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  1. I will do...will have to get daughter to help me do it tomorrow at son point if that's ok. I'm on my Mobil at the moment and she is the tech savy one, but will definitely get that done for you. Do I need to block any personal info out ?
  2. Yes, the solicitor representing Cabot bought in a wad of papers that included letters sent demanding payments, a photocopy of a credit agreement that they had filled all my details in on and signed, but it wasn't dated. I have a copy of this. They also had a piece of paper with an excel style table on it filled in with items allegedly purchased, but with no details of where these goods were sent, no delivery reciepts/signatures, no details of any payments made on this account so that I could trace the perpetrator. It looked like it had been printed up the night before. I had requeste
  3. I have finally got an update on this case. Was due to be heard in court in July but the courts kindly adjourned until today as was hospitalised. Cabot did not send a representative for the first hearing in July, but I was really shocked to discover one sitting in the court when I arrived this morning...wasn't expecting anyone to attend for Cabot. For anyone else in the same position I was in then please don't be afraid of the process, or let anyone intimidate you to back down. The Judge was very nice and made me feel at ease. Cabot's only defence was that they felt I'd not done
  4. Just an update....forms were received by courts (bailiffs submitted the email copies for me & I posted to be on safe side) Application made to set decision aside and has been accepted by court. Hearing will take place end of July. Have had no further letters or contact from bailiffs thankfully. Am hoping that someone from Cabot will turn up & have to prove who took this debt out and when. Just have to keep fingers crossed for a successful outcome now. Am incredibly grateful for all the time and effort you have all so kindly given to me. I can sleep at night now
  5. Ok, so I've emailed a PDF signed N224 and EX160 to the bailiffs, but who do I send to to submit the application ? Can't find an email address for Romford county court other Tha the bailiffs one. How do I ensure this email I received by the correct dept ?
  6. I can't thank you all enough for all your help & support. Still feeling really scared over this, but there's nothing can be done until Monday so will not answer door if they turn up at weekend. I contacted the bailiff who insisted I wasn't to submit the N244 by post or email. He insisted that it had to be done before Saturday & in person. I explained health etc & that I need someone to drive me to which he replied get the bus. I told him I'm on immune suppressant meds, & that & many other health implications means public transport isn't possible. He told me enforcement
  7. He said it had to be done in person....is that not correct then ?
  8. I have tried calling him but no answer as yet. If he says that Monday is out of time, & therefore he will proceed to trying to get into house, will the courts still accept the N244 form, or does this have to be done within the 5 days ? Absolutely no way of getting there before & don't have any money to get a cab. Only friend I can borrow from is the one who's on holiday.
  9. No no one has been round to house yet.The letter implies he can get access when he likes, even if I'm not there. So scared, as I can't get anyone to take me to the court until Monday & the letter received today was dated April 4th so will pass the 5 days
  10. Well now I'm really scared. Spent morning in absolute tears. I contacted bailiffs & sent proof of vulnerability ie: Disability, single parent, on ESA, kids under 16 present in property on their own & that I was applying to get judgement set aside. Today I received another letter from bailiffs. This is exactly what is written on letter. YOU HAVE 5 DAYS TO PAY OR WE WILL THEN ARRANGE TRANSPORT TO REMOVE YOUR GOODS. "The warrant against you REMAINS UNPAID despite several requests of payment at your address. Unless full payment is received into court WITHIN 5 DAYS then permission
  11. Letters initially came from caboot...or something extremely like that. Could have been Cahoot. I contacted them by phone & told them I disputed debt. I also requested all evidence of account be sent to me, such as catalogue name, date opened, signature on agreement etc. I heard nothing more for over a year. Thought they'd realised they'd made an error so thought no more of it. I then received a white form from Northampton County Court with hearing date & defence form. Was unable to attend due to major health problems, so filled in enclosed defence form disputing debt, mentioned ca
  12. Need some urgent advice on how to proceed. Received letters from catalogue company regarding a debt I allegedly had with them. Asked for them to send me evidence of a signed agreement to prove, as have never had any catalogue accounts. Never received any of this, or any further correspondence recently when they sent a court order letter asking me to attend. Due to severe mobility issues, & being on heavy Opiates means I'm unable to drive, I was unable to attend. I did fill in the defence form, wasn't too concerned as knew they'd most likely have to
  13. Just checked my account online & I only have £66 in installments left to pay, but they have added on £120 costs to the account so it looks like I can't only pay outstanding balance so I'm screwed for £120 costs as well. Lesson to all reading this, don't be two days late paying your council tax. I now have to find a payday loan of £186 as cant ask neighbour. How can they charge so much court fees it's so wrong.
  14. Hi all, I'm currently out of work & on ESA. I have had a court date letter sent to me from Council Tax dept as I made my last monthly payment a few days late. I have to pay £22 liability towards my Council tax, and on occasions have had some difficulty finding the money to pay it, but I've always paid up despite the difficulties. My payments are made on the 15th of each month & both September & August were made a few days late. I was sent a letter in August stating that as I was late paying, that I could no longer pay in installments, & had to pay the whole remainder
  15. Well That has answered it for me thank you kindly I was going by my assessment centre in Romford which would have been May for reassessment, but my postcode is 22nd of June. I got VERY lucky there, as received the form on 21st of June (early considering award runs out Nov) Phew !!!
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