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Found 11 results

  1. Can some one please advice ? I have just got a letter from a debt company stating I didn't fill in a n56 form ? of which I haven't seen and now they are sending it to my local court bailiffs to serve me with a n61 attachment of earnings order what do I need to do ? can I set up weekly or monthly payments ? Regards Markez
  2. Had a fine for not paying for tv licence thought I'd paid it all off but I hadn't collectica are now involved telling me I owe £440 they've passed it on to ballif as I didn't phone them before the date on the letter which came a month after the date I was to call them . Phoned the bailiff he wants all the money up front by end of week my partner is blind with Tumour I'm his carer I explained this to him he said he would come out and check but wants 100 pound when he calls and then week later wants £200 week after that £140 . I can't afford to do that he said he can get lockSmith to change my locks to gain entry if I dont answer the door I'm willing to pay the amount just can't do all that amount every week I've offered him £100 a mnth till it's paid he was having none of it what do I do I'm under stress with my partner being not well I dont want bailiffs upsetting my partner demanding money when they visit any advise please
  3. I am looking for some advice regarding balliffs calling at my address, They are looking for a friend of mine who has used my address for his mail. They balliffs are from the Council regarding the collection of Council Tax and the other is from the Inland revenue. They called this morning just before 7am and spoke to my daughter who lives with me, I have avoided contacting them directly myself and have passed all letters to my friend. It concerning me now and would apprieciate and help
  4. Hello. This is my first post and I am literally shaking from my encounter with a baliff. I would like to know if there is anything I can do about the actions of this baliff, who can I complain to. I always pay my council tax for years by direct debit. Last year my husband died and I missed three payments. That was the first time every...and the council did not retake the direct debit..they passed it to baliffs. This was my fault as with things happening with my husband being seriously ill I wasn't on the ball. When I realised I went through my account and saw three payments were missed and I paid the council the money owing but by this time charges had built up....the council charges and baliffs. Baliffs were arriving at my home...always when I was out...so I wrote to the council to try and get the charges waived but they wouldn't do anything. Today I got home and another baliff letter was through my door saying i owe £509. I called the baliff and asked for a full breakdown and he agreed with me it was all charges. I said they were not reasonable. £509 charge to collect £218 which had now been paid. He said I could pay £85 a month but I would have to sign a loan agreement secured on something......I said I could afford £20 a month but he said no. So I said how can I stop this...he said only the council could stop him....so I told him I would call them and let him know what they said. I called the council and they said there was nothing they could do but that I shouldn't be paying full council tax and that they would send a form for me to get some kind of discount. They told me to go to the Citizens Advice to sort out the baliff So I called the baliff back and told him this. He said right I am coming around to your house and I'm going to seize your goods. The next minute he was at my house...had blocked my car in and said he was going to load it up and take it into secured storage. How horrible was that. If I never had called him back in the first place to tell him what I was doing to sort things...that wouldn't have happened but he was so horrible he came back the same day to my house and did that. I didnt open the door all this was on the phone but I was shaking....so I phoned my family and borrowed the money and called the baliff head office and paid it...but I still think its totally excessive and threatening behaviour of theirs to get the money. I said I wanted to complain and was told to write in to a compliance officer. Do I actually have a complaint though against that baliff? Or was he acting in the law? Should I just let it go. I called him back and told him I had paid and how awful I thought he had been to me frightening me like that to get the money especially knowing my husband had just died thats why I missed the payments. He just said he was acting in the law. I hope that never happens to me ever again it was a horrible experience I never wish to repeat. I'm so upset.
  5. Hello, Just had a baliff from collectica at my door for my husbands speeding fine. We have been paying it off in weekly instalments, but missed the last 2 weeks due to my disability and husband having to stop work to look after me. He is now claiming Carers allowance for me. I told the baliff he doesnt live here any more to try and buy us some more time. The notice they left says that the FULL balance HAS to be paid in full or they will be removing goods and no further arrangements to pay will be accepted. Can we apply to them to get a deductions from benefit order to have it come out of my husbands carers allowance? would we be classed as vulnerable as our only income is from benefits at the moment? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, also if there are any template letters I could send, I would be greatful if someone could point me in the right direction. This is a real worry and as I already suffer from some mental problems, I fear this will only make me worse. Thank you.
