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Found 19 results

  1. My partner was dismissed from work in Dec 2016 for gross misconduct - theft of employee. They had him say in statements that it totalled to over £22k (unsure if it was RLP or employer) but only £13k was documented on partners papers and £60 on CCTV. Police were called, he was taken into custody. No charge or bail. Some amount was recovered that night. He missed his summoning due to moving cities and they never updated the system, so he handed himself in after he received a phone call in which he was then escorted to magistrates - plead no contest at his solicitors request, in March 2017. The case was then sent to crown the following month. Hearing finished early due to CPS not handing in enough sufficient evidence in theft amount, they lowered the grand total to £15k. He had to plead guilty for £15k at his second crown hearing, the 'team' fighting for the employer was happy with the results and was given a suspended sentence (18 months suspended for 2 years), 150 hours unpaid work, fine and a victim surcharge. The fine and charge have been paid as well as hours. 7 months after sentencing, my partner received a letter from RLP demanding the first original amount of £22k + fees of surveillance etc, else it will be forwarded for court proceedings. We ignored it thinking it may be spoof, as they have little reputation. Another letter was received waffling how there wasn't a response . I told him to contact his solicitor, he read through the court papers and was surprised as it stated no further action would be made as they were happy with the outcome. He replied to them via email in February stating he does not admit to the amount of £22k as the amount on his evidence is £15k minus recovered. This week (5 months later) they responded with: Dear Mr XXXXX, We refer to our previous correspondence in this matter. Our instructions are that there was never any agreement not to pursue the substantial sums owed. Our client was not present at the criminal Court hearing but has confirmed that they did not seek an Order for criminal compensation as it was and remains their intention to recover the sums due by way of civil recovery as they are entitled to do. In view of the same, they seek to recover the full balance of £22,054.00 through Court action if necessary. We would therefore ask that you re-confirm your position. In the event that you are seeking legal advice in this matter, we would ask that you provide us with details of your solicitors so we may correspondence with them directly. Yours sincerely, Legal Department ---- Neither of us are in a financial position to pay off £22k in a suitable amount of time, especially to RLP. Surely it would have gone to court by now instead of dragged out as it isn't a typical £150 invoice they tend to throw out. Is it really worth paying for a solicitor to fight for him, will CAB consider this?
  2. Hi, was hoping someone can provide some advice for a family member, car was on finance, missed last 3 payments, did not receive any paperwork until debt collector arrived, offered to pay all monies owed as was an oversight, finance company refused to accept payment as stated monthly payments no longer affordable, car was taken immediately. A letter has just been received asking for an immediate payment of 3k or will be passed to debt collectors The offered payment would have taken payments over 1/3 of the agreement, we were given no other opportunity to settle the finance on her behalf and have received no other communication, what is the best action to take? Many thanks
  3. Hi All, I was involved in an accident last week, where my car has been classed as a CAT D write off, im buying it back and fixing it. However the thing that is most confusing is my finance settlement figure. My finance started July 2013 for 47 months at 115.07 and 1 at 265.07. I borrowed 3200 at %35.53 (i know but bad credit) and 29 payments done out the 48. Insurance paying out 2830 for the car buy back at scrap £400, Finance advised to my insurance company that 1995.99 as a settlement figure. Ive negotiated with my finance company to take 1500 to leave me that extra 495 to get the car sorted, and they have agreed to continue my monthly payments until the 495 is paid off. However to me the settlement figure is off, seems a bit high for whats left. i would of put my settlement figure around 1500-1600. I mentioned it just to my finance co and they told me trading standards can provide me the info if i wish to look into it.! Maybe im confused on my numbers so can someone clarify. Thanks
  4. I have a question about the annual assessment for working families tax credits. I had a claim running last year that I cancelled in October as my earnings went above the threshold. I now have a form for annual assessment 2014/2015 and they are asking for my income for the full tax year. What I want to know is why they need to know the full year? As far as Im concerned I ended my claim in October and my finances from that point onwards is none of their damn business. I get really sick of these government agencies prying into my finances & thought that when I ended my claim I would finally be free of these people.
  5. 'Martyn Uzzell, from North Somerset, was thrown into the path of a car after hitting the pothole. An inquest heard North Yorkshire County Council had missed opportunities (even reported to them by the police) to repair the A65 in Giggleswick....' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-32215664 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3033555/Widow-cyclist-killed-hitting-pothole-Land-s-End-John-O-Groats-charity-ride-wins-six-figure-compensation-payout.html also, Mrs Windsors designer killed whilst cycling to work http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-arts-visionary-moira-gemmill-killed-by-lorry-while-cycling-near-lambeth-bridge-10167161.html
  6. I will finally be debt free in the next week or so. But before that happens I need to agree a settlement figure with Barclaycard. I had a card with them and egg and I have used neither in donkeys. I now want to get a realistic settlement figure for both cards as a lot of what they say I owe is compound interest and charges. I've thought about hitting egg with a proof of agreement request but to be honest, I'll just be happy to get rid of the millstone round my neck. So can any of you offer me some advice on how I should go about this? They have passed my accounts to Mercers but I want to settle everything directly. And should I go ahead with the egg proof of agreement anyway?
