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  1. Hi Andy I sent two the letter from capquest and the default notice , I am sorry I don't know how to send them in the format you requested ??
  2. I have not paid any money or acknowledged this debt, should I send them the statute barred letter
  3. Back in 2011 I went through an awful divorce , I ended up being made bankrupt, i opened an account with nationwide at the time they were the only people other than the PO who would allow you an account, as a bankrupt I was not allowed credit of more than £500 by anyone and not allowed an overdraft of any kind. I was given two cards both blue one that my salary was paid into and a savings account card, at that time I could not afford to live let alone save , anyway I bought something for £49 , at that time bank statements were every three months, somehow the bank had let me use t
  4. Ok I will tell the whole story when I get back form work this evening thanks for your patience
  5. I would indeed like some help , sadly yestredays work schedule made it very difficult for me to reply also you seemed to be having problems with your server , firstly soon after the incident I decided to leave and got another job , sadly the company was taken over in 2017 I have not been able to get much help form the new firm, the FOS suggested I contact Frericksons and should I not get a reply within eight weeks to get back to them I did contact Fredricksons and I have the original copy of the correspondence and the name of the person who called my work, I have
  6. If I did decide to challenge nationwide how would I go about it as when I contacted them they said they could not discuss it as the had sold the dept to Arrow
  7. I do not work for that employer any more the charges were applied each month for an unauthorized overdraft , I complained to Fredrickson's and the FCA I have the name of the caller from Frederickson's and they apologised saying he shouldn't have rung me at work they got my employer details from nationwide , have I missed anything out ??
  8. Thank you for your reply, after reading your comments and my post from all those years ago I realise a had indeed forgotten some of the original details, it was a bad time in my life after my wife walked out and left me with the children, I did take everyone's advise after some time I received a letter form freddeis to say that they were sorry for contacting my employer and they were not taking any further action and the account with them was closed it would appear now that the Nationwide (who I still bank with and have my home insurance with) have sold the debt to Arrow G
  9. Ok the evidence I have that they contacted my employer and disclosed information was being called into my managers office and the call played back to me , back in 2013 bank charges were quite crippling apparently I had bought a pay as you go phone I had a contract so didn't need a payg , could you tell me what a SAR is please
  10. I have never paid anything on it it was dated Dec 2013 so almost a year until its SB
  11. In 2012 I had a basic account with the nationwide as I had in the past been bankrupt, this allowed me to pay my DD,s and withdraw money but under no circumstances have an overdraft , later in the year they sent my a new card for a 2nd account , I did not ask for it so I put it in a draw and forgot about it , I then had a letter to say there had been a charge of £49.99 put against the new card and that i was overdrawn , I pointed out that this was not possible as I have no overdraft facility, they said they would look into it , after months they came back and said the
  12. about 18 months ago I received a letter from 3 mobile saying that I had ended a mobile phone contract early about 7 or 8 yrs ago and that i owed them £391.05 I have been a loyal customer of 3 for around 13yrs, I still am a customer with them , and have renewed my contract with them on numerous occasions without problem, i contacted 3 and explained that I have never terminated a contract early and the dates that they are talking about was a time that I changed my number as I was receiving malicious calls, so they must be confused it was not a new contract it was a numb
  13. Hi All A couple of months ago I had two letters from 3 mobile saying I had defaulted on a phone contract (not true) I have been with 3 since 2003 and still am I have upgraded every time and remained a loyal customer, I noticed that the letters were not in the normal format from 3 mobile and the envelopes were different , I then saw printed down one side in small print lowells name and the number of the printer. Anyway it threatened to pass the debt onto Lowell and sure enough a few days later a had a letter from them, it said that the alleged debt was from 2005 and that there had been
  14. Hi I was never registered as a business customer I was just a one man band doing general maintenance , but the fact that it is statute barred means I don,t need to worry
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