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  1. Hi my HV called him this evening and told him how if any action went ahead it would be detrimental to my mental health. He wants it in writing from her so she is emailing him first thing. He is then going to pass it onto the welfare team at his office so they can look at my case. Thank you for all your help. Fingers crossed this helps
  2. I was wanting to pay around £50 a month. My husband does work but doesn't earn very much as only works part time and the majority goes on rent. The only income in my name is child tax credit and child benefit. We do have a car but fortunately or unfortunately it is in the garage getting repairs. It was repaired for its MOT last week but two days later broke down and no one seems to no what's wrong with it. My HV is very supportive so I'm hoping she will help. Also do you think it would be worth me getting a letter from my GP also as I have been quite a lot for my PND getting support.
  3. I'm married, baby is 7 month and he wouldn't even let me discuss a payment plan. He told me it was too late for that.
  4. It was a removal notice but hand written along the top it has warrant of entry written on it. The handwriting isn't the best on it so it took me a while to decipher it. It also has hand written on it to be paid by 12 o clock to stop entry to property. Van/bailiffs locksmith. That's all I could decipher. The rest was typed telling me had attended the property. It also said they have been before but they have never called or hand posted anything.
  5. Hi I have managed to stall him until Thursday as my health visitor is visiting me then. He has asked her to ring him. I'm so worried about this I have nothing of value but my son does have an Xbox. I haven't let him and don't plan to, but can he just come in with a warrant of entry?
  6. Hi I had the bailiffs this morning with a warrant of entry for TV licence fine for the cost of £610. I didn't answer the door and they posted a letter and asked me to contact them. He won't accept a payment plan and I haven't got the money or the goods to cover the debt. It's from about a year ago I had just moved home I was pregnant and under the care of a physiologist for perinatal depression and anxiety. I forgot they had even come my mind was else where. They issued me a summons for cleavland court but that's about 60 miles away from my home so I just ignored it. Fast forward to today and he is telling me to pay by 12 or he is entering my home. I'm suffering PND and post natal anxiety and I am under the care of a health visitor and GP and on medication. I fear this is going to tip me over the edge. He wants my health visitor to ring him today and she isn't at work today so can't. I've offered a payment plan but he won't accept it either. Is there anything I can do?
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