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  1. I did send it in an anti static bag as I was able to find one. But they really should have answered my question.
  2. Sorry, but common sense or not, the question should not have been ignored in place of replying to an opportunity to make money faster than any reply they have ever given before. That does not give out a good impression. And to you it is common sense but only because you KNOW it is necessary. They should not be assuming that everyone knows this. That's just poor form to ignore my question. In general I have been unimpressed with their responses to things. No matter how much you ask them, or how long an email you send, you never get more than a one line response. You say "If you don't
  3. Interestingly, when I asked about the (less expensive) 970 as the replacement last week, they told me that they'd need to wait till they had examined my returned card before they could discuss it. Yesterday, before sending the 780 back, I emailed to enquire about what the upgrade cost would be for the much more expensive 980 card. I also wanted to check if the 780 needed to be sent back in an anti static bag or if bubblewrap would do. I got the fastest email reply ever from them - a forward to the guy's colleague getting him to find out what they'd want to charge for a 980. The questi
  4. In the event of a refund, would that be for the actual amount the card cost in July?
  5. But is it technically seen as an upgrade while it has a lower market value? That's what I want to know.
  6. I know all this, but the point I'm making is this. If the card I have asked for had a clear higher monetary value, would they most likely just offer it in exchange for the difference in cost between the two cards?
  7. This is where it becomes a grey area, the card I've asked for IS better but has a lower price. Had it been more expensive it would be more simple. Some has told me that I can't get a refund of the original price as it is now a used item. Is this the case?
  8. I get what you are saying but look again at what they have said - "Whether the upgrade price will be put against the price you paid originally or based on the market value now, I am unsure. our head technitian will confirm this in due course," Now market value = price, right? So going on that quote, if I ask for a 970 and they stick to what they have said, what can they actually charge me when the 970 has a lower price regardless of the criteria they choose?
  9. Will do. Hypothetically though, what would most likely happen if I asked them for a card that was clearly higher in value - say £150 more? I'm assuming they'd just ask for £150 and that would be that, yes?
  10. Does the fact that this item has now replaced mine in their computers count? They no longer list my graphics card for sale. By replacing the part with a less expensive item, would the shop be out of pocket in any way? I've had differing viewpoints on this elsewhere A) that I'm being deeply unfair to the poor shop and wanting something for nothing and B) that they shouldn't really be charging me a penny as it is an item costing less than mine did.
  11. It was part of a custom built system. It was the default option from a drop down menu of graphics cards (you could choose every part individually and I did indeed opt for many options that were not the default choice - such as the actual case itself and the processor and the hard drive), but I could have added a different one if I'd wanted so I suppose technically each part of the computer counts as an individual item? In general terms though, does SOGA recognise items of lower monetary than the original item as an equal or superior product? Or do they have to cost either the same money
  12. In theory though, should they have an issue replacing a part with one of lower monetary value? I imagine some businesses would jump at the chance to do that. In some cases it can be as much as £100 less at retail. Failing that, as the part is not for purpose or of satisfactory quality, where do I stand with asking for a refund in place of a replacement?
  13. No, no. What they are explicitly stating is that I will pay the difference in price between the old and the new item. Neither of those values can possibly become zero without them having lied to me. They are obviously going to produce a figure for the 970 that alleges it is worth more than the 780 I have. They simply cannot say what they have said and then ask for the full price. To be frank, if they end up out of pocket after supplying a replacement goods unfit for purpose then as a customer, I have to say that that is there problem, not mine. And I doubt they are at much financial risk a
  14. Well with them having said in writing already that they will base the upgrade charge in the difference in cost between the two items either 5 months ago or now, they surely can't charge much if indeed anything as sadly for them the best difference they will be able to find is about £10. In a way they have painted themselves into a corner by saying that as having checked, the 780 had a higher monetary value in July and it has a slightly higher one now. Just comes down to good will on their part really. Many businesses would just swap the part as it less expensive, while many of course wo
  15. What is an actual reasonable amount to ask for a part that is less expensive than what it is replacing though? I imagine if you wanted a £50 part replaced with a £60 one then they'd charge £10 extra. So when you want to charge extra for replacing a £60 part with a £50 one, what price do you invent?
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