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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I need some advice please if you don't mind. I received a PCN from Newham Council for parking in a disabled bay on Easter Sunday. The problem I had at the time was it was raining quiet heavy with some surface water flooding which made the actual disabled bay harder to make out. I based my appeal on the grounds that the bay hasn't been maintained and was clearly weathered over time with the markings on the bay faded. Last week I received a letter from the council notifying me that my appeal was unsuccessful and I have 14 days to pay the fine half price or the full amount after the 14 days. Now this is the thing, The letter of rejection is date 20th April 2016 , and the envelope that is came in was dated 27th April 2016 which I presume was the postal date, i received the letter on the 29th April. This gives me 5 working days to pay the fine which isn't fair at all. Do you think if I have a case on this reason in having the fine cancelled? P.S How comes I have to wait for a NTO before I can appeal against their rejection letter, I'm sure before you had the choice of taking the appeal straight to PATAS or has it changed. PCN BOLEYN ROAD.pdf
  2. Hi all, I haven't been on here for a while but thought I would put this on here in hope of some advice. My father who is the owner/keeper of the car that received the PCN and my mother who are both holders of Blue Badges and in their late 70's/mid 80's. I was the one responsible for parking in the disable bay which as far as I am concerned had a perfect right to do so, but inadvertently forgot to put the badge on display due to having to physically lift a mobility scooter out of the car and help my mother into it. My father in a panic over this PCN started to fret about finding the £100 to pay it. I told him not to pay and write and tell them what happened and to give the details of the Blue Badges. As you have probably guessed they still want their pound of flesh. I have now received a letter telling me I can appeal to IAS. Any help will be greatly appreciated. WIDYCHI
  3. Hi everyone I'm seeking advice on the following I have just purchased a Car from a previous owner who was disabled and as such was car tax exempt. Will i need to re-tax the car once i have received back the log book ? Thank you in advance
  4. In July of this year, I was given a parking ticket at Parkgate in Rotherham (issued by TPS) for the sum of £90, reduced to £50 if I paid within 14 days. Due to the unfortunate nature of this fine, I sent an email to TPS, including the following text :- "Following another operation earlier this year, a friend of mine has recently had major surgery for a knee replacement and I took her to visit her doctor today for further treatment. I then volunteered to take her into the Parkgate shopping centre in Rotherham. During a visit to BHS, she complained of feeling dizzy s o we stop for some refreshment at their cafeteria. We then moved on to Matalan and parked the car in one of their disabled parking bays. Since she still felt unsteady, it was decided to use the wheelchair which she had acquired the previous weekend. As this was the first time she had used it, we were unsure of how to unfold the chair but I finally got her into it and moved on into the shop. While she was being assisted by a shop attendant, I saw your officers looking at my car and realised she had forgotten to hand me her disabled badge and therefore it was not on display. I rushed out to the car and explained the situation to the officers but they said there was nothing they could do as they had already taken the photo. I therefore asked them whether they would be able to add some comments onto the ticket to explain the situation but they refused that request and walked off." Being the 'caring' company that they clearly are, they flatly refused to consider my situation and gave me 3 alternatives :- 1) Pay the parking charge at the prevailing price of £50.00 within 14 days. Please note after this time the parking charge notice will rise to £90.00. 2) Make a POPLA - The Independent Appeals Service by completing the accompanying form. Please be advised that if you opt for the independent arbitration of your case, the Parking charge notice will be £90.00. 3) If you choose to do nothing, we will seek to recover the monies due via our debt recovery procedures and may proceed with court action against you. Following the advise found here and elsewhere I chose option 3 !! I then received subsequent letters from them, upping the fine to £90, then £110. Having still not paid, I have now received a letter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd demanding payment of £149, stating that if I do not pay they will refer the matter back to TPS, recommending that court action should be taken against me. It is my intention to ignore this threat unless I am advise otherwise. Any comments/help from here would be much appreciated.
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