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  1. Hi all, Thanks to anyone who would mind taking the time to read this and advise me if possible. I received a 2 fines from the magistrates court. 1 for no tv license (fair enough) and one for driving without insurance (although the car wasn't been driven it was just parked on my street as it was broken down and id transferred my insurance onto a new vehicle. Taxed to be on the road but didn't realise it had to be insured as well, my bad but I guess that's by the by). In the midst of this I was granted a debt relief order and was granted £300 by the official receiver to cover the TV license fine (strange as that fine was for £200) but left the insurance fine outstanding. initially as I wasn't working deductions were been made from my benefits. When I returned to work in January 2017 this stopped I didn't make any payments as id lost my paperwork and expected to hear from them regarding payments and thought id pick it up from there. In the meantime I got myself another fine. ( I know, I know but it was cheaper to be found guilty and pay £400 than pay a solicitor to find me not guilty) I began making payments for this fine immediately. In mid May I received a letter from the South Yorkshire Enforcement unit giving me one reference number to cover all my fines. It showed the amount i'd paid and the balance. (though there was no reference to the £300 that the insolvency officer had written off under the DRO). Again I continued making payments and have regularly paid £50 a month every since. In total since April I have paid £560 towards the fines. Then I received a letter from collectica. A notice of enforcement. Showing the correct balance of £883.50 but they have also added on £75 for god knows what. I rang them and explained to the guy who answered that I had made regular payments to my fines and had been doing since April. I asked if I could continue making payments at the amount I had been - £50.00. This was a big no no. He wanted half the money up front before agreeing to a payment plan. I explained to him that I had just been discharged from my DRO and that I was very careful with my budgeting. I tried to explain to him that by paying him more that I could afford the money would have to come from another pot i'd be sorting one problem and creating another. He told me his was a priority debt, I explained I have no other debt anymore and that this was the only one outstanding my payment history should clearly show that I am trying my best to clear it. We went back and forth for about half an hour. I stood my ground. I refused to pay anymore than I could afford, explained that i'm certainly no sat with a 50" T.V on my wall and that if they come to my house the only thing they will find of value is my sons PS4 which is about 3 years old. (and my car which my mum bought me for work, now been parked out of the way of my house. His final offer was of an initial payment of £280 and a payment plan. Otherwise I would be charged for bailiffs attendance and get more fees, worst case scenario been arrested. I told him at this point id welcome a change to plead my case in court. Although I suspect they would rather just add more fees onto the debt that I have been trying to clear. I told him this was the most insane act of bullying ever. They can clearly say I have been making regular and timely payments directly to the court, now they want to eliminate all that money I've struggled to pay by sticking it back on in fees meaning that it will take me even longer to pay. How the hell is that even I thing?!!!! I told him I may as well have kept all the money I paid so that when they wanted an initial payment I could have made it. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I have worked my ass off to get out of debt and despite paying on time they are determined to land me back in it. I got off the phone and resolved nothing. He told me I have another few days to agree to his terms before a bailiff will call at my house (he'll be very disappointed by the nothing of value that I have ) its hassle I just don't need. I got off the phone and made my due payment of £50 but again to the courts not to collectica. Does anyone have any advise for me please? This is infuriating for me that they can see I am not ignoring the fines I am paying each month yet they seen hell bent on making the debt larger. Also can anyone advise what to do regarding the £300 the DRO shows they have allowed towards these fines that is not showing on the letter I received from the courts. Many Thanks
  2. Thanks for any help guys, I am just going through old letters and paperwork to sort out and have just opened a letter from Collectica regarding an old HMCTS debt. This must have been an old court hearing regarding somebody saying I hit them from behind. I never did and in fact it was the car next to me speaking a language I could not understand that had hit the car. There was no damage to any cars and I phoned the police at the time to make them aware. We are going back some 7 years. At the time There was a court hearing that I did not attend (I was going through a very difficult at the time with hospital and letters was the last thing on my mind) upon coming out of hospital (1 month in) I attempted to sort the mess out and did a stat dec. Rather silly but I got the date mixed up and missed the court date by 1 day. fast forward and I have a letter from collectica dated mid july 18 warrant of control and gives 14 days to contact them. We are now 30 days ahead. I know I should not be paying a single penny I never touched any car. But that wont stand up aywhere and there is a 2k amount that I guess I just dont have a say in other than to pay it and shut up. I am hoping for some advice in terms of perhaps setting up a payment plan and not to have baliffs turning up at the door. thanks for any help guys it is much appreciated..
