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  1. Slight update- clearly my tactics are working We have been now refunded for one - the missing one which now indeed seems lost according to Yodel. How you can lose a 6ft headboard is a mystery but anyway The other 2 are apparently being picked up tomorrow at which point a refund will be issued. Hopefully this will be the end of it but they've still yet to be picked up which will be a challenge in itself for Yodel i'm sure
  2. Hi all, We are in a messy situation with Very which is stressing us out. An order was made at the beginning of the month and extra was paid for Saturday delivery. We stayed in Sat, no delivery and suddenly an email from the dreaded Yodel that an attempt was made. We have CCTV and can confirm no delivery was attempted. The only re-arrange delivery date they then offer is the following Saturday. We had a chat with Very online (live chat) to explain and they did the usual apologising before saying it will be delivered the next working day...guess what? nothing. Chat after chat
  3. After a lot of emails to each other - the couple in question were ready to go down the court route as most things were looking positive for them rather than the photographer. They took some legal advice from a solicitor and worded the final letter accordingly. He did offer a small amount back to which we advised them to decline simply because of the puny amount and complete disregard of the reality of the situation - Eventually they were only a couple of steps away from finalising the small claims court forms and on mentioning this, they got a revised offer of refund which was much better.
  4. Hi all Hopefully in the correct area I bought a Dell venue pro 11 tablet PC back in Jan 2014. It had a 3 year next day business warranty on it. Where from? Beats me! I have several Dell devices and I know that one was not from Dell direct but I have no idea at all. Fast forward late 2015 and it stopped working - I repair phones/laptops so I know in theory the fault but being under warranty, it was not my place to investigate. Dell after numerous questions finally booked an engineer for the next business day warranty which is an on-site repair. They m
  5. Once again, hit it on the head - I call myself an amateur photography and I was even to the point that during my honeymoon last month, I was backing up on the fly on a portable machine AND uploading to the cloud. I just did not want to lose those memories - and thats for a holiday that could be done again. A wedding...you just can't re-do that Contract bits are above - see what you think and once again, thanks for your response!
  6. Here are extracts of the contract I've left the name out for now and also taken out the top parts 1-19 which are more about the event such as making sure there are people to help, itineraries etc 20. LIMIT OF LIABILITY: In the unlikely event of severe medical, natural, or other emergencies, it may be necessary to retain an alternative photographer. Photography will make every effort to secure a replacement able and/or willing to provide a similar package as chosen in this contract at the same/similar tariff. If such a situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found,
  7. Thanks for your response. I will try and get the contract tonight/tomorrow and post it up on here. It was a pretty basic one from memory but was a while back ! To answer your questions: 1. Agreed but with the quantity + a number of changes in their lives (death + funeral, sister in law had a baby, honeymoon, house moves etc) they know they had time so left it to November when both were off. Sure they glimpsed at them but its very time consuming. I'm in the same boat - we got ours 2 months back and only just glanced at them! 2. I should have mentioned- this is an indian wedd
  8. Hi all, This is on behalf of a friend who got married just over a year ago and has had really bad experience from her photographer. The photographer himself / company was a recommendation and all the usual steps were taken in vetting him and his team, seeing is work, talking to a few others etc before the contracts were signed. On the day, he was really unprofessional demanding extra money or his departure nearing the end due to the wedding getting a little delayed - not something a bride wants to hear on the her big day. In contrast, my own wedding with another photographer staye
  9. Another and final update This is now once again resolved. The test drive went ok and there were no audible issues (or other) The drive itself was not the longest and again around the 2-3 mile but it was enough for the car to warm up. It's only done 5000 miles so that was an upside too though being a cold morning, the lack of heated seats did make all the difference in comfort! We did the paperwork once again and I walked out with a potential date of 20th Feb for pick-up as I was on my honeymoon. It did get a little messy on the day of pick up as I had suddenly 3 cars to
  10. Just an update - My "research" paid off somewhat I found a car that was almost like for like. It's missing heated seats but had everything else + had 2 extra packs. I have since found out I can retrofit the heated seats for under £1200 which will be less once I can hunt around for the bits so we agreed over email on this car. It was being sent down from up north and have found out it arrived this morning due to go into the workshop for its pre-delivery inspection on Monday. This will be ready on Wednesday at which point I will be going in to get the finance and what not sorted. Assumin
  11. All written up but could not go today as I got sent into Central London - What an interesting drive in a manual in London! It turned out both salesman and his manager were off today anyway I did however get this from the manager: "We will find a replacement car as per the 30 day exchange. " What is good here is that there is acceptance on this which to date has been lacking. I spent a long time last night before updating this thread on finding all in-group and out of group suitable replacements especially with the extra I put aside. I checked every single one in detail to t
  12. ok great - I can do this tomorrow afternoon as I'm working a few minutes down the road from them now
  13. Do I have to ? What I mean is do I have to now get that specific car back? or can I request a full reject? My worry is (and they're known for it) ... they'll end up removing a panel from a car on-stock and putting it in mine PS: I have email notification on and in hindsight, I agree with your initial response. I do not normally let it go on for so long but with a wedding, new house and new job all in the last 3-4 months, you can understand this being slightly lower priority. Maybe at that cost it shouldnt have been but c'est la vie.
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