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  1. Hi all, Thanks for the replies above , they are appreciated. I would have replied sooner but my keyboard went on the blink over the weekend and I've just recieved a new one from the interwebz. Just to clear something up and ask a further question. There is no management company. This is being dealt with by the HA directly. Also, is it right that there is no rush on this? I read somewhere that I have 6 months to challenge/complain. But is that 6 months from the "this is what we plan to charge in April" letter that I just recieved, or 6 months from the "this is what we are going to charge" letter I will get next March? If its the former I might play a bit nieve and string out the "informal" emails a bit, see what else they might let slip "explaining" things to me. Also, just a point on benefits. I personally dont care if anyone is claiming benefits or not, they are a valuable safety net. I am not but the other 3 residents of the block are, so in effect I'm paying a small percentage of their bill as well. And so is every council tax payer in my county. My local authority has a 3 million shortfall this year and is looking to cut back again on social support services. This HA manages 22000 properties, and if they are only ripping off £100 on the cleaning costs, thats near 10% of the council budget shortfall. That's if they are "only" ripping off the cleaning costs.
  2. Thanks for the reply. What i am asking is whether its worth carrying on with the emails with this poor admin lad who has probably been told to fob me off (the spreadsheet has everyones bills included on different tabs...data protection oops), or whether I should just send the letter and deal with them "formally". I agree with you the the HA is dividing the costs for all the "maintainence" contracts between the total properties they administer. To quote "The contract we have with ******* is set up so that we pay them an agreed amount each month, we do not receive an invoice for every scheme each month." This is pretty much the same line on each of the "maintainence" items I've asked about. One thing that has actually made me angry is that I am paying to "maintain and service the fire alarm/equipement" but if something needs fixing, that is an extra cost.... "Servicing of fire alarm – the cost of servicing the fire alarm is 4 visits at £49.85 per visit + 12 monthly visits for compliance officer checks at a total cost of £125.51. Again we do not receive an invoice." however... "repair to fire alarm – invoice attached. The contract we have is for 4 visits a year to check that the fire alarm is functioning satisfactorily any repairs are a separate cost." Why have a "checking" contract and then a servicing contract, if you then charge seperately for any repairs!? I dont know if they are confused but the invoice is "repair to the fire extinguisher" which is again a seperate item on top of "service and maintain the firefighting equipment" (which they dont invoice seperately)
  3. Hello again, I was amazed that I got a really prompt reply from the HA. There were only 2 actual invoices, 1 from the cleaning company for £20 a month, which of course leaves nearly £100 short fall. There was also a comment about contacting them if they didnt think it was being done. Another £110 invoice for a fire extinguisher that can be bought for £30 on Amazon (fitting was extra) Funnily enough, the gardeners turned up at 8:10 am and strimmed down the 1mtr wide strip of flagstones between the front of the property and the road. Ii'm sure this has to be a coincidence. 5 mins tops. The "electricity bill" was an excel spread sheet, does 250 KWH seem reasonable for a months electric? I have no idea tbh. All the rest of the costs I queried we responded to with "we have a contract that does not break down the individual costs". So is it worth the email ping pongwith the "admin apprentice", or should I just send the recorded delivery letter? I guess I know the answer, but the fact the cleaning bill has obvilously been added up wrong in the HA's favour, makes me wonder if they would drop themselves in it further.
  4. Thank you. I will ammend my original email, print it and pop it into recorded delivery. I'll up date the thread with any response.
  5. Hello All, Ive been a HA tenant for just over a year , so I'm now an assured tenant. Last year I recieved a list of service charges, which at the time seemed a little off/excessive, but being on a starter tenancy I sucked it up as to not cause trouble. This year however, I would like to dispute some of the charges and I was wondering what the best way of doing it was. I've looked all over the intertubes but there is very little out there. I've emailed the contact address on the letter outlining my concerns, and I'm awaiting a reply, but forwarned is forarmed as they say. I would appreciate anyone with experience of this chipping in. I'll just quote from my email to the HA, so you can see some of the issues I have with their charges... "Communal Cleaning: £315.82. I have lived here for over 12 months now and have never seen a cleaner at the property, or evidence that someone other than the resident have cleaned the very small communal area. Can you provide the invoice and a schedule of their visits please. Communal garden and grounds maintain: £318.39 As far as I can see , this building doesn't have any communal gardens or grounds. It fronts directly onto the street and has no grounds to the rear, other than the church graveyard that is maintained by the parish. Can you explain which "grounds" are being maintained and when I would expect to have seen the maintenance people? Could I also see an invoice for this charge? Communal electricity: £220.31 The communal area has 1 small heater and a light. My total bill for last years electricity for lighting, heating etc a whole flat was £750. I would like to see a bill or electricity meter reading as I believe £220 is excessive for such a small area."