  3. Just had bailiff turn, threaten locksmiths and actually called a locksmith for a speeding fine from June last year. He handed me a notice of intention to enter and search premises - removal notice. under Tribunals Act 2007 s12 p2 18b enter premises using reasonable force even in absence. He said he could force entry and a locksmith would be called to gain access. I asked him for his warrant of entry under s15 but he refused. My partner did not know that her speeding fine would be taken to court, she is unemployed and has just had to pay £650 out of her savings for this. Any help would be appreciated? This is for my partner whos speeding fine it is.
  4. Hi all. I am new to the forum and would really appreciate any advice and feel a bit unsure asking as I have never done this before. Sorry if it is long winded. I had an unpaid magistrates fine of £370 passed to Collectica. I received a letter by post from them stating I must pay £675 in full or contact them to arrange a payment plan. Nobody has ever attended my property or hand delivered anything. I called Collectica and they accepted that I could pay £337.50 (half the amount) in 7 days time and then 5 further weekly payments of £67.50. This was an awful lot to me but I agreed. I paid the £337.50 by debit card the following week ( it was a Thursday) as agreed. Then I paid my first payment of £67.50 the next Thursday as agreed again by debit card. The following Wednesday I noticed when on my online bank that my payment was still showing as pending which it doesn't usually do for that long. I called my bank and they said that the person or company receiving the payment had not claim it and to give them a call. I rang Collectica immediately and told them and the lady I spoke to said she was unsure why this had happened and the amount would go back in to my bank account and she would place my account on hold till the following Monday and I could ring back up and re make the payment. I advised her that my 2nd payment would be due tomorrow and that I was more than happy to make both payments whilst on the phone and I would just wait for the returned amount to go back in to my account. She said this was not necessary and to call back on Monday. That following week my son who is severely autistic and has learning difficulties started having seizures which we were in and out of hospital for and it was a very worrying and stressful week in which I completely forgot to call Collectica and I hold my hands up this and am not saying it is right or trying to make excuses, I was just extremely worried about my son I called Collectica yesterday and explained this to them and also made a payment of £250 by debit card which was every penny I had and left an amount of £87.50 which I said I was able to pay in 6 days time (5 days as of today). I was advised that my account had been passed to enforcement and that if they came before I paid the £87.50 I would incur further charges. This is the part that has me worried. I have paid so much to them already and actually owe less than I would have had the problem with them not claiming the payment I made happened and had still been paying the instructed weekly amount. I only owe such a small amount and I have never once refused to pay or disputed any of it and I'm just so worried that they are going to turn up before Monday when I pay the £87.50 and I'm going to end up owing so much more. I don't know if there is anything I can do I am just sitting here expecting the knock on the door and was just looking for any advice and understand if there is none to give. Thank you for taking the time to read and in advance of any advice offered.
  5. Need help and advice please. My son recieved a letter on Monday his first name and also his surname was spelt wrong on opening the letter it was from a debt collection agency called Collectica based in Leeds demanding a payment of approx £600. My son rang them to ask what it was for because he had no debts and also the name was spelt wrong and they must have made a mistake. They asked him his date of birth and he told them they said it was the same date of birth it was a debt he had not paid 18 months ago when he lived in Sunderland. if he didn't pay the money the balliffs were coming to the house. He told them that he had never lived in that part of the country and what exactly was this fine for, they said he would have to ring leeds court to find out that information. He rang leeds court and they told him it was motoring offence no insurance and driving a car that was not roadworthy they said that he lived at a certain address in leeds at the time of the offence. He explained that he had never lived there and it was not him they told him he had to got to court in 2 week time. This is really distressing does he have to go to court if its not him that owes this debt.
