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  1. Thanks Guys Here is a draft of the letter I am going to send would you change or add anything Thanks Total Parking Solutions Ltd Parking Control Department PO Box 7135 Kettering NN16 6BP 31/10/14 Ref: Parking Charge Notice Number: ********** Dear Sir/Madam I received a charge notice for the sum of £90 from TPS dated 21/10/2014 and copy enclosed stating that my vehicle was parked up at the premises of Halfords, Harrow Greater London on 21/09/14 at 16:30 and the driver was observed leaving site whilst the vehicle remained parked. The Vehicle was not at t
  2. Does anyone recommend I goto their appeals website first to look at any photographic evidence? Just in case someone has cloned my number plate?
  3. It says on the front page of the appeals website it will show photographic evidence Would love to see this as I wasnt there in the 1st place
  4. Is there any draft letter on the forums I could use don't want to miss anything out or admit to something I haven't done also should I be sending this letter recorded delivery so I know they receive it Is it not ok to do it online via their parking appeal website? Thanks
  5. Hi there 1st post hoping for some help Yesterday I received a Charge Notice from TPS saying: Reminder Having checked the vehicle details with the DVLA we are writing to you because either you were the registered Keeper at the time of parking or the registered keeper has named you as the driver at the date and time a Parking Charge Notice was fixed onto the vehicle after having breached the following parking terms and conditions. The driver was observed leaving the site whilst the vehicle remained parked on the premises at Halfords, Harrow, Greater London On 21/9/2014 at 16.3
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