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  1. Hi, i'm a newby on this forum and need a bit of advice re everyone's friends TPS. I have had two run-ins with them in the last month at my place of work. The NHS trust I work for have been using use TPS for their parking for about 6 years with staff paying a monthly parking charge which comes directly out of our salary. The first incident was a simple case of my parking pass falling out of my windscreen and ending up on the car floor. They issued a “Parking Charge” for failure to display a valid parking pass. I have appealed this one and await their initial reply. The second one was for my motorcycle which I sometimes park between two buildings. There are no “No Parking signs” or “No Motor vechicles beyond this point” signs etc in this immediate area and I have been parking my bike here for over 4 years and one of my ex colleagues for over 20 years without any issues. Following a Fire and Rescue service inspection it was deamed by Fire and Rescue that any vehicle parked here is a risk of fire due to arson. The site estates department obviously asked TPS to start ticketing to stop people parking rather than get any signs or notices put up to that effect. The ticket from TPS states “Parking attendant x had reasonable cause to to believe that the following breach of the terms and conditions of parking occurred on private land (details of which were clearly and prominently displayed and agreed to by the driver by the act of parking the vehicle). Issue Reason: “The vehicle was incorrectly positioned to the inconvenience of other users.” Then in scrawled pen “Fire Risk – one warning issued” I have to say that I did ignore the first warning that had the same lame “vehicle incorrectly positioned rubbish” on but scrawled in pen ( not in block capitals) was possibly Risk of fire which I read as “risk of fine” This was a load of rubbish as I was not blocking any doors, exits or blocking anything else causing an obstruction. Following issue of the ticket I contacted the estates manager responsible for parking and he informed me that Fire and Rescues issue was the close proximity to the building - apparently this needs to be 1.5 metres from the building and parking this far away from the walls would indeed be blocking access in the area. Obviously I have stopped parking here as it was a perfectly valid inspection by Fire and Rescue and I can understand their reasons - they are not my problem, TPS are ! Whats are your thoughts on both of these misdemeanors ? Parking charges demanded are £60 or 30 if paid within 14 days for each "offence". Looking round various forums the standard advice in the past seems to have been ignore these clowns i'm wondering if the situation has changed following the Barry Beavis v's Parking eye ruling and have TPS now grown some teeth and are willing to go to court which I don't really want to do and risk a CCJ. Thanks
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