  6. Hello everyone at the CAG forum, this is my first post here. I'm hoping to get some advice with Marston / Collectica after a bailiff visit today. I wasn't home but they left a hand delivered Final Notice. Let me give some more information; I have a Further Steps Notice from London Collection and Compliance Centre dated 18th November, amount owed £580. I did not open and read this letter until yesterday. Around two weeks ago I received a Notice of Enforcement Distress Warrant from Her Majesty's Courts & Tribunals Service, it stated the debt was £580 but now £660. I did open and read this letter, I thought it was due to a recent CCJ from an unsecured Vanquis debt from over 3 years ago. Based on this thought, I believed this was just a normal scare tactic letter taken to the next level (bearing in mind at this point in time I had not opened or read the Further Steps Notice letter) with the belief that this was from an unsecured debt I also believed that if anything they would just send a standard bailiff to which I could just politely refuse to open to door and ask to leave, having no vehicle or property outside that they could take. The due date of this Distress warrant was 16/02/2017, 14 days after the issue date. Today (well yesterday now) 17th Feb, I arrived home to find the bailiff Final Notice letter, with an added fee of £235. At this point I decided to reread the last letter I received, the Distress Warrant. This is where I started to worry and have doubts that this was actually the debt from Vanquis. I had a look around and found some unopened letters, one of them was the Further Steps Notice. Upon reading this I soon realized it was unlikely that this was the Vanquis debt. Reading about deductions from my salary (I work myself so don't think they could apply this?), but more worrying 'issuing a warrant for your arrest' surely Vanquis can't get a warrant for my arrest issued due to unpaid debt with them? This must have come from the Magistrate's court? I got thinking, last year (I'm not sure exactly when, but now I'm guessing around April or just after) I received a council tax letter out of the blue saying I owed £200 or £300 for unpaid council tax. I live at my Mums house, and for over 15 years the council tax has be debited from her bank every month. I mentioned to her that I received a council tax bill in my name and she said it has always been in her name there must be a mistake, she said she will talk to them about it. She has always paid the council tax and never missed a payment, it comes out of her account automatically. We both thought it was strange a letter arrived in my name, she was adamant it should still be in her name and they must have sent it in error. Unfortunately she forgot to call them to speak about it, I think due to the fact she was sure it was just an error and still in her name, also a very close family member became very ill and sadly passed away late last year. I also forgot about it and did not remind her at anytime about it. Since receiving that letter I have never received another letter from the council or anyone regarding any council tax bills/debts. After all this thinking I call her and ask if she ever spoke to the council about the letter in my name and she doesn't remember it, and ys its in her name always has been. I ask if she can check her bank statements to make sure because I can't figure out what this debt is for, it can only possibly be due to this. She calls me back and is unhappy, the council stopped taking payments from her around April last year. Now I am pretty sure this must be due to unpaid council tax, even though I haven't received any other letters, I know that unpaid council tax can go through the Magistrate's court and a warrant for arrest issued if it came to it, also that these bailiffs could actually enter my home. After doing some research online I have read of people receiving the same letters but due to DVLA fines where someone has used their name and DOB. Now I am not sure if it is council tax or something worse? In the morning I plan to call bailiff on the mobile phone number he left on the Final Notice and ask him who the debt is from and hopefully find out if it is due to council tax or something else. Also no one will be home now until Tuesday or Wednesday and I will let the bailiff know this and that as soon I get back we can sort the issue out. Does he have to tell me who the debt is from, and is there anyway he can come back and enter the house whilst no one is home? Obviously we are going to call the council first thing Monday to sort out the council tax problem, we have no problem paying the back taxes that we owe, and have only realized tonight that they stopped taking payment last year. If this is due to council tax, is there anyway we could contest the added fines/payments? Neither of us received any other letters regarding council tax since the one last year in my name, no other arrears or court letters until the Further Steps Notice. If it turns out it is due to DVLA or something else what would be my next steps? I have not received any parking tickets or traffic offences other than a parking ticket on 10th October from Civil Enforcement LTD which I contested and they sent me a Confirmation of Cancellation letter confirming it had been cancelled. If its council tax there is no issue paying, I can afford to pay it but I would rather not pay the excess as I did not receive any other letters about it. In this case should I try to contest first then pay the council or courts directly, or pay the bailiff inc the excess and try to contest after? I am now worried the bailiff will not tell me who the creditor is but just try to get me to pay, then I will have to wait until Monday to contact the council or courts to find out. Thanks for reading and any advice anyone can give.
