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  1. iam just of the phone to court, an they agree iam vunerable, but they cant take it back to court, i asked for means test due to change in circumstances since fine again they say nothing they can do it is hands of collectica, i asked about the amended law sentencing and punishment of offenders oct 2012, but they never heard of it, i have emailed collectica again, no answer, yeah i could get letter from doc and i do have abudget plan drawn up, but it not going to help for 6am tomorrow now, feel like iam havin a breakdown now am so exhausted.. oh sorry yes i missed some payments and owed £56 tv lic, court was 30/9 and letter from tv lic was 8/10 saying if i dont pay £56 they will take away my lic, that was after court fine
  2. thanks for advice i dont have a car, and iam on medication for depression ect, i also suffer from other illnesses, i was told if i dont answer because it is an unpaid fine they will enter anyways, the thought of someone comming into my house terrifies me,iam so so scared as i have severe problems dealing with strangers as it is. i did talk to court an they say talk to collectica, they say they dont care whats wrong or if i earn £50,000 a week or earn nowt it tough, should i call court again iam running out of time
  3. help, i will try keep this short but with info, i suffer from depression an anxiety, during a bad bout i was summoned to court for no tv lic, i didnot go to court (as i cant face going outside), apparently i was fined but did not recieve any orders from court about how much or what to pay,or form for means test. i recieved a letter (4 weeks after court date) of further steps, saying i failed to make payment again i could not face it, then a letter from collectica 14 days later saying they will be at house 27/11/14 at 6am with taking control order. i have called them several times, asking for help to pay this, but been refused, i asked for persons name again refused, asked for managers name so i could file complaint refused again an they put phone down, called court they say contact collectica, nothing to do with them how collectica act, Collectica's letter says i owe money to hull court, but it was grimsby court. also i have letter from tv lic saying pay £56 to keep lic this was 9 days after court case for not havin lic. i have been everywhere for help, my depression is worse, i feel i cant take anymore or i will have abreakdown again, now i understand why some pple commit suicide over debts, i feel like i can go no further for help. I did tell both about my mental state, which i found very embarressing
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