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Found 19 results

  1. Another day, another TPS Parking Charge Notice courtesy of my lovely partner who keeps overstaying her welcome. Free car park, but only for 120 minutes. Rather than letting this one get as far as legal letters, any suggestions on an appropriate response at this time? I cannot argue the parking conditions or signage, just don't wish to pay these cowboys. I don't recall receiving previous notices on this one either, but as I've been battling them on another notice, I can't be certain they haven't issued them. Letter attached. Help appreciated.
  2. Missus parked in a private car park back in July, received a number of 'Parking Charge Notice' letters from TPS (Total Parking Solutions) over the following few weeks, then another company (cannot remember who they passed it to), and now Wright Hassall Solictors who've sent me a 'Formal Letter of Claim' on the basis of a debt owed and 14 days to pay to avoid CCJ's, court judgements etc. I had assumed (rightly or wrongly) that private parking tickets are still unenforceable in the majority of cases, and just to ignore. Should I at this point be concerned?
  3. Hi. rightly or wrongly I ignored a Parking charge notice from TPS and they have now sent me a letter from the solicitors following up on this charge, it doesn't state anything about courts, but says I have 14 days to pay the fine Would you continue to ignore this? Also, on another note, looking at the original charge notice the postcode of the offence is actually incorrect, now that I am beyond the appeal process date should I just ignore this also at this stage?
  4. Hi, i'm a newby on this forum and need a bit of advice re everyone's friends TPS. I have had two run-ins with them in the last month at my place of work. The NHS trust I work for have been using use TPS for their parking for about 6 years with staff paying a monthly parking charge which comes directly out of our salary. The first incident was a simple case of my parking pass falling out of my windscreen and ending up on the car floor. They issued a “Parking Charge” for failure to display a valid parking pass. I have appealed this one and await their initial reply.
  5. Afternoon all. I am writing on behalf of my mother who received a windscreen ticket from TPS on 01/10/14 for the above in a B & Q car park. She did not actually leave the site and spent money in said premises. A charge notice was not sent to her from TPS but their agents, Premier Solicitors (PS) sent a threatogram on 26/01/15. This was ignored. Almost a whole year later PS have followed this up with another threatogram citing Beavis and anything else they want demanding payment of £110 by 2nd February. As the above happened so long ago she cannot prove she spent money in B &
  6. Mobile phone users are increasingly being targeted by nuisance callers, new research from Which? can reveal. Seven in ten mobile phone users said they had received at least one unwanted call to their mobile in the past month. Despite the rise in such calls, many mobile phone users don't realise that they can register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). Only 3% of mobile phone users are registered with the TPS Which? has worked with the TPS to launch a brand new free text service which allows people to register their mobile phone numbers. You can register your
  7. The issue: I have a TPS registered phone line, ex-directory never given out. We have it for a family member who is dying and waiting for an organ transplant. Every call on the line causes considerable distress for obvious reasons as it's only meant to be used by our transplant centre. Since 2011 we have logged approximately 4000 sales calls, up to 30 a day on some days, sometimes in the early hours of the morning. The unique thing about all of these sales calls is that the data they hold is correct in every respect except for the surname. For arguments sake, they always ask for Mr B
  8. I recieved a letter from TPS (total parking solutions) telling me that i have a Parking Charge Notice, issue date 21/09/2015 - the actual parking time stamps from the 16/09/2015. It says had overstayed buy some 30 minutes and only the first two hours was free. I am the registered keeper but was not the driver on the day, the driver says they did not even notice any signs about parking restrictions when parking there. I believe there is a sign on the entry tho i have yet to check and will check tomorrow when i drive past myself. What do i do about this letter? most people say TPS do
  9. Hi there 1st post hoping for some help Yesterday I received a Charge Notice from TPS saying: Reminder Having checked the vehicle details with the DVLA we are writing to you because either you were the registered Keeper at the time of parking or the registered keeper has named you as the driver at the date and time a Parking Charge Notice was fixed onto the vehicle after having breached the following parking terms and conditions. The driver was observed leaving the site whilst the vehicle remained parked on the premises at Halfords, Harrow, Greater London On 21/9/2014 at 16.3
  10. I have received a charge notice from TPS requesting £90 for overstaying in Pets at Home car park by 35 minutes. The "violation " happened on 31st May and the date of the notice is 19th June. Should this not have been issued within 14 days? I am in Scotland
  11. I received a parking fine from a private company called tps. I parked in the car park at Dunelm mill in Kirkcaldy Scotland, I was unaware a private company had taken over the car park and had put up a sign, I did not see the sign, after I had visited the Dunelm Mill I done some shopping at the near by high street. A few days later I recieved a letter (charge notice) that contained 2 photographs of my car entering and leaving the car park. Time limit was 2 and a half hours and I was there for just over 4 hours, the letter states ' The protection of freedoms act 2012 came into force on the 1st O
  12. Firms give impression they are aligned with official service Attempt to charge ex-directory homes for service that is free through Telephone Preference Scheme Households are being warned to watch out for a growing, sinister [problem] – fake calls purporting to be from the official service to protect against nuisance calls.. [problem]mers target households that are weary of endless nuisance phone calls to offer them a paid-for service that they claim will block cold callers. However this service is already free of charge from the Telephone Preference Scheme (TPS).
