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  1. Hello, hopefully I am posting this in the correct place. I have lived in my house since June 2009, with my now ex partner and two young children. To begin with, both myself and partner signed the tenancy agreement (which is renewed every 6 months) however due to complications I have being unable to get there and sign the tenancy agreement since 2011, so just my partner was signing it in his name. We separated this March and he has since moved away, but I have stayed in the property along with my two children. My partner and I were entitled to housing benefits which payed most of our rent, but due to struggling without housing benefits for quite a while we had ended up in debts of around £5000. The property needs extensive repairs, when it rains the ceilings leak and there is mould/mildew problems in almost every room of the house. I spoke to my estate agent in April and he told me I must sign the tenancy agreement which I am reluctant to do as he has failed to do the repairs for the last 4 years. He has not contacted me since. I am very much hoping to move from this house asap but even after searching for the last 5 months I have yet to find a property that is both suitable and within my budget. Since I am not on the tenancy agreement, what are my rights? I am currently on the council housing list as my property is basically uninhabitable but I'm having no luck. I read somewhere that as I have no agreement I am classed as being homeless, is this correct? If so, it would get me housed much faster but I don't want to be dishonest in my application. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Unfortunately my partner has already contacted the court and they have said it's out of their hands and there's absolutely nothing they can do.
  3. I had been told as they are magistrate court baliffs they may force entry whenever they like. I think this is because one of the unpaid fines was for a breach of the peace which is a criminal charge. I am hoping to get to citizens advice beurea tomorrow and see if there is anything we can do. Very stressed.
  4. Hi, my partner has had outstanding payments with the courts, we had been paying them off at £20 a week up until January when he lost his job...we are currently on job seekers allowance and have been unable to make payments. Today we had a hand delivered letter from collectica magistrate baliffs saying they want payment of £982.74 immediately or they will force entry, which will be pointless as we have absolutely nothing of value in the property. We have sold our TV last month to make ends meet until partner finds a new job. This morning my partner phoned our allocated baliff who was very rude and completely refused to negotiate a repayment plan with us, he said he doesn't care about our circumstances, we either pay in full or he will force entry. We explained we have nothing of value and he said that's fine I'll just have you arrested then. Unpaid fines are for a breach of the peace and TV licence with added baliff fines. I have a Renault megane 1.4 which I told him he can have but we have nothing else or no means of paying in full or even half! He said he will talk to his manager but its still not enough as he said its worth £300! We have tried calling him a few times today but he just tells us to stop calling unless we have full payment then hangs up. I have a 3 & 5 year old so very worried that this baliff may force entry as it will be very scary for them. We don't know what to do please advise. Many thanks
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