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  1. Strange thing is its the dvla to do with driving a car with no insurance.Its seems that this happened 18 months ago they said the car was registered in his name. Thank you for the advice he will send the dvla a e-mail
  2. Hi, my son went to the local court as requested to make a declaration, he went to the office they gave to a letter and told him to take it in to the court room. When he went in to the court room they asked him what his plea was the told them not quilty and it was mistaken identity and he was not the person that committed the crime. Then told him to appear in another court in Wirral in June. They gave him a letter with the date of his next court appearance and told him that the letter if shown to the balliffs will stop them taking any action. Today he recieved another letter from the c
  3. I hope so its so stressful. Collectica said that there is still the possibility the balliffs may call and if thats the case he will still have to pay the fine until its sorted out. seems strange to pay a fine that is not yours .
  4. They said he could attend a court in our local area if he couldn't make it to lLeeds court maybe this is why the date was given for approx 2 weeks.
  5. No he does not know anything about the issue, he has always taxed and insured his car he is a law abiding citizen and he as never lived in Sunderland.
  6. Need help and advice please. My son recieved a letter on Monday his first name and also his surname was spelt wrong on opening the letter it was from a debt collection agency called Collectica based in Leeds demanding a payment of approx £600. My son rang them to ask what it was for because he had no debts and also the name was spelt wrong and they must have made a mistake. They asked him his date of birth and he told them they said it was the same date of birth it was a debt he had not paid 18 months ago when he lived in Sunderland. if he didn't
  7. Hello everyone im so glad I found this forum.
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