  6. Hi Had a call from a balliff saying that I hadn't paid the amount. Original Amount was £295 Admin Fee £85 = £380 2 Payments made 27/11 £140 13/01 £150 (Error should of been £240) Upon checking my friend who I asked to pay had only paid £150 not £240 as requested when I advised this I was told that the charges for sending & attending stood, as he has gone to incorrect address is this right. I have today paid the balance outstanding through their automated system. So the original amount is clear. Where do I stand, I don't want to give them my new address, and the Balliff first said he would return to the property with a locksmith & gain entry, when I advised I didn't live at that address he said he would get a warrant for my arrest. I don't want to be arrested, if the amount is clear before he gets a warrant would it still stand, can he go to the old address and just force entry Surely if he goes back to court they have to have all the information up to date and when they check as I've cleared the original balance there is nothing to pay can anyone help as soon as possible.
  7. Hi everybody just look for some advise regarding my situation that's happened earlier today. I woke up to a letter through the door, as it turned out Marston "High Court Enforcement Officers & Certificated Bailiff's) attended my parents property where I live at 7:30 in the morning as described by the letter. No Door Knock as I was awake in bed, unless I just didn't hear them. however bailiff's usually let everybody in the street know they are knocking at a property. Letter states with a heading "NOTICE OF DISTRESS" - Section 58 Magistrates Court Act 1980 / Taxes Management Act 1970. the letter goes on explain how the bailiff has either Seized / Distrained and Impounded the goods specified in the Inventory INVENTRY FORD FIESTA BLUE (Number Plate) It then says how good will be sold to obtain the debt balance £800. with a contact number for the bailiff. I Phoned the Bailiff and explained the situation that I had attempted to make payment to your company via a payment plan however the full balance was the only option that would consider, he acknowledged that and explained theirs nothing he can do with the full balance today otherwise Inventory good shall be sold via an Auction.I explained the Car is subjected to a Hire Purchase therefore it is not my car so he needs to take the clamp off which he answered it does not matter he will speak to the finance company to see if they will allow him to take the car. I told him to come to the property and he said he will be there shortly . Meanwhile I called my finance company up and the girl knew nothing about how to handle the situation, I explained if you can speak to the bailiff they will release the clamp by law, by this time it was 9:30, the bailiff arrived at the door and asked for myself whilst on call to the finance company The best answer from the woman was if he takes the car, what ever charges occur you are liable for which is a load of Bol*****, I was advised he has already taken the clamp off as he did a HPI Check. So now he has gave my 24 Hours to Pay £825 In Full (Not going to Happen) without a payment plan. The result of today is as bellow with a message sent to bailiff as he didn't answer his phone to me. "Mr H, am writing a complaint to the magistrates and your head office regarding the situation earlier today when you clamped the car I Hire. As this is not owned by myself you have acted unlawfully without proper investigation to what assets I actually own. In result of this my car has been damaged and I have occurred loss of earnings on 21/11/13. You also declined my payment plan offer and did not indicate myself with a payment plan breakdown as requested. I have no other option to take this further and will be sending a letter tomorrow to the relevant departments. As discussed I live with my parents and I don't own any vaulables in the property that will cover the cost of this fine." I believe the bailiff acted unreasonably, he stated he will return within 24 hours to force entry to my parents property, I am going to call the magistrates tomorrow and ask if they have a clamping order and if they will take the debt back. writing a complaint letter to the magistrates and Marston's Head Office. regarding this Pr***. any advise on this topic at all would be much appreciated. thankyou
