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  1. Apologies for the late reply. I actually wasn't asked to fill out a Means Enquiry Form, I presumed this was due to the fact that they had evidence from my employer stating that I was not receiving any further wage till my return to work. They asked me verbally what income I received to which I stated that I was getting child benefit and had a small amount of savings to last the rest of my maternity. They then issued the fine accordingly, asked how I would like to pay to which I asked if it was ok to pay by instalments till my return to work. So now I'm to pay weekly instalments till the f
  2. Just a little update. I went to court today for my Statutory Declaration and the case was re-heard. I pleaded guilty as the original fine was completely my fault through not watching what was going out of my account . My fine was however reduced to £60 fine, £20 victim surcharge and £90 court cost and I'm to pay £10 weekly (I shall increase it when I return to work at the end of my maternity.) I presume now that any bailiff will cease. I would like to say a massive thank you to those that have helped, especially Bailiff Advice!
  3. Many Thanks for your response. I am so very, very anxious and I do appreciate it originally occurred due to my incompetence but I can't wait for it to now be sorted.
  4. Afternoon, My court date has been rescheduled for Thursday the 24th of this month. The court to which the hearing will be held only received the copy of the summons and following correspondence late yesterday from the original court. They have forwarded it on to me via email saying 'please find attached your court summons in relation to your Statutory Declaration Hearing on....' I assumed there would be some forms for me to fill out but there is nothing attached.
  5. Apologies, my reply wasn't the clearest. When I spoke to the court who originally issued the fine they said it would be more beneficial to make the statutory declaration at a nearer court given the distance. The lady at the court to which I will be making the statutory declaration said that they would be sending me the original summons (forgive me if that is not the correct term) and some other paper work- it would take a few days as it has to be sent up. I was then to attend court on March the 14th for the hearing which as I am pleading guilty would last around 10 minuets and I would be issu
  6. I spoke to a lady at one of the local courts on the telephone. She asked what I would plead and I said it would be guilty. She said that they didn't usually deal with tv licences but as I was pleading guilty they could.
  7. Morning just an update. I've been given a date of this coming Tuesday for an appointment which is fantastic. I've pleaded guilty as the fine happened due to my carelessness and have been told the hearing should take around ten minutes. I have however been told I cannot bring my child (10 months old) this is a big problem as other than my partner (who will be working) and my work colleagues I don't actually know anyone so am unable to find childcare. I'm not sure if anyone is able to answer this but is there any exception whereby I am able to bring him?
  8. I've just spoken to a really nice chap at the court, who said I was ill advised by a less experienced member of staff. He's held action for 14 days so I can apply for a Statutory Declaration. They are going to put me through to court support to arrange it. He said obviously listening to what has happened and with me moving it's obvious that all the correspondence had gone the wrong address so I wouldn't have been made aware. It's really frightening that someone with little experience should give out such incorrect advice. As soon as I have an update I'll post back.
  9. Thank you so much for getting back to me. I've a Dr's appointment this afternoon so i'll call when I get back and let you know what they say.
  10. just to add i've searched for the court so i could call them for more information and can't find it? I certainly used to live in that are though. sorry plodderton, my post must have crossed yours I've just spoken to HMRC west mercia and it was for a tv licence fine. I know it's absolutely my fault and there is no excuse, but i's completely forgotten about it. Some one did attend and i had to sign something and he said it was going to court on. I don't know why i didn't sort it out at the time again no excuse but my business was closing and i was having a crap time
  11. Morning I receive a letter from collectica yesterday morning . Dated 26 February 2016 Client. HMCTS West Mercia (warrant) Client ref. ********* Total amount outstanding £620 We are in possession of a warrant of control as a consequence of non payment of the above fine. Your residence at the above address has been identified by marstons tracing and investigations unit. As you have failed to deal with this outstanding fine or respond to this and/or your previous address/es, we must inform you that's unless the TOTAL sum is paid into our office, within 14
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