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  1. Thank you DX - I really appreciate your help. Should I write to them again with the offer and no I&E?
  2. Here they are. Hope they’ve worked. I’m on my phone. Halifax reply.pdf
  3. I can show you what halifax sent to me if it helps as I have it right here
  4. Hi DX The letter is on my pc at work (I meant to get a copy off) but yeh I did ask that they freeze interest/penalties and made the offer. Explained that we will never dig our way out of it if not and said it was a reasonable offer. I also mentioned that our problems came when they changed the terms of their OD and that it left us with no money to live on sometimes and that we couldn’t budget because it was so erratic. Parachute account is up and running
  5. Sorry for the late response folks. I have an update. I wrote to halifax and explained our situation of not being able to afford the £188 loan repayment a month along with them constantly taking daily fees and swallowing up our money (never knowing where we are) The letter was posted mid May. (Signed for) Early June they wrote to us not acknowledging our previous letter. I found this odd so I checked with Royal Mail and our letter never reached them (good job I sent it recorded) So I sent a copy of the letter from May again (with a copy of the Royal Mail receipt as
  6. Thanks you for the links Bazooka Boo. I’m getting the letter done right now
  7. We normally are ok for Xmas time off because we know it’s coming and put money aside but that ankle injury he had really put us back so payments to the loan were either missed or paid late and then the daily OD charges started around then and before we knew it, it had become a mess. Really scary how it catches up with you.
  8. The agreed OD was set at £1.2k. They take the daily fee which is around £1.42 (percentage of what the OD is) Then they were taking chunks of money like £40 here and there which I think was charges for going over the agreed OD. To be honest it’s all become such a mess we don’t know what they’re taking for what, it was so hard to get back to level with them constantly dipping in. We never knew how much money he has available because they were just takings I we couldn’t budget. Ok so I’ll write to them and explain that he is in financial difficulty. Are there any specific templates I
  9. Thanks for all the replies. His injury was for 3 weeks in October with an ankle injury (better now) , then he has to have two weeks off over Xmas because the building site he works on was closed so that was five weeks money we were down. At the time I was on JSA so we were really struggling. (I am working again now) He did have repayment holidays which he used when he could, I think thats why the debt hasn’t reduced much. The loan is a clarity loan, no ppi. Taken out in 2016 I think. It was for around £7.5k but it’s only reduced to around £6k (maybe a bit under) due to him
  10. Hi all. Was hoping for a bit of advice on what to do it this situation, it’s my husband’s Halifax account, He has a loan with them for approx £6k and a £1.2k overdraft which as we all know is subject to the recent adjustment in charges. My husband is self employed and had a run of a bad few weeks due to injury, this was the start of the problems. He cannot keep up with the charges anymore and the loan payment combined, He has opened a new bank account to be paid into and now we need to tackle the combined Halifax debt. I’m going to help him draft a letter. I don’t
  11. Thanks Theoldrouge, I just wanted to check there was no need to panic just yet.
  12. Hello all. Since my past contact about this I have received two more letters. One letter was another discount offer (this time showing the amount they are willing to discount it by) and the second one I'm going to post now. They have gone back to threatening CCJ. If they were to issue County Court action, would I get a chance to send them a CCA request before anything happens? I'm trying to avoid contact with them until absolutely necessary.
  13. Hi all, just wanted to update you all.... Thanks again for everyone's input previously. I decided to not contact them and wait to see what came through the door next before sending them a Sar or CCA. So today I've had another letter from them.... 'A Discount Is Available!' They don't say by how much but ask me to call them to take advantage of their discount offer. I think it's safe to say there will be no CCJ anytime soon. Will keep you all updated.
  14. You've put my mind at rest, thanks Martin. I was just a bit scared cos I've finally got my credit history to normal/decent and didn't want to have it ruined , their scare tactics temporarily worked! I'll keep you all posted as to the next correspondence I receive from them.
  15. Thanks Dave. I will do. Martin, that's what I originally thought I should do, it does feel like a threat due to the wording. I'm just worrying if they do start CCJ proceedings will it go onto my credit file? I will also bear in mind the good advice about reclaiming charges and PPI (don't think there was ppi in the card but if first credit haven't hit the paperwork then they won't know that will
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