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  1. The thing is, as the first defendant settled, they gave me some information I didn't have before which makes my case stronger - the second defendant gave the first a made up voice recording where they cut and snipped sections of other recordings to make it look like I consented to calls. I have my own recordings of all the calls so have been able to identify how this fake call was stitched together. Secondly, I have since received calls in which I have been threatened with "Millions" of further calls if I do not withdraw my complaint.... Grounds I think for a different approach?
  2. I don't mind losing the court fee but I wouldn't want to be barred from bringing the claim. What do I need to do to ammend my particulars of claim?
  3. Hi all - it's been a while. I have a technical question about reissuing a small claim. I have started a small claim against two companies pursuant to PECR 2003, the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. The basic story is that the first defendant commissioned the second defendant to generate potential sales leads for them. The second defendant did this by making "Survey" calls from India and then the second defendant sold the opted in leads back to the first. They used Indian call centres, out of date data and ignored the TPS regist
  4. I haven't formally S7d them although I have asked them in writing to disclose all parties involved. They disclosed the name of a company called Lead Performance Ltd as the company who did the sugging survey. They In turn said some other company did the sugging calls who in turn then said someone else was involved who I turn blamed it all on some indian chap. I'll Send a proper sar along with £10 and leave them to dig a hole for themselves.
  5. The issue: I have a TPS registered phone line, ex-directory never given out. We have it for a family member who is dying and waiting for an organ transplant. Every call on the line causes considerable distress for obvious reasons as it's only meant to be used by our transplant centre. Since 2011 we have logged approximately 4000 sales calls, up to 30 a day on some days, sometimes in the early hours of the morning. The unique thing about all of these sales calls is that the data they hold is correct in every respect except for the surname. For arguments sake, they always ask for Mr B
  6. Are you thinking the claim might not have been served correctly?
  7. Plumber's business is trading from its registered address. It appears to be a proper functioning business. The call centre business seems to be registered at the directors home
  8. Hi there, I am claiming against 2 companies for breach of the protection from harassment act 1997 and breach of Regulation 21 of the privacy and electronic communications EC directive regs 2003. The gist is that a uk ltd company that owns a call centre in South Africa has been repeatedly calling me in order to generate a boiler sales lead for another uk based plumbing company. The claim is for £695 plus damages in the discretion of the court. I have judgement by default against the boiler company as they never responded. They had been corresponding with me before the claim stat
  9. Marketing emails must have a clear optout. Failure to do so is a Breach of he privacy and electronic communications ( EC dirctive ) regulations 2003. Report to oft....
  10. I haven't made a complaint yet although I have discussed this with them. They are quite clear that Section 11 of the Data Protection Act allows some lee-way with regard to data supression and it would be reasonable for me to give marketers time to stop processing my data. However they are equally clear that a "stop calling" request pursuant to regulation 21 of the Privacy and electronic Communications regs prohibits any further telephone calls at all. The argument of those that don't pay up is that they were not aware of my opt-out. My Counter argument is that they are liabl
  11. Hi Guys, This is a technical legal question regarding liablity. At the end of a recorded marketing phone call from the philippines purporting to be a survey( Sugging), I gave a notice pursuant to Regulation 21.(1)(a) of the Privacy and electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, prohibiting the use of any of my data including my phone number for the purposes of marketing. For those in the know, this would also fall under Section 11 of the Data Protection Act too. Following this call, I have received various further marketing calls from various UK based marketing c
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