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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, does anybody know of a good Solicitor who deals with fraud. We have a crime number. Back in 2007, I was given a loan by Black Horse, but as I worked less than 16 hours, was told I was not eligible for PPi but they could use my husbands name with my signature, I thought nothing of it. This fraud was bought to our attention, when we took Black Horse to the FOS, for a second joint loan, which my husband received a final settlement figure 'over the phone' for, when my mother died and I went into bereavement depression. My husband had asked Black Horse to sent out a 'loan closed' letter, after he paid the lump sum requested by Black Horse, only to realise some time later, that this had not been sent and they had added charges. We have taken them to FOS and are about to have this all quashed and they again play dirty sending another file through for the FOS to go through...we are told, the FOS, have to look at the file!!!! Black Horse has tried to take us to court but had it thrown out, and a matter of £1200 and still maintain the default date info on our credit report are correct, which it is not. Does anyone know of a good Solicitor. We wish to write to Black Horse head office and request they close the loan account and remove the data from our credit files, or we will have no choice but to take court action with our proof and crime number. They have been messing with our lives for 6 years now..enough is enough.
  2. Hi everyone, My wife received a claim for an old (2006-2009) Black Horse Fixed-Sum Loan in mid June. I used MCOL to file the AOS online for 28 days to submit a defence and then stupidly neglected to put a defence in in-time! As a result she received a Judgment in Default a few days ago that states "You have not replied to the claim form" - not correct (AOS submitted in time). Is there any way I can dispute the Judgment as the claim was responded to in time and AOS submitted in time? Can I appeal or try putting in a defence with a letter disputing the Judgment or is this too risky/expensive? If as I suspect I've blown my chance to defend my main concern is making a payment arrangement as not in a position to pay the whole amount so I either need to delay the CCJ date (possibly by transferring top local court/asking for a hearing etc.??) in order to try to get funds together before the 28 days after judgment or I need to change this to a monthly payment scheme somehow. Could someone explain what the options (and deadlines/time limits after judgment) are for: - disputing judgment in default/defending/appealing etc. - delaying actions (even if will still end up with judgment against us it will allow time to clear the ccj before registered) do I have to pay to make an application to the court to vary? or redetermine? not sure what options are available and what is best. - requesting a monthly payment arrangement I have a feeling the deadline is coming up in the next day or so, can anyone help urgently? thanks. gf2k
  3. I really need some help with blackhorse and after 20 months of reading thread after thread site after site I'm at a loss. Please could you direct me to someone that could help. The crux of it is it maybe an unlawful repo but that had only come to light as I am fighting a default in credit file. I could be horribly wrong which is why I'm in desperate need of guidance. Vehicle impounded by police 13/02/2012 no insurance (obviously a breach on our part but bit more complicated) Blackhorse refused to let vehicle be released Notice sent by bh 14/02/2012 under sec 76i and 98i agreement to be terminated by them as of 28/02/2012 Vehicle removed from car pound 08/03/2012 By the time the vehicle was impounded over 1/3 had been paid excluding deposit Going back to the beginning my initial dispute is over a default same details except blackhorse stated after sale of vehicle liability was £1029.48 which included £910 repossession fees for the whole period the vehicle was in the pound plus collection. We disputed this as we believed we were only liable for the dates before agreement terminated 13/02 - 27/02/2012 plus collection. Total approx £610 and asked for a copy of the invoice the police produced to bh. Never received this called every week and all we got was a breakdown of charges. Throughout the process monthly payments were made on time each month up until and including April 2012. Just to confuse matters bh can't workout if it's a tv or repo I don't want to write anymore because I can already see I'm going to confuse matters please help and feel free to request more info. I appreciate any guidance you could give me I just want this default removed. Mel
