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  1. Hiya, yea they cold called me, not sure where they got my number from. I thought that when I looked at their website too. Well thank you I won't be answering to them again.
  2. I can't afford to keep living this way so I need to do something. Yes all since 2007, I believe the first card was opened in 2011. All still the original creditors as I am just about making min payments.
  3. Hiya, thanks My debts are, approx £3000 to Aqua, £1600 to Barclaycard, £500 to Barclays, £800 to Halifax, theres about £80 left to Creation for a laptop, about £800 left to HMRC and £750 to my brother.
  4. "Trust Money' contacted me a couple of days ago, offering me an IVA. This something I had been looking into, although I have never heard of this company. The only thing I can find on google about them is their actual website. As I am unable to find anything else I was wondering if this company is legit? I feel I really need to do something about my debt as making minimum payments account for over half of my income and being a single mum of a baby and being a full time student I am really struggling. My out goings are more than incoming so I need to
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