  7. Hi I had the bailiffs this morning with a warrant of entry for TV licence fine for the cost of £610. I didn't answer the door and they posted a letter and asked me to contact them. He won't accept a payment plan and I haven't got the money or the goods to cover the debt. It's from about a year ago I had just moved home I was pregnant and under the care of a physiologist for perinatal depression and anxiety. I forgot they had even come my mind was else where. They issued me a summons for cleavland court but that's about 60 miles away from my home so I just ignored it. Fast forward to today and he is telling me to pay by 12 or he is entering my home. I'm suffering PND and post natal anxiety and I am under the care of a health visitor and GP and on medication. I fear this is going to tip me over the edge. He wants my health visitor to ring him today and she isn't at work today so can't. I've offered a payment plan but he won't accept it either. Is there anything I can do?
  8. Morning I receive a letter from collectica yesterday morning . Dated 26 February 2016 Client. HMCTS West Mercia (warrant) Client ref. ********* Total amount outstanding £620 We are in possession of a warrant of control as a consequence of non payment of the above fine. Your residence at the above address has been identified by marstons tracing and investigations unit. As you have failed to deal with this outstanding fine or respond to this and/or your previous address/es, we must inform you that's unless the TOTAL sum is paid into our office, within 14 days of this letter an enforcement agent will visit you and may seize your belongings-this is called ''taking control of goods'. These belongings may then be sold to pay the money you owe. These actions will increase the Costs of enforcement and these costs will be added to the money already owed. My question is what do I do!? I don't even know what it's for it says a fine the only fine I can possibly think of is a nearly 4 parking fine that I was disputing sent off some paper work but didn't hear anything back late 2013 so assumed it'd been dealt with (I can't remember entirely as I was winding up my business so had a lot going on) but it seems ALOT for a parking fine. I moved 170 miles to live with my partner early 2014 and have heard nothing since. I didn't move with much due to the distance so have a few pots pans and clothes but nothing of any value. I'm also on full maternity leave ( 10 of 12 months) so have no income other than my child benefit of £80 which everyone gets so definitely don't have that quantity of money floating about. I really don't know what to do! Any help would me greatly appreciated!
  9. I moved house on 1st December and notified the court by email on the 7th December. I'd missed 3 weeks of payments and on the 30th November they passed the fine to collectica. I didn't find this out until the 8th of December when they rang me. I immediately paid the rest of the fine online directly to the court but they are saying they are going to pass my payment to collectica and that collectica are going to take their fees off the amount I paid thus leaving the fine unpaid and me back at square one. I just want to know if they are allowed to do this? If not is there anything I can do?
