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  1. Unlikely BBC will ever prevent the iplayer from being free. It lost the new generation long ago. I'm not young but even I use youtube for most of my 'TV'. Most BBC stuff is recycled rubbish that wasn't ever any good. You can bet somewhere on youtube you can find a lot of decent stuff. A lot of stuff gets taken down due to copyright, but it's often put back up again under disguised names. BBC knows it's basically reliant on Brits charity to pay the fee out of tradition & in many cases young peoples ignorance. Put any more pressure on the already tightly squeezed & BBC know its days will
  2. Thanks for the replies. I emailed council & surprisingly got a super quick reply. They said I need to get a letter from a professional such as a GP or social worker, stating need & also need for companion. I currently never see my GP, as I never go out. So this may never materialize, even if I make many attempts. I reported my blackouts to previous GP when they started to happen with no warning in adulthood- but without going for scan GPs seemed set on assuming it's down to depression or maybe not even real. I live alone apart from my child & have no witnesses. I also never ca
  3. Thank you for clarifying what you meant. When someone just puts a past thread I did & quotes it with "???" I really have no idea what they are saying. Sorry, I have a big enough job just trying to understand what people mean when they actually say what they mean. That past thread isn't even relevant either as the DLA award was wrongly dated up to 2013 & apparently should have been 2014. But I don't know how to close threads?
  4. Thanks for this. Not sure if it's considered a learning disability though. Although I can't learn anything new & wouldn't even be able to pass a theory test, due to poor memory etc- that doesn't seem to count apparently. As my diagnosis was given including some drivel about having above average IQ, simply from the assessor showing me flash cards of a few 'big words' & apparently I pronounced them correctly! My GP doesn't seem to acknowledge aspergers exists, he hasn't included it in my medical history or spoke of it at all after I was given diagnosis. Diagnosis letter just c
  5. Hello, I have never driven or even tried to. I get blackouts & absences- though have no formal diagnosis for this. I've always known even attempting to drive would put myself & others at risk + makes me feel overloaded. I was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome last year. I get middle rate DLA care & only low rate mobility (had to appeal to get this). I tried for high rate mobility due to the severity of my problems, but with lack of proof to back it up & looking relatively 'normal' didn't help. I have just received a letter putting me in 'support group' for ESA despite
  6. I wouldn't believe everything you read, most of it is propaganda to get public on side with government agenda eg making out there's billions lost in disabled fraud, allowed them to employ ATOS & find even severely disabled or dying people fit to work. Have you even been to citizens advice Bureau? The problem is that social workers who deal with children are there for the child & not you. They will be looking to criticize you & show how if you'd been left to cope- you wouldn't. Even admitting you need help- is sadly twisted by them. They love to make people look inadequate &
  7. It's hard to make anything stick to social services. I don't think greensaab should pay for a solicitor them self either (not worth expense) & unless kids are at risk of being taken away- there's no prospect of free legal aid, even if was on benefits. Unfortunately social workers dealing with children are given the power of god. This is why most of them have their heads so firmly jammed up their jaxi & make such stupid remarks! They know there's virtually nothing you can do or will happen as a consequence- they get away with much worse. In my case the whole of my child's social care fi
  8. It's good that you have this. The fact they have put you have shown no remorse will make no difference. They were claiming you physically harmed him & didn't care. If you prove you didn't- the fact they claim you showed no remorse is actually a good thing. It tallies with the fact you caused no physical harm. If you decided to try to get your child to do something beneficial to them, by pulling them to a car etc- this doesn't equal mental harm either. Provided the thing was in the best interest of the child, which it sounds like it was considered to be. Some social workers have them
  9. Sorry to write so much. it's just I get so angry when vulnerable parents are harassed & abused- which is done so easily these days. There were no witness statements with me either. In my case I had been fitted up by the health visitor who told me to do 'timed crying' to get baby to sleep. I told her I refuse to do it as poor sleep was due to baby teething- but HV said she'd 'get others involved' if I refused to comply. When I did comply with what she said, she said I'd only tried a halfhearted attempt & said I must do it properly. I did the next day & it obviously caused cryi
  10. You have been fitted up! This makes me so angry how easily they get away with this! I hate to say it but what you say tomorrow will probably make little difference, it didn't with me. I said everything that proved my child had never been at risk- they just ignored me. All they paid any attention to was professionals reports + all professionals around the table blindly agreeing with professionals reports- despite no proof. The professionals could literally have said I'd murdered someone, they invented such outrageous records. Whatever they put was literally just accept without needing anything
  11. I know it sounds illogical but I would not provide them with any proof to hang me with. Photos of where this is suppose to have happened are you confirming it did. I would try to gloss over that detail if I were you. The longer you dwell on it the more they will use your admittance to hang you with! They will have calculated your response to bring pictures & admit you did it etc. Photos can be interpreted many ways. Professional opinion must be accepted as is- they will have that doctors report & it did not sound good. The best way to trump this is with a recent report from a nurse/doc
  12. If the marks are birth/stretch marks, is there no way of getting him to a GP again tomorrow to show that they are still present & therefore prove this couldn't have been you? Surely GP must do a home visit if you request & can provide an instant home report to confirm what they are- you need a diagnosis if this is causing problems! Even if you can only get a health visitor or nurse to look at them, it would be invaluable to have a profesional confirm in writing that they are still present. I think it would count for a lot if you could get this & mmediately take copies- hand into so
  13. Number one tip: Phone council & ask if you can have the conference recorded. Plus that you intend to record it too! They may say no, but they can't stop you doing so. You can just say you are doing so in order to properly transcribe it later! I didn't do this & the factual record of conference contained not a single truthful word- even my child's name was wrong! It was full of allegation/wild speculation, said as if proven or coming from witness or me. Conversation had been mixed up, wrongly labelled as if I'd said the allegations 'keeps child awake to keep her company'. This was
  14. Do you have a copy of GP reports stating no injury- this is important. Also be aware they assess the mental state of child & don't tell you- it's important to know what they put. Can you get a copy of any such records in time? I would suggest you can't & that's why they are rushing this- so you don't have time! Be forceful with council! They have not given you chance to do anything! State in writing also that you have fully complied & there's no proof/reason to assume you would refuse visits etc- if they wish! I wished I booked an appointment with my GP as they were also my c
  15. First step in you absolutely need to see the social workers report before they proceed to conference. If you haven't seen it, immediately call up council as soon as you can to report failure to supply it. Maybe ask to speak to conference chair immediately (write a letter confirming non-receipt/date & sign- if you can't give it to conference chair in person- make sure you're give a receipt by reception & call back later to make sure they got it). You are entitled to see ALL relevant reports, they can't keep them from you to protect others identities- they should black out names etc. Cha
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