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  1. Hi I have not had a completion certificate yet,But if an offer above the minimum return was offered and accepted by all parties with in the iva and a final payment was made and cashed by G/T how much longer can you be chased for money as my ppi claim is with fos and could still take 6-12 months before its sorted any way.
  2. thanks for that ive looked at the terms and cant see any clauses which state this and I woulndn,t sign the new t&c when G/T took over the account so unless G/T can produce paper work I think it will be stuff them.
  3. Thanks any help would be great fully received .
  4. no this ppi was on a mortgage which i had some 15 years ago and all loans and credit cards within iva did not have ppi thats why I did this myself and then passed onto fos when mortgage company would not play ball
  5. HI All I entered into a iva with money debt and credit 3 years ago and it was sold onto Grant thornton last year. I was asked to sign G/T NEW TERMS and conditions which i said no to. However I stayed on my old terms and carried on paying my iva, In october last i asked G/T for a settlement figure to end iva and in Jan this year my offer was accepted by my creditors and i thought that was that.However i have a ppi on going with the FOS with regards to a mis-sell of ppi on a mortgage from some 15 years ago.FOS are asking for conformation from G/T on the iva and where it stands but G/T ar
  6. Thank you all very much for your help.
  7. hi just had a settlement figure today with regards to mis-selling of ppi on loan from 1996. I was wondering if someone could just have a look and see if all is correct before i agree to settlement. Thanks Dammo.
  8. Thanks for all your help, I shall send the forms back to them and await my refund . can,t understand why they want to give me more than i,m due, but I,m not going to turn it down. Thanks again a donation will be on it,s way soon.
  9. ok thanks. I think iv,e done it right this time.
  10. yes the card was closed on the 06/07/2000. not to sure which way to input the figures , any help would be good. thanks
  11. by the way bc gave me no break down or how or what was the true figure and when i phoned today and asked how this offer was reached bc couldnt tell me or wouldn,t put me through to some one who could tell me . I have now refered this to the fos as my 6 month time limit comes up on july 20th and i think that bc are doing this so i miss the dead line for fos to look at this case
  12. these are the two final response letters i got back, after the first one i sent them copies of statements and then they came back with second letter.
  13. goldfish statement to look at
  14. the monthly data was the cost of the ppi each month it varies each month depending on how much was spent or paid off each month.shall i upload a statement for you to look at.
  15. sorry just up loaded the pdf one not xl
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