  7. My son foolishly bought a rental property about 9 years ago - I told him at the time the figures didn't add up, e.g. guaranteed rental income for 2 years (meaning it was too dear in the first place) £5000 cashback on the mortgage (ditto) and too dear for a new build in the area. As predicted, once the 2 year 'guaranteed' rental income ended he couldn't find a tenant at anywhere near the required rent and eventually he fell behind on the mortgage and finally handed the keys back. He now live in a jointly mortgaged property (the rental was his name only, the 'home' is joint husband / wife) which has a minimal amount of equity in it. What it all boils down to now is that for the past 4 or 5 years the interest has been frozen on the £100,000 he owes on the rental property and he's paying a token £50 a month. Periodically he has to fill out an income / expenditure form, but the £50 stays the same. There is very little the rental mortgage people can do as a) there is not much equity b) the family home is joint so any equity is half anyway (I guess?) I am in a position to lend him some money and wondered what sort of figure they would be likely to accept in full and final settlement? I have a figure in mind but wonder what others think...! I would add that he works full time, etc and could just sit there forever paying the token £50 month but just wants this to go away! The property in question has been resold since if this matters.
  8. Has anyone had any dealings with these? in August I closed a bank account and forgot to pay the final month on this. Left a £30 amount owing, I thought no problem i'll pay it. Forgot all about it and canceled the insurance before the renewal date for which I have confirmation. Forgot all about it . Today I've had a letter from Regal asking for £52. This is more than £30 and the extra charge must of come from somewhere. Now we know you never ring debt collectors but its a small amount and I had some anger to vent. Firstly he told me it was because I cancelled after the renewal date (which is rubbish as I've got an email confirmation) and it was in the contract so I asked him how can a contract be in force after the end date?, surely a contract ends the last day unless you renew it which I didn't. Then he started on about some revolving charge relating to credit interest charged because I broke the agreement and the creditor being allowed to charge a fee. What an absolute load of rubbish. I told him I won't be paying a penny till I've got a full written statement detailing all payments and a detailed breakdown of where they came to the figure. To which he replied "we are just collectors that get given a figure to collect". I asked him how they can go around writing to people asking for money without knowing what they are demanding money for and also asked how he knew that I had not renewed when he didn't know what he was collecting?. Gave him a telling off for the way another unrelated company spoke to my mum over a phone bill which was paid and he put me on to his manager, sounded like he was going to cry. Manager told me they will hold the file till they can get they can get the info from the client. Im not a nasty person or anything but this was sort of my experiment knowing that its a very small amount that I'm not disputing that I owe the amount and will pay it as soon as they come back with a correct figure but the lie spouting just shocked me and the fact he admitted he didn't actually know anything about what he was collecting is baffling The idea that in the UK in 2015 a company can sit with a list of addresses and phone numbers + a figure then harass them into handing over money is outragious. I can easily see how they intimidate people into paying what they can't afford or more than they owe, his tone was condescending and a bit agressive + he would not take anything I said as truth.
  9. HI ALL,..what is the best figure to use TCR.. STANDING CHARGE ..KW RATE.....when you do a comparison..i have a pre payment meter and want to change but the figures are pretty confusing...cheers paul
  10. Hi All, Im just new here, and am really hoping I can get a wee bit of advice. I took a secured loan with GE Money in September 2004. In November of that year, I suffered an injury at worked that resulted in permanent disability. Things have been very difficult since then, and I have been juggling the small amount of money I have to try to at least pay my creditors. The loan was taken at £7000, plus interest of £1050, making a total of £8050. Although payments were sporadic, over the next 10 years I paid to the account £10,333.44. Due to a load of bad circumstance, I am now forced to sell my home or risk repossession. I asked GE Money for a redemption figure, and they have sent me a total of £10,824.93. After I pay this, I shall have paid the grand total of £21,158.37, for an original loan of £8,050. I have not much experience in finance, and I fully acknowledge that payments being made on time would not have resulted in extra interest being added, but paying 2 1/2 times the original loan amount seems pretty harsh. Can anyone please advise? I tried the FCA but they said they do not handle individual cases.
