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  1. The bike is being used on a four day event, shared by a few different riders. I supplied it with some spare oil and filters so expect this was changed before the event as the bike had stood for some months over winter with the oil in it when sold. That oil was clean but I would have changed it again prior to such a 4 day event. I'm pretty sure the buyer would have too as he is pretty knowledgeable and understands this type of machine. I got a message at the end of day one that the bike was awesome. The bike then failed some time on day two after one of the riders reported a rattle and found it
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I certainly passed on every bit of information I had and the work was done before I bought the bike so I could only go on the guy I bought it froms word and pointed out I had no way of proving it. If the work had not been done or there were any faults I was certainly unaware. I don't think I legally have to do anything. This is more of a deal to me as its my reputation, made worse by the fact its someone in my circle of friends that involved. I kinda have a feeling of responsibility even though its not my fault. I've yet to be asked for anything a
  3. I sold a non road use racing motorcycle in a private sale back in October of last year. It was a bike that I had only ridden on 4 brief occasions having bought it myself privately a year earlier. I resold the bike using the full description I was given from the guy who I purchased it from. In my ownership I rode the bike on track on just four occasions and had the bike Dyno tested in my ownership where it made the power the guy I purchased it from claimed. The guy I bought it from had claimed that the engine had been refreshed not long prior to my purchase but could not produce receipts
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