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  1. yes they don't want me to rent it. i have used my mortgage holiday 2 years ago when i lost my job before. i may just have to tell them I'm moving and when i get on my feet see what i can afford to pay and go from there. if i advise the mortgage company that i may not be able to pay for a few months whats the worst that could happen. also the same as my trust deed that currently is 260 per month which there i no way i can afford that.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply. I'm worried that having to pay this debt will cause me more debt in Canada, I'm hoping for a clean start I have no equity in my home it's breaking even with what is owed and what it's worth. I thought bankruptcy was the easy solution but I'm guessing not. Even if I sell my house I will have nothing to show for it. In fact it may cost me money and buy the time I exchange it over it will be 1.8 times more expensive. If I just forget about it all and come to Canada what sort of trouble would that leave me in, would statue barred come into effect or not?
  3. ok my situation is a strange one. i entered a trust deed (IVA) 2 years ago but i lost my job this year and all they said was as long as i make a token payment i will be fine. i have been offered a job in canada and seriously thinking about taking it, i need to be there before dec 31st. this month is the first month i have not been able to pay my mortgage as I'm not working also i doubt ill be able to make my payment to trust deed. my question is whats my best option here goto canada and forget about my debt send the keys to mortgage company. can i go bankrupt from canada, explain situation to trustee. I've been reading on here and i see a lot of situations but i don't see any like mine so just hoping for any advice. I'm from scotland so i believe its a different process than england. all advice welcome
  4. george82

    newbie help

    So if I ask for my credit agreement and a true copy cannot be supplied where does that leave me just with a better position for a full and final settlement I'm reading so many things my head is fried with it all I really need to sit down and focus on 1 card at a time I can't believe I got into this much s**t
  5. george82

    2 cards and no job

    thanks for all the replys ive been reading lots of info im goon astart by asking for my cca from all banks and see where that gets me
  6. george82

    2 cards and no job

    so would you guys say that a trust deed is a bad way to go
  7. george82

    newbie help

    hi thanks for quick response what bargining power will it give me i know that sounds silly and i know the debt will never be written off. ive been looking into a trust deed but dont know if this is a good way to go. its all such a mess thanks
  8. george82

    2 cards and no job

    in jan of this year i lost my job ive had 2 of these credit cards mounting to approx 5k im paying token payments at the mo but im struggling as i have about 25k of other debt phone calls are constant dont know where to turn please help.
  9. ive had both halifax and BOS master cards when i filled out my forms years ago i correctly put in all details but somehow and without me noticing the address of the letters is for ****** avenue when my address is ****** lane also the postcode is incorrect. for years i have been receiving these letters and as it had my name on it i never really looked at the address as the house number was correct. i owe approx. 8k between the 2 cards as i lost my job in jan of this year im wondering what to do as i have no way of repaying the debt should i ignore it and see what happens or what i have no idea how my address has gotten mixed up. this is not fraud on my behalf but stupidity on their behalf. any advice replies welcome
  10. george82

    newbie help

    hi everyone i had started a post in another forum and advised to post individually in each section as it stand i owe close to 10k on my barclaycard as i lost my job in jan of this year ive had the card for many many years. always paid always clean now ive hit bad times they're lumping it into me. at this moment i have no way of paying this debt off and im wondering what my options are as i have approx 20k of other debts im paying token payments but i need to know what to do next all the information on here is mind boggling. should i ask for a copy of my cca. ive never had ppi so thats not an option for me. many thanks for all/any replies
  11. hi thanks for replys, im going to have a look around this forum. in the meantime if im paying a token payment should that keep me from going to jail that may sound daft but im worried and just making sure im covering myself
  12. hi thanks for quick reply this sounds daft but what do you mean a thread for each of my debts thanks
  13. hi everyone after losing my job in january of this year. things got tough i started using my credit cards to pay for everyday things gas shopping ect. as i was a gas engineer i felt i would get a job no problem but this has not been the case. now my debt has became so huge i dont know what to do. i felt so embarressed i didnt tell any of the CC what i have been doing is paying them what i could afford but its not been meeting my minimum amount. at this time i have no idea what to do. companies i owe are Barclaycard (CC) first direct ( CC loan overdraft) MBNA (CC) Bank of scotland (CC) Halifax (CC) Virgin (CC) in total about 30k im now getting letters saying ppl will be coming to my door i have recently started working but im on about 55% of my prev salary. could someone help me. i have read about PPI which i have never had i dont know if there are any other options i have like the CCA but again i heard this rarely works now. as im in scotland ppl have mentioned a trust deed but again im embarressed about this and was wondering if anyone else here has done these many thanks for any replys
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