  4. Hello, My parents recently got offered £8000 from Black Horse for three loans they took out. It does not seem enough to me and I have been googling how to work PPI out in order to help them decide whether they should accept it but I cant get my head around it. I will give you the first loan figures and then that should put things into perspective a bit more for me.. Loan 1: 15/12/2005 start date. Amount of credit: £28,000 Min duration = 120 months. Total amount payable: £40,116 (28,000 – 12,116 charge for credit) Monthly repayment: £334.30 Interest is 0.636% APR: 7.9% PPI: Amount of credit: £12,894.44 Total amount payable: £18474 (12,894.44 + 5579.56 charge for credit) Monthly repayment: £153.95 If anyone could help me just so I have an idea of whether I am thinking this £8000 is very low (considering there are 2 more loans), it will be much appreciated. Thank you
  5. Hi all, I eventually submitted my PPI claim to Black Horse and it has been upheld and interest has been awarded. £1100+ is the amount of PPI I have paid in premiums (exact figures are not relevant at this stage) BUT BH say: "we propose to use the refund of PPI premiums due to help reduce your arrears" (the above £1100+) and actually only pay me the interest of £600+. They provide a tel. no. to call "If you do not wish us to use the refund of premiums to reduce your arrears please contact us onn 0844 800 7915". More background: I took out a loan from BH in 2002, failed to make payments (ill off work, self employed and still too ill to work) in 2005. CCJ filed and charge placed upon my property 2007 for outstaning amount £4000 by BH. 2010 I sold my my property and the CCJ outstanding amount via the charge on my house (c£4000+) was paid/settled by my solicitors upon completion. What I wasn't aware of/couldn't remember until BH upheld my PPI claim and "propose" to keep the refund £1100+) is that in 2008 I received a letter from Hillesden Securities Ltd stating: "This debt has been assigned to Hillesden Securities Ltd (trading as Direct Legal & Collections -DLC). This means that Black Horse Ltd no longer own your account and your account is now owned by DLC. All future payments and contact must be made with us". I still have the above letter, CCJ, agreement etc. and other paperwork. When I became ill in 2005 (with PTSD & depression) I couldn't (so didn't) handle my affairs all through this period and only re-found the 'Assign letter' when BH said I still have arrears on the account. I (only) assumed that when the CCJ was paid via the charge on my house by my conveyancing solicitor that he was making the payment to BH (as per CCJ/charge) and the Completion Statement from my solicitoe at the time of the house sale states "Black Horse Loan Repayment £4044.80". I tought the loan was paid off in full (to BH) but now suspect that DLC received the money and kept it whilst BH still have their records showing me owing them the same debt! Regardless of this, BH have upheld my PPI claim (1100+ and interest of £600+). I read this BH saying I CAN claim the PPI from them (claim is upheld) but they say they "propose" using claim amount to offset the debt I still owe them (BH) - the very same debt they (BH) assigned to Hillesden Securities and which I have paid off in full. I have made not contacted BH for any reason and neither have I contacted my conveyancing solicitor for any clarification on this. I would keep any contact with BH in writing. Where do I stand? Having upheld my PPI claim, am I within my rights to object to their keeping the £1100+ 'to off set the debt' and insist they repay me this amount? My gut feeling is that BH is 'trying it on' with a view to keeping my money (by trying to be clever with words as they have no legal standpoint) as they have asked to sign a statement to this effect. So, if I DON'T sign a statement agreeing to this but, rather, write back objecting to any such arrangement and insisting/demanding all PPI premiums (the aforesaid £1100+ with £600+ interest) be paid direct to me, am I within my rights and taking the correct course of action resulting in BH having to honour this? I need to know how to respond in an effective and concise manner. Thanks all, sorry I rambled a bit but hope I didn't confuse the issue. Any and all help will be really appreciated and please bear in mind I have to keep this as simple as I can!
  6. Hi, I originally had a hire purchase agreement with Black Horse some years ago but decided to terminate the contract after the half way point and return the car. I got an invoice from Black Horse saying I had an outstanding balance of £1200 for repairs etc to the car. The car was in good condition apart from the usual small scratches and stone chips. Anyway long story short I decided to pay and this was through Nationwide Collection Services of which I have been paying up until July where by I changed my direct debit details due to a change in jobs. August goes by as my payments were due on the 26th of each month but I changed to 6th so next payment from July was 6th September which they agreed. In September I get a letter from Allied International asking for the outstanding balance. I told them I had an arrangement with NCS but they said I had missed a payment. Anyway I now have them chasing me for the money but I cannot find a way of speaking to someone at NCS as everytime I call I get cut off after the automated part. What should I do?
