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Found 10 results

  1. I'll summarise to keep this as short as possible: Bought car and collected on Monday. On Friday, thought I had a flat tyre, took to tyre garage, alloy wheel cracked in many places. Garage said cracks looked old. Also, had a weld, showing signs of previous repair. Called garage i bought car from. Salesman initially very helpful, asking me to email photo of wheel, so he could replace. Sent email saying "I am sourcing a wheel for you" Chased up later - boss refused to replace wheel (cost of £530, plus tyre at £300) I stated this wasn't acceptable. Wouldn't budge.
  2. Afternoon, I purchased a laptop from *a company* in December 2011. Unfortunately, it is faulty, and has stopped working altogether due to a hardware fault. I have spoken to *a company*, who have told me that they will repair the laptop. The problem is that I do not trust the laptop, I am no longer happy with my purchase. I requested a refund instead, and have been told that I cannot have one, as I have owned the laptop more than 30 days (had it two months). I have read through the "Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended)", and believe that under this act, because the laptop has devel
  3. Quick story: Bought a ASUS laptop last year for £700 from an online retailer. Out of the box all seems fine and shiny, notice something on the cover around the screen but not very noticeable; looked and felt like glue and dust residue from the protective film. On the second week I went on a business trip with the computer and during the trip someone noticed that the 'something' were very minute scratches and not glue/dust residue. The computer also started to act funny, so as soon as I got back home I called the retailer about both issues (the laptop acting funny and the scratches)
  4. Hello all, I ordered a new car which displayed faults and poor build quality upon collection and then I discovered a gross misrepresentation. I rejected the car within 5 days (the faults) then a further 6 (misrepresentation). THREE & A HALF YEARS LATER the car still sits on my drive - the dealer does not want to know and contemtuously ignores me. The Financial Omb. proves to be useless as it makes up its own law and the Sale of Goods/ Misrepresentation Act apparently means nothing - you need to have a case under the SOGA- but then its like judging a beautiful baby competition on
  5. I bought a Samsung netbook from Dixons in April '09. It was 400 pounds, so not cheap! A few days later I found the laptop had a fault. The laptop's screen turns itself on even when the laptop is off. So you have to take out the battery. Anyway, annoying and spoiled my enjoyment of the product. I informed Dixons about 10 days after purchase about the problem. They told me to take it in, but I live abroad and only get back to the UK once a year. One year and four days after purchase I contacted them again to say I was in the UK and wanted a repair. They told me that I was out of warran
  6. Hello, I need a bit of a sanity check and some advice, as I have received two lots of advice for a problem I'm having, both of which are valid. The background: I bought a musical instrument in May, and within 2 weeks it stopped working properly. I took it back to the shop and they repaired it. The same fault occurred to a lesser extent several more times, but after leaving the instrument for a while (20-30 minutes usually) it would start working again. The quality of the tone was noticeably reducing, however. In September I was playing the instrument in a performance
  7. i was bought a new computer for xmas from PC World. after three weeks of use it just stopped working. unplugged it all and left it a day and it started up again.but after a short period of use it occurred again. returned it to PC World who were so unhelpful and would not replace the item as it had just gone over the 28 days notice, which in my reconing is b#llocks, but would have their tech guys look at it. three days later recieved a call to come and collect. when we got there we were told they could find no fault with the computer so would take no actions.i argued that this fault will occur
  8. Howdy folks, I have a swedish 4-wheel drive car. In the summer it started making a rather unusual clicking sound as the key was turned to start it. Knowing my swedish cars well, I knew this wasn't right and immediately had it checked out at the main dealer. It turned out the starter ring gear teeth were beginning to shear off, leaving little for the starter motor itself to "Grab" and left as it was would eventually result in the car being a non-startable ornament. I paid approximately £1300 to get it fixed. - It involved taking out the engine and gearbox. During the repair, the
  9. Hi, a different perspective on this. Im being taken to the small claims court for a private Ebay sale. I sold a Tent in Nov 09 which was collected in person and paid for in cash. 230! days later the buyer tells me it wasnt as described and wants a refund. I said if he had come to me sooner I could have validated his claim, but as its been soooo long (No feedback was given & my Ebay seller aco**** doesn't even have a record of the sale anymore!) that I cant now prove it is my fault or his. Under the sales of goods “reasonable” time is allowed for an (alleged) misdescribed private sale
  10. Hi folks, Im looking for some advice about a very serious issue Ive had with a used car. Here's the background.. 3 weeks ago I purchased a 06 plate Mondeo from a car dealership (i think its a family business). The advertisement I initially saw for the garage stated "A1 condition, drives superb. All our cars are sold HPI clear, prepared to a high standard and are faultless". I went and saw the vehicle and purchased it. Up until last week I had only ever driven the vehicle with me in it. Last week I took my family (4 in total) for a drive and as I approached a junction the brakes fail
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