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  1. Hi thanks for getting back to me ,yes I knew about fine , the fine was £177 , I filled in a form that asked how I pleaded and sent it back to the court, I think at the time I didn't do a statement of means form , I rang courts and told them I couldn't pay full amount and the lady said she would send a payment card out to me which would be around ten days for it to arrive which it never she had said that a further steps notice had been issued but not to worry as card was being sent out ,
  2. Hi I'm new here I'm having a bit of confusion with Collectica , I have a fine for no tv license , rang court and said that they would send a payment card which never came woman on phone did say that a final steps or whatever it is called would be sent but not to worry as payment card will arrive ten days , as said no card arrived. I received a text message from Collectica before xmas saying to ring them and pay in full or arrange payment plan I tried to ring them several times and kept getting please wait while we find your file. I tried again afterxmas and got same , on 23rd January a man came to my door handing me an envelope and demanding i ring named bailiff on opening letter it was a removal visit letter, the named bailiff said I had till 30th January to pay I explained I am on a claim for jsa my partner claims as I have a ten month old baby he said he didn't care and wanted full payment. I went to CAB they rang n he still said full payment I received a text message on 29th from said bailiff saying I had till 9am to pay or he would be outnffrom 1pm on the 30th , on the Friday morning he sent another text saying 1 hour to pay if no payment to myself I office enforcement will be out at midday , he never arrived. I'm confused as from what I have read on other forums I have not received a letter of notice of enforcement this hand delivered letter is first letter I've had , I'm panicking a bit as I am away for two days from Monday but my partner will be home
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