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  1. 1. the defendant(d) is indebted to the claimant(c) for a parking charge(s) issued to vehicle ******* at moto cherwell, 2. the pcn details are 03/08/2018 *************,07/08/2018,************ 08/08/2018,************,10/08/2018 *************,11/08/2018,*************. 3.thepcn(s) was issued on private land owned or managed by c. the vehicle was parked in breach of the terms on cs signs (the contract), thus incurring the pcn(s). 4. the driver agreed to pay within 28 days but did not. d is liable as the driver or keeper. despite requests, the pcn(s) is outstanding. the contract entitles c to damages. and the claimant claims 1. £850 being the total of the pcn(s) and damages. 2. interest at a rate of 8% per annum pursuant to s.69 of the county courts act 1984 from the date hereof at a daily rateof £0.19 until judgment or sooner payment. 3.costs and court fees
  2. No, nothing, only the notice of enforcement from DCBL. We think it may be from a job she had at a motorway service station, we moved house shortly after she stopped working there. She was supposed to be exempt from paying as she was an employee and submitted her reg details to her employer.
  3. Its for £1147.95 All cars outside the property are Motability or leased, none are owned by anyone in their house.
  4. Hello, my daughter has received an enforcement notice from DCBL about a CCJ she didnt know anything about. it is from a company called CP Plus LTD t/a Group Nexus, which on looking it up is a private parking company. She has never received any correspondence whatsoever from them about the original ticket, or about the CCJ. It may have gone to her previous address as we moved just over a year ago. I have printed off the N244 form for a set aside but need to know what to write, also how do I stop the bailiffs from coming to the house, they have given her until the 25th for her to pay. Had she of received the original tickets she would of appealed them due to having a blue badge. Thanks for any help you can give.
  5. Hi, So the claim against me has been thrown out as they didn't pay the listing fee - please see this thread https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/410847-rent2buyyourcarcom-claimform-arrears-on-terminated-car-finance/#comments I am now wanting to start a claim to get back all money I paid out on the unenforceable agreement I entered into with them. Any help with wording of the claim would be much appreciated. A copy of the original agreement can be seen on the original thread. Thanks
  6. Yes, the brakes definitily failed. pedal went straight to the floor with nothing.
  7. I have sent the above letters and they are denying any involvement and refusing to do anything.
  8. Response to me request to reject the car: The car was driving without issue.The brakes on a Mini have a dual system and we have NEVER know a Mini to have total brake failure.As we mentioned this is a insurance issue and you need to claim through your insurance .We are sorry we are unable to help. Best regards
  9. I have emailed the company rejecting the car and asking for their insurance details. I did email them this morning telling them what happened and this was their response: We are very sorry to hear about your accident and hope you are getting better. We obviously have no idea why the car had brake failure and there can be many reasons why this should happen.The car is sixteen years old and we give you a three month warranty on the engine and the gearbox.Prior to the accident the car was obviously driving without any brakes issues as I’m sure you would have made us aware of such a serious problem. With regards to the airbags they don’t always deploy as it depends on the type of incident. You will need to contact your car insurance company who will cover you for the accident and any repairs that they deem necessary. If you need any help please let us know. i will post back here their reply to the new email once received.
  10. Thanks, She has only cuts, bruises and strains thankfully. She has been discharged a couple of hours ago. She did have to be cut out of the car however.
  11. Hi, My daughter purchased a used car on 20th feb 2019. She was driving it yesterday and tried to slow down for a roundabout, but the brakes completely failed, she crashed into a lampost, car is a right off and she is in hospital. Does she have any rights at all? It was purchased from a small independent car dealer. Thanks.
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