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Found 4 results

  1. My Bickerton folding bike had a flat tyre and needed a new chain and new brakepads as well as a general service, so I took it to the Bristol Bike Project and got it booked in for a Level 2 Service and the replacement of these parts. I called them today and they told me the bolt where the frame folds in half had sheared into the frame, and that they've drilled it through and might not be able to get a new one fitted. So basically, they've invalidated my manafacturer warranty on the frame by drilling through it without asking me before they started this work, when I could've got the thing fixed for free by the manfacturer. What do I do? Ta
  2. Recently had a New turbo fitted,Renault Scenic 1.5 diesel Feb this year.Havng major problems with oil consumption and now loss of power. Since having it done i have been hearing a whistling noise,never hear before turbo change. Is it likely that the new turbo is failing or is it just coincidence and it is something else? The car is going straight to the garage in the morning.Any advise would be great as im not at all convinced this is not connected. Many thanks
  3. I had front and back disks and pads replaced on my Grand Cherokee by Kwik-Fit on 14th May 2013. It was done at the Crawley, County Oak brank. I was charged over £500 for the job. Last night, 18th May 2013, with my two children, wife and I in the car, we had just started off on the motorway, travelling at aprox 60 miles an hour, when we smelt a horrible burning smell. We immediately got of the motorway, stopped, jumped out to have a look and found the rear passenger side wheel glowing red and the tyre smouldering. Luckily, we have a couple of drums of water in the car and dowsed the wheel to cool it down and then called the AA. The AA arrived some hours latter, but even after this time the AA man could still smell the horrible buring smell. He checked the car and confirmed the fault was rubbing break pads, which had caused friction. In the words of the AA man "Kwik-Fit have messed up the job and your lucky to be alive". The AA man pointed out the the smouldering trye was on the same side of the car as both the petrol and LPG tank and if we had not have stopped and had the water to dowse the wheel, from the heat damage he could see, the tyre would have burst into flames and potentially ignited the fuel and LPG. He also explained that the tyre was only moments from failling due to the heat and this could have caused the car to crash if travelling at speed on a motorway.
  4. I was changing the original radio to a after market when the fuse blew. It was a 5 amp and was a yellow one. I replaced this last time and the redio came back on. While putting a ariel adapter on the fuse tripped again. This time it took the same fuse out and also it took the power steering/speedo with it. I have replaced the fuse but there is no radio and no power steering. Under the steering colum i have changed a green and black block. The green block keeps on getting very hot. It drives etc no probs but no power steering/speedo.
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