  10. Hi, My other half got a letter from Collectica the other day concerning a debt she owes the council concerning damages to her house, although she does not dispute the debt, it is the wording on the letter from the DCA that has got me. The letter states offence date as the date that the council carried out the repairs, my view is that by stating the words offence it would imply that it was a criminal matter and not a civil matter, by using this terminology has collectica screwed up and made their request unenforceable. Here is a copy of the letter [image removed shows barcodes and ref numbers.] -dx
  11. Hello. A few months back, my wife was taken to the local magistrates for non-payment of TV Licence. She made them an offer of £10 a week to clear the fine. She has made payments to clear the fine (But she missed a few, but not fell majorly behind) and the sum is now down to £25. we get a letter today (After she already paid this week's payment) saying that her account has been passed on to Collectica. We gave the court a call saying that it's unfair that the fine has been passed over with such a small amount remaining. The fella who we spoke to at the courts insisted that a letter was sent out in July, warning that if the fine isn't cleared, it would be passed over. My wife then insisted that she hasn't received a letter of this nature. I said that we'll give Collectica a ring to see what they have to say. We caledl Collectica, (And get put through to rudest person I've ever had the misfortune to speak to) and they say that it's gone up to £110 now, due to their fees being added up on top. I reluctantly agree to offer to pay it, if I can pay them £10 a week, just like we've been doing with HMCS. They said no, we want the full amount by the end of the month, or we'll get a visit, adding more fees on top. I thought that if you make a bailiff an offer of payment, they have to accept it? I'm just a bit worried that they're going to try and catch us out and try to send someone out before we expect them.
  12. My brother is a colossal idiot who ran off from a taxi without paying fare, has since not bothered to pay the fine, and it has rocketed up to £1000 + over the months he's been ignoring it. He doesn't live at home with myself and my mother any more, and hasn't since last year. However, Collectica don't seem to care despite being told this on more than on occasion. This morning I heard a car engine idling outside at about 6:30/7.00. No knock, but when I went downstairs later there was a 'Notice of Removal' through the door (with no time on it, the time/date space has been left completely blank.) 'Please note that the amount now due is £1043.13 inclusive of charges for today's visit. If this amount is not PAID IN FULL, IMMEDIATELY, a further call with be made, WITHOUT NOTICE, to take control of goods and potentially REMOVE FOR SALE by public auction. Such action will render you liable to further substantial costs. Please see reverse for schedule of fees and costs. To avoid such severe action, please contact me on TODAY to arrange payment.' I'm frightened to be honest, I can't cope with situations like this as I am on ESA for severe anxiety and depression. I don't know where my brother is or how to contact him, as we don't get along, and if I told him about this he wouldn't do a thing. I phoned Citizens Advice this morning and was kept on hold until my phone credit ran out completely. What can the bailiffs do? My mother is the tenant and she's currently away so I'm the only one in the house besides the dog, I don't like the thought of having to face this alone. Can they break in if I leave the house, or take things that belong to myself or my mother if I don't have receipts for them? (The only things left that belong to my brother are a few clothes.) Do I or my mother have any recourse to stop this?
  13. On the 12/08/15 a man knocked my door and handed me a blank envelope, then he walked away. I opened it to find a notice saying in big red letters (Removal Visit). This letter doesn't look very official, it looks like something I could type up in 5 minutes, but it does say in the top right corner HMCTS Warrant. Apparently my fine had not been paid since April last year ,which was news to me as it was being taken from my Job Seekers Allowance as far as I knew. Neither the courts or DWP notified me that the fine wasn't being paid! The initial fine was for £1000 because of Tachograph offences which I was guilty of. I have checked with the Courts to find out how much was left outstanding and the sum outstanding is £450. Collectica want to remove goods to the amount of £760 (ouch) that was a very expensive postman. My partner and I have been doing a lot of research since this happened and we need to get a Statutory Declaration to the courts to stop the Bailiff coming to our home. Could someone help me to get in touch with a Solicitor that could do this on legal aid, I have phoned several Solicitors but none that would help in my area, I live in Reading, Berkshire. I don't know what to do we haven't slept or eaten for days now, and the stress is unbelievable. I have also checked the register for this Bailiff, I won't name him but he doesn't come up on the collectica or HMCTS register of bailiffs??? PLEASE HELP.
