they can do this as they were the original creditor and even though the debt is statue barred it still exists until it is cleared, it's just that they can't chase me for the balance anymore. we come to today and I have written out to all my past credit card & loan p
  8. Hi guys, here's my situation: I closed my business down last June and cancelled my telephone & broadband contract with BT, no problems there thank god. Anyway, they have asked for a £44 payment for Netprotect or something. I'd never heard or used this service, but they said that it was taken out when I set up the phone/broadband. My wife explained to them that surely if we have cancelled the phone and internet in June last year, how could we use the Netprotect? They say that it can be used on any PC anywhere. My wife also asked why they didn't mention it when we cancelled la
  9. So sorry to hear of your troubles with Barclays Bank. I too am having issues with them at the moment, and their attitude is utterly disgusting!
  10. Again, I understand what you are saying, but the default date is when I started the IVA in Oct 2005, I kept up all the payments and completed in 2010, and then in 2011 when it was over the 6 year period, it no longer appeared on my credit file. When applying for CC's over the past 3 years there has never been any mention of my IVA. If the bank has access to my Credit file, then they would know that I must have successfully completed my IVA as there is no trace of any defaults on it. I am not applying for any credit, loans or overdrafts, just a standard business account, so surely all that shou
  11. I agree with what you are saying, but just find it weird how they know I had an IVA without me telling them, but they have no idea when it started/finished.
  12. As always, hoping you can offer me some advice. Had an IVA from 2005-2010, completed it in full and never missed a payment. Got my certificate of completion at the end, all good. Since then I have had a few successful CC's, again never missed a payment, top credit score of 999. Took out a Barclays business account in 2011 as a sole trader, IVA posed no problem at all, never had a problem with any business account. Converted sole trader to Ltd company recently and applied to Natwest for business account and after waiting over a month for my account, they tell me that bec
  13. Just install a shredder on your letter box so that it disposes of the card before you get the chance to spend on it, Vanquis are not the answer to repairing a credit rating, they will more than likely trap you into something so you end up in financial troubles.
  14. This doesn't surprise me in the slightest, they are so unprofessional.
  15. Having been an honest Vanquis card holder for many years, and never defaulting on a payment, they still treated me badly when I decided to close my account. Personally, I wouldn't never recommend them. It's an easy card to get, but extremely difficult to close your account and rid them of any debt, believe me they are very economical with advice when it comes to leaving them, DO NOT TAKE OUT ANY ID PROTECTION OR ANY OTHER PRODUCTS WITH THEM. Beware!
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