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  1. Well I still have a copy of the letter ok since I typed it, but I never thought to send it signed for, so don't have proof. If I have been reported to a CRA, what come back have I got? Basically it's my word against theirs.
  2. Firstly my apologies if this has been answered previously - I've done a little bit of searching for similar stories, but not found anything close enough and I'm not clear enough on terminology to be more thorough. Basically a few months back I wrote to cancel a web hosting package and domain names. The company wants an online cancellation and has it in it's terms and conditions, but without internet access I had no way of doing so and I was moving house, so I put it in writing and included my new address. I never heard anything back. In April, I got an invoice via email for ~£60 for
  3. Sorry for raising a thread from the dead, but I thought I would give some closure. I repeatedly argued the case with the retailer and they finally issued an RMA. Initially they would give a replacement or a partial refund based on formula Price - (price/72 * months owned). This was enough to replace the drive with a similar spec one, so I accepted this. Then instead of having a turnaround time of 3 days as they state on their website, they took nearly 3 weeks to sort it all out. They issued an order for a replacement, which couldn't go through because it was out of stock permanently, so t
  4. Those links were pretty useful, don't know how I missed the other thread about grey import disks. I wasn't aware of the CPUT regulations until now, seems that is a useful tact to take with them.
  5. Further note since Samsung just replied to me - they say that the drive is in warranty. In Puerto Rico, where they sold it.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I've read through the SOGA advice on the OFT website, but I wanted another perspective on where I stood. With regards to evidence on misleading descriptions, what would I need? I have the invoice, which clearly lists the drive as a Samsung OEM drive. Samsung's own website (can't post link, but under warranty on their UK site) lists the warranty period as 36 months, and when running the warranty checker based on serial number, says the drive is out of service area. My argument is basically that if they sell a Samsung OEM drive, I should be able to get
  7. Hi, was looking for some advice. I purchased an OEM computer hard drive approximately 2.5 years ago from a well known online retailer (who I don't want to name quite yet). The manufacturer - Samsung - says they offer a 3 year warranty on their drives, both retail ones and OEM drives. They also say that drives they sell as system integrator drives have a 1 year warranty. The retailer offers only a one year warranty. My drive has developed a fault. First thing I did was try and organise a return online, but Samsung's site reject it as being a non-UK serial number. I contacted the retai
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