  11. We have various debts that have been in different states of long-term default, being paid under small monthly arrangement payments to DCAs. We now have a sum of money available, nothing like the totals owed, but I have heard you can good discounts off bad debts to settle and it would presumably help my credit file somewhat in the long run to have them declared satisfied. My question is this - what are the best ways to approach DCAs (or the original lenders) in this situation? What should one say? I've thought of some ruses like saying "oh, I'm facing bankruptcy anyway and you won't get much at all", or "we're going to live in Africa - this is only a formality for us", but I'm not sure if those will cut much ice. What has worked for you? What percentage can I get away with in making offers - how low do people go? Thanks for any input!
  12. Hi, I'm new here and hoping I can find some help and advice. We have several debts (some in my husband's name but most unfortunately in mine). Some of which are over 10 years old. I've been maintaining payment arrangements with the several collections agencies dealing with them for very small amounts (between £5-£10 a month) for years now. Now I'm in the situation where I have recently separated from my husband mid Jan and am now a single parent, starting over at 40+. We are putting the house on the market but there will be very little equity left in the property once the mortgage (and arrears) are paid off and what small amount is left looks like it may be distributed min 60% to me 40% to my future ex. To move on properly and have a future for me and my son I want to wipe the slate clean of all the stupid money mistakes we have made while being together. So I need to approach all of the collections agencies to ask for early settlement figures. Debts are as follows: £2445 (ex overdraft in my name which was originally with HSBC/First Direct) now with Robinson Way this debt is 10+ years old £1,738 (unauthorised overdraft from an old Halifax account in my husband's name) also with Robinson Way This is from a couple of year's ago. £5,344.83 (A Halifax Loan in my name which was paid regularly til my husband's redundancy) this went into default and has been in the hands of Drydens Fairfax Solicitors £2868.38 (an old HP agreement with Chartered Trust for a car which went into default) this is 10+ years old now with Mackenzie Hall Since the split I have spoken with all of them to let them know my current circumstances and all have agreed to put the accounts on hold for 30 days until it was clearer what may be happening with my personal circumstances. That 30 days has now ran out and the calls have started happening to chase me up. I'm not wanting to avoid speaking with anyone but I don't want to set up repayment plans - I want to ask what the minimum amount is they'll accept to wipe the slate clean. I am going to contact Step Change for advice but saw lots of advice on the debt forums here and thought I'd join to ask if anyone could advise on what my next move should be. I am self employed, working less than 16 hours a week and am looking into what benefits help I can receive now I'm going to be a lone parent and am currently living with my parents with my son to give me some breathing space to save so I can rent a new home. We need to sell our house asap to release what equity we have. This will then hopefully clear our debts and leave a small amount to give us a degree a financial security for the short term future. Although I know these creditors will want their pound of flesh I need this to be the smallest amount possible because it'll directly impact on the amount of money my and my lad have for our new life. Thanks in advance for any help
  13. Hi, I tried to get my head round dualcalc and searched here for ages but I'm stumped! Im trying to get a settlement figure from MoneyBarn for a Car HP and they keep giving me conflicting info so I want to try work it out myself as I got a settlement figure two payments ago and comparing it to the one now it's £50 less which is bizzare, after numerous phone calls they are telling me the previous one they gave me is wrong? sounds like they've made a right hash of it. They said they will send me a statement so I can work it out and query them if I think it's wrong, er wtf? So here goes (from the statement they just sent) Loan amount £6795 Initial payment £400 APR 30.3% Term 48 mths Total payable £11,437.95 1st payment 8th Mar 12 £234.85 and I've made 10 payments since Their total paid so far is £2748.50 which is all the payments I made plus £400 deposit. How does that £400 come into affect because that was what I gave the car dealer? i.e the car cost £7195. Are they saying I've borrowed 7195 and made a first payment of 400? as that's naughty isnt it? could someone please dualcalc that and let me know how much I actually owe as a settlement as I have no faith in these cowboys. I've attached my statement hashing out personal info if someone can help and I'll donate you a coffee/beer/lunch!
  14. Hi I wonder if anyone can advise us? My husband has been paying off a debt from Lloyds which they sold to Cabot. Cabot have now written offering a settlement figure! W e can't afford to do this. We are now worried that if we refuse, they may threaten to take action. We do not own our own home, nor have any other assets of any worth so we are worried about what they will do. Having read other posts on sites, it appears that Cabot do not have a particularly good reputation. We are just wondering how to proceed with this, or just refuse the offer and carry on paying?