  7. Hi Guys! I am new to this forum, but unfortunately not new to my HPI debt, which is now contorlled by DLC AKA Hillesden Securites! I bought a car on Hire Purchase in 2008 The car broke, and as a result had a new gearbox fitted under warranty, which itself broke 2 months later Peugeot refused to fix under warranty, saying it was drivers error, black horse did not want to help, and I could not keep up the finance!! The debt now stands at £12000+. I am currently bankrupt, the insolvency service are aware of this debt with the car, but cannot take it on fully until the car is reposessed!! Currently DLC own the car, but are refusing to reposess! they contatntly ring me, which is NOT allowed under section 285 of the insolvency act!!! Peugeot are charging me storage which is currently at £1572.00, they will not release the car until payment is made (I am liable as i well know and am fine with) but they will not release the car to me as DLC own the car, but DLC will not reposess and will not give a reason as to why! Until they do, the insolvency service will not take this debt on fully!!! Please help I need to know what to do, DLC are very threatening, but this does not bother me, but what does bother me is the smarmy comments i get when they think they have won because they will not reposess the car! BUT even after I am discharged from bankruptcy, They debt will still be included in my bankruptcy estate as the debt was incurred before I was made officially bankrupt!! Sorry to go on, but this debt is going on as is the problems with DLC!! Thankyou in advance for any advice Tom
  8. Evening all - I hope you are all well. Now then, on the advice of others I am starting new threads for my individual debts/claims for mis-selling of PPI and reclaiming charges. It's three different issues but all relating to the same institution so I thought I would just post in the Black Horse forum, but if I have done the wrong thing, please feel free to say. Anyway, I have been playing letter ping pong with Black Horse and their DCA of the moment for a while now - basically ignoring them has worked until now, but I am just sick and tired of being in limbo with it all and really want to get a tighter grip and regain back control of my finances and life so I am tackling it all in one swoop. I can't really remember when exactly I got into trouble with paying them their monthly money, but after about a year of continuous hassle, I finally set up a repayment plan with the then DCA, Sechari Clarke Mitchell after basically being bullied and made to feel like pond life - actually pond life had a higher status than me! Anyway, I was paying them for about a year, and every couple of months I would get a letter saying they "need to review my account". Well I ignored them as my situation hadn't changed and so there was nothing to "show and tell" and I figured, as long as I continued to pay, they would leave me alone. Anyway, for the last year, I have been struggling to pay the promised amount and getting myself into all kinds of bother to survive each month - yes I succumbed to the pay day loan trap but that's another story on another thread, and so decided I couldn't continue to pay them any longer and stopped. That was a couple of months ago and hence the next heavy wave of letters and phone calls have begun. After spending a considerable amount of time on here, reading and learning, I realised that actually, alot of the so called statements or to coin their phrase "notices of arrears they were obliged to send me" just didn't seem to make sense with the way they are adding charges and interest. Also there is the fact that I am positive there was some kind of PPI on this loan and one other loan with them that I had previously for a short time, which was settled so I decided, as I was sending out a whole heap to many other creditors, to SARs them too. So I am at the moment, waiting to hear back from them to see if they actually owe me and perhaps either clear the debt entirely or at least a substantial part and put me in a position to actual pay it off. One thing that puzzles me though is that I have had this loan now from since 2004, and according to my credit report, the starting balance was £3,023, the current balance is £2,188 but the default/deliquent balance is £2,341 but according to the latest round of communication from the DCA of the moment, the amount is £2,243.19 Anyway, while I wait I just thought I would introduce myself to other Black Horse fighters on here - see if anyone else is the same boat so to speak and can offer any advice on whether BH play nice or like to chuck their toys out of the pram! Thanks and appreciation in advance. Coffee:angel:
  9. Hello and apologies if this is in the wrong forum or has already been posted. I had a credit agreement with Black Horse for a car I bought which had a large residual ballot payment at the end of the term (£11400). Through no ones fault but my own I missed the final payment. I had meant to trade the vehicle against another car, settle the original loan and start another agreement. I had some conversations with Black Horse but after 21 days (I think) they passed the debt onto Credit Style - a company I had never heard of. Credit Style contacted me with all sorts of friendly advice about settling the account and referred to themselves as a company that Black Horse use to work on behalf of the borrower to work out an amicable solution. So far so good. I explained that I missed the deadline and would trade in the car and thus settle the outstanding balance. I was asked by Credit Style to direct the selling garage to go through them. Which I didn't question at the time. I approached a garage, found a vehicle agreed to trade the current car against the new vehicle and clear off the balance. The settlement figure from the new garage was confirmed at £11400. Credit Style then contacted me by text to say that the balance was now £11919 which included their fees. This was news to me. I disputed this with them as I didn't have any agreement with them, nor did I have any visibility of their fees etc. Black Horse will not discuss this with me, nor even the relationship between them and Credit Style. After raising a complaint with Black Horse, and mentioning bodies such as the OFT to Credit Style I have now been offered a deal where they will go back to Black Horse and agree to settle the loan at £10,000 which will include all their fees. Am I right in assuming that they have bought the debt from Black Horse and were looking to screw not only Black Horse but also me before, as it now seems miraculous that if I provide them with a cash sum almost £2000 less than they were originally asking for I am off the hook. BTW I am prepared to pay the original settlement value to Black Horse of £11400 but they won't deal with me now. It seems strange that as soon as the OFT etc are mentioned Credit Style have a change of heart. Any advice on how to proceed will be gratefully received. Mark ps. It's also with noting all the calls with Credit Safe & Black Horse from my office are recorded so there is a full audit trail available should it come to that.
