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  1. thanks will do-well im not paying for interest charges
  2. ive already requested the statment just waiting for it i dont recall doing it my new account was already set up with a different bank if i dont have ay comeback then fine i just want to know wherei stood
  3. sorry if this is in the wrong place bit of a confusing one im just coming to the end of an iva all went well for five years until i get a phonecall today saying santander one of the creditors arent covering all of my debt with them according to them i carried on spending on my account after the iva was in place and im not covered for it its my own debt for five years all it has said on my yearly report is evidence required next to santander questioning the amount-i queried it over the years and all i was told was dont worry about it there wont be a problem well there n
  4. she is also trandsferring virgin to her new address i might add so she accepts the rest of the contract she will have to pay
  5. she didnt know in november she was going to start having problems and took over the contract in good faith this is what im saying he agreed in emails that she could subtract the virgin payments from her rent and is now saying they sound high and doesnt want to give deposit back based on the virgin payments
  6. sorry she moved in march last year-another tenant moved out in nov 14 thats when she took over the virgin contract
  7. there was a seprate contract for each tenenat-i say contract like in my above post it was just an email stating rent amount and deposit taken i did warn her about the virgin contract but at the time rthe landlord wasnt hassling her i dont know how she goes about proving he said it was ok for the contract thers a couple of emails would that be enough
  8. she might have it in an email but not a contract as such i told tell her not to do it at the time the landlord was reasonbale and didnt have any problems with him what should i advise her to do go to the small claims courts on the basis it wasnt protected?
  9. im writing this on behalf of my sister shes a tenant in a shared accomadtion (Live out landllord) about to leave after numerous disputes with LL she took over the broadband/tv pacakge when another tenant left- i did tell her not to but the LL at the time assured her his agreement that she could deduct from the rent a new cotract was set up with virgin which the LL agreed t back in november 14, and everything was fine she deducted it from her monthly rent and he didnt have any problems with it come to last month she gives her required 1 month notice to leave and he starts ha
  10. is that to get it all back now though rather than at the end of 60 months?
  11. when i took my loan out with firstplus i had the terms which said i would get a full refund of ppi payments at the end of 60 months hadi not made a claim ive just looked on their website which now says_ "You may be entitled to receive a refund that is equivalent to a percentage of your insurance premium." have they changed their terms and not told me? i cant find my original document but i know it was a full refund it stated will they try and fob me off after 60 months with a percentage of it
  12. my friend only found out about this through gingerbread noone she knows has received any letter informing them about this seems if they want to give you more moeny you have to find out yourself
  13. it did seem to be quite a frightening report to a noob like me i could well think i would have to pay a charge like that or i would be going to court if i didnt have this forum to look at
  14. im sorry to hear that-its a shame in this day and age that someone should be made to feel that way about where they work
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