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  1. I really appreciate any help I can get on this site but please do not belittle me with comments like that. Show me where I'm making a mistake please. I can't even find out how to post a new topic although I'm still looking as I was making "another mistake" by mentioning the F word
  2. Easy to say when you know where you stand. I'm really good at lots of other things but out of order fines isn't one of them fatal mistakes? I've admitted to nothing other than dropping my teenage nephew off
  3. I too have had correspondence regarding dropping my nephew off behind Piccadilly Station. I'm afraid I emailed them originally telling them I wasn't parked just stopped to drop my teenage nephew off and explain where he needed to walk to catch his train home. I now have a demand for 160 quid off a firm called debt recovery plus, I called them and told them to take me to court. I never thought about looking up on line if anyone else had the same experience. I am definitely not handing over a single penny. I have dropped many a family fri
  4. Hello guys, I wonder if someone can advise? On 3rd of March an enforcement officer from a company called Collectica came to our house and presented my wife with a "Notice of intention to enter & search your premises-removal notice". It transpires that this was in relation to an outstanding speeding ticket my wife thought she had cleared off via an automated payment back in December. She has had no communication from any body until that morning when the gentleman arrived. The outstanding balance of £65 is include in the new bailiff balance of £375, a massi
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