  10. My partner and I took out an interest free loan for some goods and the finance was with Lloyds. The original agreement was to pay back an hefty £200 per month. He has since left me (without a job or income etc.) I have since started working and made an arrangement to pay £50 per month, which is quite a large amount for me. I have maintained this payment since making the arrangement and not missed once. Now they are constantly ringing me on my home and mobile numbers and I have received a default letter from them. When I have taken a call I have explained that Im happy to continue to pay the £50. They are asking for a statement of earnings and will not continue with the agreement. To be honest, im snowed under and possible redundancy and further job applications/debts/admin and kids and I cant face doing it and them demanding more than £50 from me. Since this was an interest free debt should I treat is as non priority and just ignore them or can they start charging me interest? I just want them off my back its really getting to me Please can you advise me what to do about this.
  11. Black Horse obtained a CCJ against myself over 6 years ago which has now disappeared from my credit file. Black Horse have since recorded a further default for the original loan. Can they do this? Could they claim they are saying I defaulted against the CCJ if I didn't pay it all off? Thanks in Advance for any help
  12. Advice, please? I feel that LloydsTSB and Black Horse Personal Finance have colluded, and exacerbated a situation entered into with SPML This is going to sound like the intro to an x-factor audition, get your violins ready... 2 years of Prozac-fog ended last November, and I am now lucid, and really quite angry. Feel free to slap me down if I’m just whinging. The Prozac episode followed a very messy repossession and subsequent breakdown. To be honest, if I hadn’t been so blinkered about pre-existing medical conditions and PPI, the Prozac would have happened much sooner. In 2002, Abbey National reached the end of their tether with our sporadic mortgage payments (Husband came out of work, I was working part time...) they went for repossession over arrears of £800. Fair play to them. In stepped the saviours that are Capstone/SPML, and confirmed a remortgage to cover the loan, arrears, court costs etc. Seemed a great idea at the time, hindsight’s a wonderful thing. The honeymoon period was great, the monthly payments were only slightly higher than the Abbey ones (the ones we couldn’t maintain). Honeymoon over, and the introductory rate bounced up, the payments rose from something in the region of £200 to over £400 per month (I don’t have the exact figures, this was pre-prozac, there’s a good chance that the paperwork is stuffed down the side of a sofa somewhere.) LloydsTSB were ever so good, there was a little button on the internet banking screen that said ‘increase overdraft’, so a cycle began of us missing a monthly payment or two, getting a nasty letter from SPML, and increasing the overdraft, paying off the arrears, and starting all over again. I got a bit fed up of forever being in overdraft, and asked Lloyds for a loan to straighten everything up. Now, we didn’t fit the lending criteria for Lloyds....but, Black Horse ‘our sister company’ were happy to accept us. I think this is when it really started to go pear shaped. The first loan with Black Horse was ‘only’ about £3000, and things ran smoothly for a while, we were on the edge of our income, so every time we had a vet bill, a domestic appliance die on us, or any other unexpected expense, we were back in the overdraft. We were both working, so Black Horse had no issues with increasing the loan when we got sick of the overdraft fees. We ended up with an overdraft of £7500 before Lloyds asked what was going on. I was very clear with them that we were struggling to keep up with our outgoings, and they converted the overdraft to a special agreement of a separate loan, £75 a month, which we managed to pay every month because the due date was the same day as my wages. Over this period we had also been increasing the Black Horse loan, as SPML really liked sending out court claims for possession. I was also very clear with Black Horse as to the purpose for the extensions on the loan, I recall them actually speaking to SPML and coming to an agreement that SPML would agree to the loan being secured against the property, as long as their arrears were cleared first, before any other debt was repaid. There was another instance where a family member paid off the arrears on the mortgage pending a further advance from Black Horse being transferred, there was full three way discussion between SPML, Black Horse and the family member at this point. The