  14. My daughter fell behind with 2 payments on her payment plan due to her partner and her benefits being stopped she has now had a Compliance letter with the £75 fee which she cannot afford we have called collectica and they put us through to the bailiff who was very rude and said he wanted the full amount(£276.45) and it was not negotiable I then spoke to him and informed him that I was recording this conversation of which he told me that it was not allowed and I was going to get sued by collectica.The main point that I am trying to find out is will she be classed as vulnerable as the are both on benefits and have 2 children under 5 also we have been in contact with national debt line and sent collectica an income and outgoing sheet to prove that she cannot afford to pay what they want but they have refused and told us that they will go back to court get a forced entry warrant and empty her house that was the word the bailiff used can they do this? she has started to make payments through the payment facility on there website. thanks for any advise.
  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3167089/Family-fear-lose-home-daughter-failed-pay-4-train-ticket-three-years-ago-owe-650-fines.html Maybe needs to be in rail idk. I do agree that 30 pounds should not escalate in proportion. But bad advice by cab if true. The debt does not escalate 300 per visit.
  16. Hello all, Hoping someone can give me some advice to let me know what my options are, and whether or not this company is being unreasonable. Thanks in advance. I received a notice of enforcement from Collectica for a outstanding fine for TV License. My own silly fault that I did not pay it but to be honest it wasn't something I could afford. It says I owe money to HM Courts and Tribunals service which I assume is serious. Is this the type of debt that allows the enforcement office to let themselves in to my home? It says I have until tomorrow to pay or make an arrangement, which I have tried to do but they want the whole amount (£415) in full today. I explained that, that was impossible. I'm a single mum with a 1yr old going through financial difficulties and was told the minimum I could pay is £25 a week. Again, that would be impossible in my current situation. I called back and asked for it to be put in writing that £25 a week was the only amount they were prepared to accept and was given a stern no. I asked him to repeat the offer so I could record him saying it after I was told I could get a recording but would have to pay for it. I'm not sure what I would do with the recording anyway but thought it wouldn't be any harm to have it. I have spoken to two people both rude and unhelpful and both stating paying in full or a minimum of £100 a month is my only option. He said it is not means tested so they cannot do an I&E with me and because the fine is so old (Dec 2014) that is the best offer I will get. If anyone has any advice, information I can take back to them to get a better offer in place, or something that can hold them off from coming round and kicking down the door that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Hi, my partner has had outstanding payments with the courts, we had been paying them off at £20 a week up until January when he lost his job...we are currently on job seekers allowance and have been unable to make payments. Today we had a hand delivered letter from collectica magistrate baliffs saying they want payment of £982.74 immediately or they will force entry, which will be pointless as we have absolutely nothing of value in the property. We have sold our TV last month to make ends meet until partner finds a new job. This morning my partner phoned our allocated baliff who was very rude and completely refused to negotiate a repayment plan with us, he said he doesn't care about our circumstances, we either pay in full or he will force entry. We explained we have nothing of value and he said that's fine I'll just have you arrested then. Unpaid fines are for a breach of the peace and TV licence with added baliff fines. I have a Renault megane 1.4 which I told him he can have but we have nothing else or no means of paying in full or even half! He said he will talk to his manager but its still not enough as he said its worth £300! We have tried calling him a few times today but he just tells us to stop calling unless we have full payment then hangs up. I have a 3 & 5 year old so very worried that this baliff may force entry as it will be very scary for them. We don't know what to do please advise. Many thanks
  18. Hello, Just had a baliff from collectica at my door for my husbands speeding fine. We have been paying it off in weekly instalments, but missed the last 2 weeks due to my disability and husband having to stop work to look after me. He is now claiming Carers allowance for me. I told the baliff he doesnt live here any more to try and buy us some more time. The notice they left says that the FULL balance HAS to be paid in full or they will be removing goods and no further arrangements to pay will be accepted. Can we apply to them to get a deductions from benefit order to have it come out of my husbands carers allowance? would we be classed as vulnerable as our only income is from benefits at the moment? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, also if there are any template letters I could send, I would be greatful if someone could point me in the right direction. This is a real worry and as I already suffer from some mental problems, I fear this will only make me worse. Thank you.