  13. I was on the TPS Corporate site earlier today to see who they allow access to their lists. One of the Companies is Tracesmart Ltd, Tracesmart offer many services but one is a tracing service for debtors. They also offer a service called “TracelQ”, this allows DCA's to log into their systems and trace debtors. So you register with the TPS giving them your private home phone number with address to stop telepests, TPS then allow a debt tracing Company (Tracesmart) to access this information, who then download & store all of your personal details, Tracesmart then allow DCA's to acc
  14. Hi all I recently parked in Dunelm Mill car park limit of 2 hours, I was 6 hours. I've now received a letter from TPS asking for £90 for overstaying. The picture shows my car and numberplate coming into the car park and does show my car leaving (I know it's mine cos of something on the car) but the number plate isn't shown on the exit. Am I right in thinking that I can ignore this letter and any future demands that they send my way? I have until tomorrow to pay up if I dont want it to increase by £40 if my understanding is wrong.
  15. In July of this year, I was given a parking ticket at Parkgate in Rotherham (issued by TPS) for the sum of £90, reduced to £50 if I paid within 14 days. Due to the unfortunate nature of this fine, I sent an email to TPS, including the following text :- "Following another operation earlier this year, a friend of mine has recently had major surgery for a knee replacement and I took her to visit her doctor today for further treatment. I then volunteered to take her into the Parkgate shopping centre in Rotherham. During a visit to BHS, she complained of feeling dizzy s
  16. Hi all I was parked in a Halfords car park for a brief moment which was followed by charge notice from Total Parking Solutions (TPS) which came in the post 17/06/13. There are number of things wrong with the charge letter and it doesn’t match up with the signs they put up. First it says I stayed over 15 minutes when it says the maximum stay is 2 hours. Now you could argue that this was outside trading hours but that’s not what the ticket says. They are doing me for staying 15 minutes. I intend on ignoring this letter but I want to build up some ammunition incase they decide to take
  17. Hi All Hopefully looking for some advice with a Charge Notice from Total Parking Solutions Ltd. I parked in a car park on 16.01.13 which I was unaware was monitored. Received a 'Charge Notice' today informing me that in accordance with the Terms and Conditions 'prominently' displayed and agreed to when I parked my car that I now owe £70.....although they will accept £45 if I pay within 14 days. There's a paragraph about 'Protection of Freedoms act 2012' - not sure how relevant this is as I'm in sunny Scotland. What's the best way to deal with this? I'm inclined n
  18. Upon my return from holiday yesterday I was welcomed home by a "Chrge Notice" from TPS including photographic evidende that I had overstayed in the car park of a local retail park. They state that there was "clear signage" of a free period of parking which my vehicle overstayed. The charge is for £70 going with an additional £40 if I do not pay within 28 days. At the time this alledged breach occured - I genuine did not see a sign stating that there was a maximum period of free parking. I have since checked and there are several signs in this large car park but I am angry as I di
  19. Hi - sorry if this is repetitive to what has already been written but my case a little different to parking longer than allowed. I parked in a Disabled spot at a Shopping Centre and distracted with my 87 year old mum, forgot to display Disabled Badge. Came back to a PCN on window. Having a quick read and not wanting to upset Mum, thought I would just appeal, as mentioned on rear of notice. However, when going into their website/appeal, I got this message: The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. I then went into their
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