  15. Hi I wondered if anyone can help me understand my loan early srettlement figure please?? We had a personal loan from Natwest (which thaey stuckk PPI on - but that's another story!). The loan was for £9488 plus 2205.40 for PPI so a total of £11693.40. On the credit agreement it states : "The customer has the right to repay the loan before the end of the term by making a single payment calculated under a formula which limits the amount of the total charge the customer pays. The amount the customer would have to pay if, for example, the customer wanted to settle when a quarter of the term had passed would be £6747.65; if half the term had passed the amount would be £5072.46 and if 3/4 had passed it would be £2895.59. In calculating the amounts shown, the assumption is made that all instalment repayments due are paid on time and no default interst or charges are incurred. The amounts shown are accordingly only illustrative." The loan was over 60 months, so 1/4 of the way through would be 15 months. We paid it off after 18 months and yet paid £7782.35. Have I misunderstood something? Are they allowed to change the settlement figure? We had no missed payments or charges so shouldn't the agreement figure stand? Any help appreciated!
  16. Hi this morning I received a letter from Blackhorse thanking me for my request for a settlement figure, it then goes on setting out how much I owe and how much I pay every month etc. At the end of the letter it says "A copy of this letter has been sent to :fao:Kevin Dudley, cathedral motor company ltd." I never asked for a settlement figure, I have also never heard of Kevin Dudley or Cathedral motors!! I am absolutely horrified that some stranger has now got my account details and my address!! What can I do? Should I ring Blackhorse or write to them? Im really worried about this. Thanks.
  17. Hi, I have a secured loan with paragon and a mortgage with Nram totalling £161K. I owe Northern Rock £118K and I owe paragon £43K. I am struggling to pay them both every month. I am basically paying two mortgages and I can't cope anymore. I have already paid Paragon £38K over the last 7 years and still have a balance of £43K so £35K of that is interest alone. Our monthly income has dropped and we have accumulated arrears in gas, Electric, Council tax and water as well as other debts. We can't keep up repayments for much longer so I have had the house valued in the hope I could sell up, pay off Nram and Paragon and then rent somewhere to make life a little easier for us to cope financially but my house was only valued at £145K maximum. Has it ever been known for Paragon to accept a settlement? If I sold and paid back mortgage there would be about £20K left for paragon. I have already paid £38k so they would have more than recovered what we borrowed (£46K 7 years ago) I really need to find a way out before things get worse and if we get repossessed they could end up with less. Our unsecured debts total £39K so it's likely we will be made bankrupt which we want to avoid. I don't see any way out. I am at my wits end. My wife is frightenely depressesd with the strain of so much debt and I think she is close to a breakdown (seriously). can anyone offer any advice please. Thank you.
  18. Hi Im new here so hope Im posting in the right place. I have had my case upheld and will be hearing from the broker anyday now with a settlement figure I would love some help... It is a single premium policy on a mortgage over 25 years, with 19 years still to pay. Loan amount £69,290.00 ppi £7206.00 Total £76496.00 I am really confused to how much I should be accepting and how it will we calculated,so basically the lender could give me any amount and I really wouldn't have a clue if I was being ripped off again. Hope I have given you enough info for some much needed help Thanks in advance
  19. Hi, 1st time been in this kind of situation and am seeking some advice as to where I might stand... In Feb 2012 my mortgage went from fixed rate to standard variable. I knew it was going to go down as my fixed rate was more than the SVR. I received an official note from my lender telling what my new payment was going to be, it was actually less than I thought and, as I was in a management position that i hated (and was making me ill) I saw the opportunity to stand down and take a lesser role within the same organisation (proved to be a good move health wise!). The 1st payment on the new rate went through with no issues. When I came to make the 2nd instalment I was told the payment due was £706 more than I had previously paid. Naturally I queried this and was told the mortgage management unit of my lender would contact me within 48 hours...they didn't so I assumed the original payment was correct. When I came to pay the 3rd instalment I was told I was now £706 in arrears, this made me feel sick, I have never been in arrears in 12 years of mortgage. I argued my case and was put through to the mortgage management unit who, after a few questions and denials stated I should never have been sent the 1st letter telling me what my new payment would be (no, really?). I informed them that I had stepped down from my management position on the strength of that letter and could now not afford the suggested new payment (I had still not received the new revised payment information in writing). The mortgage unit then wrote a complaint on my behalf to their complaints dept for investigation...that was 6 weeks ago. Since then I have been inundated with calls from their collections dept asking me to clear the arrears, which are now over £2k. I have received 2 letters from the complaints dept, 1 thanking me for the complaint and that they would investigate it and the 2nd telling me they were still investigating and asking me not to go to the financial ombudsman just yet. I am in fear of losing my house, I have 4 young children and am looking at trying to get work on my days off to try and meet the new payments...which is proving impossible. I have been maintaining the payment originally requested. Can anyone give me some advice as to whether I have a good case to keep my lower payments and thus keep my house? or any suggestions as to what I should do? Many thanks Moogus
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