  6. T mobile havent existed in years, I'm not even sure who they are anymore. I'm concerned you think I've been had as other than the person who stole the phone no one has had any money out of me for this alleged debt. I'm also a bit phased that this thread is in mobile phones for some reason. The problem I have is incorrect information on my credit file, that is updated/administered by a DCA. I would have thought either of those forums more appropriate. Paying £10 for a SAr from a defunct company just to tell me what I already know re the letter from Lowells... due to non payment the account defaulted on 10/09/11 and was registered on your credit file. The last payment toward your account was for £13 on 10/1/11" jebus, the formatting on this forum is about the same level as its users reading comprehension.
  7. Cheers. I'm guessing that if I write to Lowells and request they update my credit file, they're not just going to see the light and realize they have been walking the crooked path all this time. Is there anything I can quote that might remind them they have a duty to keep the files in order? BTW, I got a noodle update today that pushed my credit score from fair to poor, the only difference being the Feb default.
  8. mmm, and are there any tactics and strategies to get them to do this? I could give it until Sept when it drops off anyway which was my original plan. However, I'd been working on improving my credit when Lowells dropped the court claim on me so now I'm up for the fight.
  9. Its showing as £450 on the "top line" of the default, but £350 against all the little red "D"s . I tried posting up a snip/screen shot but I cant get it to work S do I send the letter with the quoted info to the credit agencies or do I demend Lowell contacts them and ammends the record? I might even be persuaded to give them a very small amount in full and final settlement. 10% of what they paid the previous DCA, who probably paid T-mobile 10%, should cover Lowells costs. a bout £3.50.
  10. Which I'm guessing shouldnt really show on the default amount.
  11. Discontinued. Lack of knowing who they were suing . Btw, sorry about the formatting, Its copypasta and went wrong.
  12. Hi all, I had a previous success but as Lowell wouldnt let sleeping dogs lie, I dont see why I should. I received a letter from Lowells during my county court fun and games with them, the relevant parts being... "due to non payment the account defaulted on 10/09/11 and was registered on your credit file. The last payment toward your account was for £13 on 10/1/11" The account was for a mobile that was stolen and charges to premium lines in Algeria rung up. I got into an email correspondence with T-mobile where I was originally offered a reduced payment deal but when I accepted it , it was withdrawn and the full balance demanded. I still have the emails, the latest dated 10/2/11. I consider this to be SB from tomorrow. I also consider the account to have been "in dispute" when it was sold to the first of a chain of recovery companies. I consider the default date to be 1 month after the final payment ie: 10/2/11 and therefor it should clear from my file tomorrow. Lowells are the holders of the default and should make all this happen for me. What say you? on a side issue, the default amount on my file is £100 more than the original default figure and I assume this is made up of charges? This cant be right shirley!?
  13. Is somebody actually going to help me with the actual issue here , or even put it back into the right subforum or are we all going to praise ourselves on our reading comprehension? Its a truth oft repeated, the best way to get help on an internet forum isnt to ask a question but to post the wrong answer and wait for everybody to correct you.
  14. "why did you pay it then?" umm I didnt. I think my post was edited by a mod for some of the daddies special words I used in my hypothetical response to Tmobile. I think I can see the problem. Tmobile offered me a "goodwill gesture" of paying half the original bill if I took out the extended and more expensive contract. I asked that we carry on correspondence in writing, and for some time to research the contract I was being offered (and to research my liability). When I contacted them to say that I would take up the "goodwill offer" they withdrew it, so basically they made a "bad will offer" which I took to be a go forth an multipy from them, so I did.
  15. In that case can I have it removed from my credit record? or at least have them show it as paid when Sigma bought it.
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