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  1. Hi. Simple question and hoping that there might be a simple answer. My partner has her own (mortgaged) property and is in receipt of tax credits. I currently rent my own flat but in effect spend most of my time at her place. Is there a maximum number of nights weekly that I can reside at her place and not impact upon her tax credit status? Thanks
  2. Excellent....I can look forward to lots of progressively nastier letters and threats of legal action..... #moreenjoyablethancrappysoapoperas Thanks for your advice. I'll keep this thread posted....... Cheers
  3. Hi I've read some other threads and they would suggest that advice....is that for all of the UK? Martin
  4. Hi All Hopefully looking for some advice with a Charge Notice from Total Parking Solutions Ltd. I parked in a car park on 16.01.13 which I was unaware was monitored. Received a 'Charge Notice' today informing me that in accordance with the Terms and Conditions 'prominently' displayed and agreed to when I parked my car that I now owe £70.....although they will accept £45 if I pay within 14 days. There's a paragraph about 'Protection of Freedoms act 2012' - not sure how relevant this is as I'm in sunny Scotland. What's the best way to deal with this? I'm inclined not to pay because I think the charge levied is arbitrary, I didn't knowingly enter into a contract with TPS and I only became aware of the signage in the car park today when I drove there to confirm the details in the letter. Thanks Martin
  5. Is it the same process for reclaiming charges from a company like Hitachi as you might from a high street bank? M.
  6. Hi dx. Yes. It's with StepChange. (cccs) They've been great. M.
  7. Hi. I am in a DMP and Hitachi are one of my creditors. Initially they would not accept the payment offer and contacted me via letter and telephone in an attempt to force me to make higher payments than my DMP would allow. I eventually contacted the ombudsman who intervened on my behalf and encouraged Hitachi to accept my payment offer. I've just been looking over my statement from Hitachi which contains details of every payment and charge since the account opened and it would appear that of the £494.50 outstanding balance, £207.00 is the result of charges for letters and rejected direct debits. Should I be satisfied that Hitachi are cooperating with my DMP or should I be attempting to argue that these charges are excessive and needlessly punitive? M.
  8. Hi dx. I'm not sure what you mean. How could I use the BCOBS to my benefit in this case? M.
  9. Hi dx. I'm not sure what you mean. How could I use the BCOBS to my benefit in this case? M.
  10. Thanks. Will do. Just been concerned that RBS are up to something sneaky.....
  11. We thought about managing our own DMP but really found the staff at cccs to be really helpful and offered us lots of support during what was a really difficult time for us both. We seem to be getting by with what we have each month. We were concerned about Christmas but got through it intact....just looking to br debt free as soon as possible.
  12. Hi all. Looking for some reassurance if thats possible. DMP has been set up and running since August 2012. The majority of creditors have been really positive and supportive through the entire process which has really helped. The only sticking point at the moment is we have had notification from stepchange (cccs) that 2 of our payments have been returned and an ongoing increase in rbs current account balance. 1.Payday UK (approx balance £800) are no longer accepting payments from stepchange on our behalf....and at present my wife is receiving calls from Credit Resource Solutions insisting she contact them asap. I understand that CRS is a DCA working on behalf of/ under the same umbrella as payday uk but we hve had no written communication from payday uk informing us of a change of arrangements. 2.Our payment to RBS personal loan (approx balance £11000) has also been returned, with the account no longer able to view on online banking. 3. Our rbs current account was sitting just below our £600 overdraft limit when we entered into our DMP. During that process we slipped over that limit by £4 or so. I have attempted to write to the rbs to ask them for support with our dmp but we notice now that our current account balance is now approx £1200 ......about £600 in charges. Help?
  13. Hi. I am in DMP with CCCS. Hitachi haven't been that supportive even though in the whole scheme of things owe them just over £500. I received a default notification which indicated that they had charged me £50 for being in default. Is this £50 default penalty enforceable?Thanks
  14. It just said buses. It didn't differentiate between types. I've paid in haste.....can I plead my case or am I on plums?
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