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Found 3 results

  1. I am up to my eyes on another legal thread on here. I am having so many problems with uploading my documents from pond **** in the pdf format, edited. I have a wireless printer than I can scan to my laptop. If I scan them in pdf format, I can't edit them. If I scan in jpg format, I can then use 'Paint' to painstakingly edit out personal info using the 'fill' tool but then can't save it as a pdf file. I am stoney broke and all the editing softwares want paying up front. Am I just being elderly
  2. I don't understand why CAG don't have a dedicated system for uploading images. It seems that the people that need to upload images the most are new users. New users face restrictions on posting attachments and links. It seems that they have to download some software to turn them into PDF's and then upload them to the site. Why not have a CAG image uploader where it is possible for the user / mods to modify the images to black out sections? This wouldn't be too hard to do for a PHP developer.
  3. After very carefully shopping around to find the cheapest deal to insure my car, I bought a policy with Quotemehappy.com on 30th September. On Monday 1st October I purchase my new car, however I still needed to sell my old car. I am disabled and due to illness this took longer than anticipated. I explained this to Quotemehappy.com and arranged for an extension to send in my proof of No Claims' Discount, which was granted until 22nd October. On 19th October, I sold my old car and phoned Admiral (my previous insurers) to cancel my policy and request that my confirmation be sent out. As this was going to take a few days, I asked if this letter could be attached to an e-mail and sent to me, so that I could upload it on the Quotemehappy website. The staff member said this was fine, however the e-mail I received was not what I had asked for, although it did confirm the necessary details. (Upon my third phone call to Admiral, I was informed that it was not possible for them to attach a copy of the posted letter of confirmation and I would have to wait for the hard copy to arrive). I went ahead and uploaded the proof to the QMH website, however after several attempts it did not seem to be going through as I was being returned to the same page and no confirmation was given or e-mail received (after some time). Thus, I e-mailed QMH to inform them of this issue and forwarded them the confirmation e-mail from Admiral, adding that I could scan in and forward the letter once I had received it via the post. As their system says, replies to e-mailed correspondence takes a few working days, so I didn't take any further action. Today, 24th October, I received a text and e-mail from QMH to say that my policy has been cancelled. Due to the company being online only, I cannot call to speak to anyone about this. I am very annoyed and worried as I am disabled and dependent on my car for mobility. I cannot risk being uninsured, yet I feel I have done everything I can to fulfill with the necessary procedures and have been penalised for a system error which was not my fault. Please advise...
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