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  1. Collections and compliance say the only thing I can do is email Collectica's head office explaining my situation. The only way they can intervene is if I have a medical condition (which I don't). Does anybody have any experience with this, and whether or not my email will result in some positive news? Thanks again
  2. Someone finally picked up, she is just talking to her manager to see what can be done. She said I need to speak to the compliance centre but their automated messages says that once it is with enforcement officers they cannot assist. Hopefully she comes back with good news. Ok - she said that there was an agreement made to pay £20 a month, which is completely reasonable, however I have no knowledge of that and had I known it is definitely somthing I would've stuck to. I'm going to call the collections and compliance people and see. Failing that looks like I'm screwed
  3. Is there anything else I can try? I'm worried about the time and I have to pick my son up from nursery soon. Once he gets home I won't be able to do much
  4. Still trying...getting really stressed out now. I have two numbers which either ring and then going dead or are busy
  5. Is that the magistrates court the case was heard at? How would I find out where that is and what their contact details are? Sorry so much has happened since then I cannot remember where it was. I didn't actually go to the hearing I just sent a letter in.
  6. Hello all, Hoping someone can give me some advice to let me know what my options are, and whether or not this company is being unreasonable. Thanks in advance. I received a notice of enforcement from Collectica for a outstanding fine for TV License. My own silly fault that I did not pay it but to be honest it wasn't something I could afford. It says I owe money to HM Courts and Tribunals service which I assume is serious. Is this the type of debt that allows the enforcement office to let themselves in to my home? It says I have until tomorrow to pay or make an arrangemen
  7. Ok thanks ladies. Just got home so I think it's a bit late. I will call in the morning. Eversheds are meant to send confirmation of the cancelled warrant in the post. Should I be asking for something else?
  8. Really? Oh wow. Ok well I have the number for the bailiff so I will give her a call when I get in. Thanks for the heads - up!
  9. Hi, Just wanted to drop in and let you know I received some good news today. Santander accepted my offer and will send written confirmation that the eviction has been cancelled. I'm planning on going back to work to make sure this doesn't happen again and now that I've started saving I should have an emergency back up in case things go wrong. Just wanted to thank everybody who gave me advice and even those who posted their problem. I feel like I've learned a lot about the whole eviction process. Hopefully I won't have to ever apply any of it! Thanks again
  10. Hi Ell-een, No I haven't made any payment. The only reason I haven't is because I'm worried that they will reject my offer and if the worst comes to the worst I want to have as much money as possible to sort out alternative accommodation for my son and I. I now have £600 to pay off the arrears and hopefully come the day of the hearing I will have more. I'm STILL waiting to hear back re: my offer but I want to go to the court tomorrow as you advised with my N244 application. I'm just trying to sort out all the paperwork now, following your advice in the thread. You've been a God-send!
  11. Thanks for the advice Ell-een, I will give them a call now and let them know. I think I may actually do it earlier than that though...I'm getting really nervous about this. In these cases are you able to get a hearing quite quickly?
  12. Apologies for the radio silence....hope you didn't think I'd got your help and then just went away. Just had some family issues to deal with, it's been a crazy time. Just to give you an update - I'm still waiting to hear back from Eversheds/Santander wether or not my offer has been accepted. Quite annoying as the not knowing is killing me but I was told yesterday that they would chase it up again and get back to me.
  13. It's currently at £1780 with interest being added. I remember reading something about £40 extra a month but I'm not sure if that is the interest amount or late payment fee. Why do you ask? Is there something I can do about stopping that?
  14. Yes and I've wanted to give it them since Monday . By Friday I may have £600 so as long as they agree I should be on the right track to sorting this horrible situation out
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