  8. hi all i am knew to this so please be nice right i will start from the beginning i sold a car to a lady on the 30th september 2012 got the cash for it thought end off filled out the V5 log posted to the DVLA job done. i contacted the DVLA after 3 weeks to inform them i never received anything from them and they said i should write a letter detailing the date i sold the car who the knew owner was etc etc which i done. i got a letter back from the DVLA with copys of the letter i wrote to them they sent me a letter confiriming i was no longer the owner of said car from the 30th september 2012 and i thought that was the end of it. i then recived a penalty notice from TFL with 2 pictures of the car that was clipped by a camera driving in a bus lane on the 9th of october. I imeedielty contacted TFL to inform them i sold the car and i was no longer the owner the of car from the 30th september so there is a mistake to which they replied there is not a mistake and i should pay the fine or appeal. i appealed the case and informed them that i sold the car etc etc. the denied my appeal stating as far as they are concerned i am the owner of the car at the time of the offence and doubled the penalty fare to 160.00 i immediately phoned them and said i was not paying i am not the owner i have proof from the DVLA that i sent into them copys to which they replied on the phone and i quote "we contacted DVLA and they informed us that you were the owner" this is lies i pointed out and the DVLA would not give confidential information like that over the phone to anyone to which i was told you either pay or it can escalate. i then called the DVLA to confirm what i was told and they informed me they would never give any details to anyone so TFL were only trying to scare me to pay the fine and the advised me not to pay. then yesterday i had a letter left by a bailiff regarding this demanding that i either pay an outstanding fee of 557pounds or they will seize goods at that value this has totally shocked me i called the bailiff as he left his number informed him of what i have been told informed him i have written proof from the DVLA that i was not the owner to which he basically rubbished and said he hears it all the time people buy cars get caught then sell them on write to the DVLA saying they wernt the owners at this date etc etc and that i need to pay him i told him to go and take a swing and jump i am not paying as i am not in the wrong if i was gen caught fine i would pay but when i have proof from DVLA in writing and on the phone taht i sold the car on the 30th september and this car was caught on the 9th October then i clearly am not the driver. my question is what should my next step be to get this resolved i am not paying a penny to him he can go get lost. also i am in two mins to complain about TFL harrasing me with this stressing me out and more inportantly liying to me down the phone can i sue them or who can i complain to about this
  9. Hi Everyone, Just a question before I sent another formal complaint to my council. I understand before a bailiff company becomes involved in collecting unpaid council tax the council must send a letter giving 14 days notice. Is it acceptable for the bailiff company to write requesting payment and threating a bailiff visit if no warning letter from the council has been issued. The council staff have said the letter from the bailiffs requesting payment counts as a warning letter but im unsure. Just to be clear the debt is now paid and I am in the process off getting a refund for overcharged bailiff fess but am wondering if I can take up a complaint about the lack of a correct warning letter.
  10. Hello. Just received a hand posted letter demanding the sum of £374.17 from an unpaid parking ticket from 2009. I havent received any reminders from the council in that time. Any advice on what to do? Can they legally charge this much? Thanks
  11. Hi All i have a small second hand furniture shop iv had for about 4 years its never going to be the next marks and spencers and money is very tight, i am always behind with my business rates iv always tried to make payments as and when i can afford to but i take a very small wage from this and my commitments for my home away from work are only just covered, as a result of the rates arrears they got passed to jacobs ballifs in september i spoke to the balliff about this and had to pay £50 on meeting with him and filled in a seizure of goods notice at that time the goods he listed were items off stock and i explained that it was obviously tools of my trade and i would have to continue to sell them he said in my ten years iv never had to remove goods so not to worry and to be fair he was very nice and understood were i was coming from. i have then gone on and made 11 payments but i missed two since i missed to iv still carried on paying and not thought anymore about it, untill today i had a hand delivered letter saying removal in 48 hours i contacted the balliff a differant baliiff to the one i spoke to the first time and even thou i offered there and then to make up the two i missed he wouldnt exept it and wanted the amount in full by sat 5pm or they would break into the property and take the items. i contacted the council again to see if they would take back the debt but they wouldnt. obviously the stock they listed at the walking possesion order time has since been sold what rights do the ballifs now have?? in the meantime i will carry on paying them as agreed but im worried they are going to come on saturday and break in??? any advice thanks
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