  19. HELP I have received a hand delivered letter in my letter box today from BAILIFFS It is addressed to my son who hasn't lived here since he was 17. I dont normally open any of his post and just bin it however this letter was not totally in its envelope. I have been estranged from him since he was this age as he was in considerable trouble with the police Now I have notice that these people are to return to my address to remove goods Help what can I do
  20. Hello guys, I wonder if someone can advise? On 3rd of March an enforcement officer from a company called Collectica came to our house and presented my wife with a "Notice of intention to enter & search your premises-removal notice". It transpires that this was in relation to an outstanding speeding ticket my wife thought she had cleared off via an automated payment back in December. She has had no communication from any body until that morning when the gentleman arrived. The outstanding balance of £65 is include in the new bailiff balance of £375, a massive jump in anyone's book. Now I've looked into bailiff charges and understand that there is a visiting fee of £235, rip off!, and a "Compliance" fee of 75 quid but up to now we've had no breakdown of the charges. The bailiff also states that he has a warrant in his possession but has not shown it as he is "NOT OBLIGED TOO". I spoke to the bailiff on my wife's behalf and he's given her 30 days to clear the whole balance, starting with £100 this coming Friday, or he's coming in and taking goods! Please somebody advise where she/we stand on this and in particular time scales for payment. WE HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A NOTICE OF ENFORCEMENT. Many thanks in anticipation :0)
  21. Hi, all, need some urgent advice. TV licence fine debt of £20 was sent to collectica. Had been paying fine off but due to payment issues with ESA, missed two £5 payments. Received a letter from collectica charging me £75 plus the outstanding fine debt of £20. I was really angry that no notice had been given to me of it going to collectica, but it's my fault for forgetting to chase it, called collectica to sort out paying. The guy on the phone was awful and so rude and obnoxious. He left me in absolute tears. He wanted the whole lot in one go, and said that the bailiffs would remove my property, or send me to prison if I didn't pay up. I eventually managed to get him to agree to letting me pay in instalments. He offered 4 weekly instalment amounts, I asked if I could pay double the amount as I get paid fortnightly. instead of 4 weekly instalments, I would pay two fortnightly payments of £52 each fortnight. He was happy with this. I got a call at the crack of dawn on Monday from him to take first payment of £52. The next payment is due Feb 9th, as agreed. Forward to today, i've got a letter from collectica stating my next payment is due. Have just called them and was told I have to pay up today or they will forward to bailiffs. I explained I had an agreement to pay the next payment on he 9th, they are saying I'm lying and that it's due now. I have no idea what to do. Am so upset. Explained that the whole reason I was paying larger amounts was because it was agreed I could pay fortnightly. They just won't listen. now I'm looking at another £230 bailiff charges because they have noted wrong date on computer, and im completely up the creek as it's my word against theirs. Can't believe the upset this is causing, and the debt was only £20. Is there any way I can deal with collectica ? They have made this error and I am so very very angry that they are adding another charge on top. This is just so unfair. Is there anything I can do ? Thank you so much for your time. I just don't have the money to give these people. Paying the two lots of £52 is bad enough and I had to get a damn Wonga loan to give them their first payment.
