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  1. Firstly you being his appointee will help tremendously, it shows he lacks of capacity to manage his finances so its a good thing you have that in place.. Secondly is your son verbally quite able but lacks the understanding behind conversations? You need to make that known as the question they ask might be leading and make a false perspective. Thirdly don't try and worry, people here only write down the worst case scenarios, most of the time they go alright.
  2. I would wait until you have received all your documentation then pursue social services input, if you haven't received anything chase it up at your GPs. They'll have the documents on there computer. For myself somebody rang social services because I wasn't coping very well at the time and they had a duty of care to assess me, so they came to my house and seen that I was being exploited financially and wasn't coping with the housework, things were getting on top of me. Do you have anybody to ring SS on your behalf?
  3. I live in supported living and know many people who are on the milder end of the spectrum with no other diagnosis who are entitled to disability benefits, the thing is you need the right support networks to show that actually you need support from outside agencies, it works in your favour then fighting it alone. Is there a ASD or Vulnerable adults department at your local social services you could utilise? Ring up and ask for a referral....
  4. Are you with social services specialist Aspergers team in your area because you could be entitled to input from them with help with form filling possible help around the mental health issues you have, if you are struggling it might be beneficial to get a referral. If you get called to your Atos medical and you arrive alone at the assessment centre you've basically contradicted yourself because they can prove that you managed to get yourself there leaving the house, Agoraphobia goes out the window. You really need a home medical or a support worker to go with you.
  5. I'm currently on IB, I sent my ESA50 back three months ago and haven't yet received anything in relation to which group I'm in. Does it normally take this long, My social worker says its a good thing. Is he right?
  6. I've just been reading about unfortunate people who have had to right tooth and nail with their ESA applications or being given the run around but it seems they are fighting it alone, eg not having any professionals on board like social services, do you think people with SS or CPN support get less hassle going through the process? Thanks.....
  7. My social worker sent my ESA50 form of 6 weeks ago and I haven't heard anything back from the yet, I'm being transferred from IB to ESA and was wondering how long this normally takes, I was on a section 3 under the mental health act while he filled the forms in and am currently on a CTO, would this have any diffidence on my its taking so long?
  8. My sister is currently on housing benefit working part time, she might lose her job soon...... I have agreed to give her £48 a month for travel expances with my social worker will pay into her account (because he's my apponitee) for travel expances and am just wondering will that affect her benefits?
  9. My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and under the old IB assessment he scored adequate points to receive benefit, waiting for ESA assessment now and will most likely he'll be in the same postion as you daughter. He's very impulsive and needs assistance crossing roads as his concentration levels aren't all there.
  10. What about if you live in supported living were my rent alone is £190 a week, does the £350 apply to me?
  11. Am I right in thinking the £350 a week single person cap includes housing benefit.
  12. I have bi-polar disorder, I'm glad to hear they take it seriously.
  13. Does anybody here get direst payments and how did you go about getting them? I already get a support package from social services totalling 25 hours a week but I'm unhappy with the staff the care company provide so if I went with direst payments I could choose my own staff. Do you find it more beneficial getting them? I suffer from bipolar so one of the things is I'm reckless with money, do you think they;ll let me have DP? Thanks.
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