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  1. We haven't had an enforcement notice arrive yet. It's just a letter from the court saying that it's been passed on to Collectica. I'll keep you posted as to what the outcome of the the CAB advisors complaint is.
  2. Thanks for your reply. UPDATE: My wife went to the CAB this morning to seek help. The advisor called Collectica, and the agent spoke to the advisor in the same way I was spoke to yesterday. The advisor couldn't believe that he was spoken to in that way. He's going to lodge a complaint against Collectica, and he's escalated it someone who is higher-up in the CAB, and he's certain that it will get quashed. My wife has to fill in an income an expenditure form in, and has to go back to the CAB on Thursday to hopefully put an end to all this. Wish us luck. (PS: If it does end up saving us 75 quid, I'll chuck some of it your way for taking the time to help!)
  3. Hello. A few months back, my wife was taken to the local magistrates for non-payment of TV Licence. She made them an offer of £10 a week to clear the fine. She has made payments to clear the fine (But she missed a few, but not fell majorly behind) and the sum is now down to £25. we get a letter today (After she already paid this week's payment) saying that her account has been passed on to Collectica. We gave the court a call saying that it's unfair that the fine has been passed over with such a small amount remaining. The fella who we spoke to at the courts insisted that a letter was sent out in July, warning that if the fine isn't cleared, it would be passed over. My wife then insisted that she hasn't received a letter of this nature. I said that we'll give Collectica a ring to see what they have to say. We caledl Collectica, (And get put through to rudest person I've ever had the misfortune to speak to) and they say that it's gone up to £110 now, due to their fees being added up on top. I reluctantly agree to offer to pay it, if I can pay them £10 a week, just like we've been doing with HMCS. They said no, we want the full amount by the end of the month, or we'll get a visit, adding more fees on top. I thought that if you make a bailiff an offer of payment, they have to accept it? I'm just a bit worried that they're going to try and catch us out and try to send someone out before we expect them.
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