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  1. Amazon tends to use it's own delivery drivers, or drivers who work through Amazon Flex, and other companies rarely (DPD/RM). I can definitely see how Amazon would be liable for the actions of those who they employ directly/indirectly.
  2. Not to mention most of the time the machine only recognises a few bits of any signature, so becomes unreadable and unlike any signature i've ever produced before...
  3. Incorrect afaik - a distance sale can be cancelled and any basic delivery costs should also be refunded, regardless of if you just changed your mind, within the appropriate time period. You however may be liable for the return postage costs. In this case the company have made the mistake so would not be expecting to be charged any delivery at all.
  4. In what way onto a winner? Currently in contact with a local computer repair shop who said they can inspect it, but i've yet to receive a response from KnowHow with regards to what they want the report to contain, and if I were to use KnowHows own team, if they would accept a blank drive. I was hoping that based on the information already gained and provided (diags + seagate's position), and a once over in-store to check for signs of accidental/external damage would have been enough, rather than sending it off and around the country - I have read countless horror stories of items bei
  5. Hi all! Bought a HP notebook/laptop end of December 2015. Early December 2017 (10 days approx before 2 years from purchase) it became slow, and "Bad Block" errors were logged in the event viewer. chkdsk and SeaTools were used to fix these initially however more occurred over the next 4-5 months. 92+ sectors have been found and reallocated so far. Files have been corrupted by this issue. After discussions with Seagate support in May, they said that I had no warranty with them (which I knew), but if it was under warranty with these errors then they would look to replace the drive. Seag
  6. dx100uk, Li-Ion batteries don't have quite the "memory" effect of NiCD/Ni-MH batteries - however they do have a limited number of charge cycles. Due to defects in individual cells within the battery pack, once cell can malfunction and cause the whole pack to be defunct. I would not expect a battery (used in university, so off charge a lot?) to last longer than 12-18mo - none of my own have.
  7. Just an update - Aqualisa sent another engineer (even after stating that we should go back to the retailer) - he came to replace the entire unit again, however there was a loose screw which dropped out when he removed the front cover. Put the old cover back on the old unit, and voila! Perfect heat on all settings. I can only imagine that this screw was shorting one of the outputs from the MCU inside the shower, preventing it turning on the appropriate heaters. Cheers cag!
  8. The battery packs do not last forever - 2 years would be an average life in my view (from previous experience). It is normally down to one cell failing, which brings the whole pack down - they are not however servicable. I would ensure if you get a replacement battery from online that you get a genuine article - there are far too many dodgy lithium ion batteries floating round which may or may not be dangerous (think fire/explosion risk).
  9. We've contacted the manufacturer again, who are actually being quite helpful this time around. The fault seems permanent now, rather than intermittent as before. I can pretty much guarantee that it's a fault with a relay/contactor which supplies power to the second heater element (or control circuitry of that relay/contactor). The maximum temp we are now getting is 33 Celcius, up to 45 Celcius with the cold tap running, which is obviously unacceptable (water is not metered luckily!) If we have no luck with the manufacturer then we'll head back to the retailer (who has told my parents
  10. Perhaps the new style of fob has a different type of key blade? And that your older style key blade will not fit in the new fobs? For example, I couldn't put a new style Ford Focus key blade inside an old fob, as they are physically different.
  11. How much did you pay for it back in 2012? As i've said before, my folks purchased a Sony TV and I would expect it to last 4-5 years at least. My current TV is on 2 years (A Technika budget cheapy) with no flaws whatsoever. Go back to them with Soga as stated above.
  12. It was bought from a local retailer. The original unit was paid for by debit card as part of an invoice. That unit has since been replaced by the manufacturer (and one of their engineers) FoC. This replacement unit is also faulty. Does SoGA apply to the manufacturer now, since they have replaced it? I assume the retailer now has no obligation to do so?
  13. We purchased an Aqualisa Vitalise SLX 8.5kW shower as part of a bathroom suite March 2013. From then until about 6 months ago it worked fine (Max temp on setting 3 of 45°C) 6 months ago it started intermittently not heating up to full on 3rd setting (Max of 36-37°C). We just got on with it, having other things to deal with. The fault is that: Setting 1 does not "click", and does not affect water temperature. Setting 2 "clicks", lights dim slightly, and water temperature increases. Setting 3 does not "click" and does not affect water temperature. Therefore i'm guessing that Set
  14. Email to the CEO resulted in a phone call, and a replacement phone with a £60+ value over the original (Samsung Galaxy Ace 2). Fingers crossed that this phone won't have the same issues as the original. Still not impressed with the store staff, but impressed with O2 Executive relations (even though we're not actually using their network!).
  15. My sister has not yet had time to go to the bank, however thinking things through would a chargeback not be overkill? The phone included £10 airtime which is separate from the phone (although applied automatically), and if charged back we'd get the entire £140 back - would we not open ourselves up for legal action if we did this? I've just written an email to the CEO, so we'll see where that goes. Phone purchased: 14th May 2012. First repair: 2nd July 2012. First replacement (which has a camera fault causing it to be unusable to take pictures): 30th July 2012. Second replacemen
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