  22. Hi I'm new here I'm having a bit of confusion with Collectica , I have a fine for no tv license , rang court and said that they would send a payment card which never came woman on phone did say that a final steps or whatever it is called would be sent but not to worry as payment card will arrive ten days , as said no card arrived. I received a text message from Collectica before xmas saying to ring them and pay in full or arrange payment plan I tried to ring them several times and kept getting please wait while we find your file. I tried again afterxmas and got same , on 23rd January a man came to my door handing me an envelope and demanding i ring named bailiff on opening letter it was a removal visit letter, the named bailiff said I had till 30th January to pay I explained I am on a claim for jsa my partner claims as I have a ten month old baby he said he didn't care and wanted full payment. I went to CAB they rang n he still said full payment I received a text message on 29th from said bailiff saying I had till 9am to pay or he would be outnffrom 1pm on the 30th , on the Friday morning he sent another text saying 1 hour to pay if no payment to myself I office enforcement will be out at midday , he never arrived. I'm confused as from what I have read on other forums I have not received a letter of notice of enforcement this hand delivered letter is first letter I've had , I'm panicking a bit as I am away for two days from Monday but my partner will be home
  23. Hi, my partner had a fine for not picking up dog foul, i wont go into detail but a special cop said he saw the dog foul and my partner walk away, i know he always picks it up as i quite often go with him, he isnt the sort of person who would leave it, he told the s.p.o it wasnt his dogs, but i will pick it up anyway, so he did, as he felt he hadnt done anything wrong he even gave his own address and name. the next thing he gets a court date, attened court and they found in favour of the s.p.o and he was fined 400 pound. we set up a standing order, although it was a month late, we didnt inform the court as to why, the next two months were paid via a standing order, then we got the bailiff round wanting payment we explained that it was being paid, they said we should sort it with the court, we didnt, today we had another round with a notice of forced entry in our absence if necessary can they force entry is what i need to know. sorry i forgot to say that we are still paying it via standing order to the courts, we have ever only missed the one payment. I have been reading some of the other threads and replies to them and I kinda get the answer from them, that this is a criminal case and that they can force entry, just so i have got it right i would like it confirmed please, and do we need to carry on paying directly to the court or pay to the bailiff ?
  24. help, i will try keep this short but with info, i suffer from depression an anxiety, during a bad bout i was summoned to court for no tv lic, i didnot go to court (as i cant face going outside), apparently i was fined but did not recieve any orders from court about how much or what to pay,or form for means test. i recieved a letter (4 weeks after court date) of further steps, saying i failed to make payment again i could not face it, then a letter from collectica 14 days later saying they will be at house 27/11/14 at 6am with taking control order. i have called them several times, asking for help to pay this, but been refused, i asked for persons name again refused, asked for managers name so i could file complaint refused again an they put phone down, called court they say contact collectica, nothing to do with them how collectica act, Collectica's letter says i owe money to hull court, but it was grimsby court. also i have letter from tv lic saying pay £56 to keep lic this was 9 days after court case for not havin lic. i have been everywhere for help, my depression is worse, i feel i cant take anymore or i will have abreakdown again, now i understand why some pple commit suicide over debts, i feel like i can go no further for help. I did tell both about my mental state, which i found very embarressing
  25. I had a visit off Collectica a couple of weeks back regarding a few fines that were out standing. He looked like a bodyguard with bullet proof vest and looked very scarey. He claimed he was from the courts and had a warrant to enter my property and take stuff to cover the debts. He was very understanding at the time but made me feel very little and under a very lot of pressure. I have a few questions if someone can help me out. 1) i thought bailiffs are not allowed to force themselves into a house. They need to advise you they are bailiffs and wait until you allow them in. Why did he barge past me at the door? 2) Is he really allowed to take anything he sees fit? including essentials? 3) I finally managed to borrow the money of a mate and paid some myself. On my bank statement the payment is showing up as Philips Collection Ltd. He did not tell me anything about a 3rd party company taking payment for him. 4) i moved houses a few times so i have no idea if i need to follow up any of these debts and need to do anything more. How do i find this out. I look forward to someones response
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