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  1. Hello guys, I wonder if someone can advise? On 3rd of March an enforcement officer from a company called Collectica came to our house and presented my wife with a "Notice of intention to enter & search your premises-removal notice". It transpires that this was in relation to an outstanding speeding ticket my wife thought she had cleared off via an automated payment back in December. She has had no communication from any body until that morning when the gentleman arrived. The outstanding balance of £65 is include in the new bailiff balance of £375, a massive jump in anyone's book. Now I've looked into bailiff charges and understand that there is a visiting fee of £235, rip off!, and a "Compliance" fee of 75 quid but up to now we've had no breakdown of the charges. The bailiff also states that he has a warrant in his possession but has not shown it as he is "NOT OBLIGED TOO". I spoke to the bailiff on my wife's behalf and he's given her 30 days to clear the whole balance, starting with £100 this coming Friday, or he's coming in and taking goods! Please somebody advise where she/we stand on this and in particular time scales for payment. WE HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A NOTICE OF ENFORCEMENT. Many thanks in anticipation :0)
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