house was repossessed in November 2008. I was ‘out of it’ to such an extent that I had just assumed that I would be able to ‘sort it out’ again, as had happened over the past 5 years or so. Looking back, it might have been less stressful for everyone involved if Lloyds/Black Horse/SPML had not colluded and allowed us to build up the debts to such unmanageable levels. It seems in bad taste to say so, but if the repossession had taken place earlier, rather than Lloyds allowing further increases on the overdraft, Black Horse allowing further advances on the secured loan when the credit files showed that this was an on-going pattern, and SPML accepting several 11th hour payments, many people would be much healthier and happier today. My question is, do I have a case for irresponsible lending? Irresponsible borrowing, certainly, I hold my hands up to that. We knew every time that we extended our borrowing that it was not a solution, only a stop-gap, but felt that mainstream lenders would reject us on the basis of our credit history. The current situation: Black Horse debt £29000- in default for 18mths, with no legal action to date. SPML (sold the house under-value) £3000 owed due to mortgage shortfall, instalments agreed with Scotcall, but defaulted October 2010. Lloyds closed the account January 2011, £5500 outstanding on the loan, £866 on the overdraft (£3600 at the time of the repossession) First solicitor’s letter received last week, demand for £266 overdraft overlimit.
  13. Hi all, Yesterday I signed a Hire Purchase Agreement for a car with Black Horse, through a car dealership. The agreed monthly payment is £190/month, in 48months. I got a phone call today from the car dealers saying that there had been a mistake by Black Horse and that I have to go back to them to sign a new agreement with a monthly payment of £211/month. My question: is the agreement I've signed legally binding or can they now make me change the conditions? I'm sure that if I had made a mistake they wouldn't change the agreement for me once signed, at least not without a cost, so do I have to go back and resign something that is already agreed only to end worse-off? Thanks for your help
  14. Hi my daughter recently took out a finance agreement on HP with Black Horse for the purchase of a car. At the car dealers they were offering 7 day free driveaway car insurance but she was advised that she could not drive the car away because she was under 21. The dealer signed over the V5C to her boyfriend at a totally different address to that on the finance agreement and not her and allowed him to drive away the car. At no point did the dealer ever sign over the V5C to her. The boyfriend has insured the car in his name at his address and is refusing to return it to her. We have contacted the police but have been advised it is a civil matter. As the V5 has never been signed over to her from the dealer is the contract void? She is up to date with payments where do we go from here?
  15. Hi, I've had a very bad experience with Black Horse and am wondering if there's any comeback. The loan I took was £1400 to cover a sofa & table. I was able to repay interest-free before 10/10/2010. I missed this date because I wasn't given the information on how to pay. There is no phone number on their website blackhorse.co.uk, the finance section of their website is down at time or writing, the agreement form doesn't contain a phone number or details on how to pay. It does list an address, but doesn't detail what I can send to that address. A google search doesn't bring up any official contact details for them. I finally found a contact number on a forum similar to this. They sent reminder letters to my previous address, despite the agreement listing my new address & date of moving. They're trying to charge me a massive amount of interest for missing the interest-free payment date. Do I have enough evidence to show they made it very difficult for me make this payment? If so, how should I go about it? Many thanks!
  16. I have a case of mis-sold PPI that has gone to the FOS. Even though the agreement says it is with Black Horse and the agreement says that the loan and PPI are both regulated, Black Horse has argued that they are not regulated because both products were sold by an unlicensed money lender and then faxed to Black Horse, and that Black Horse then funded the loan and also funded the PPI cover from the loan. This attempt by Black Horse to subvert the FOS process did derail the adjudicator who called me to say that if Black Horse did not sell the loan, then the FOS had not remit. The FSA said that they only took statistics, the OFT said the same, Trading Standards were having a Kip and did not like being woken up and the Treasury and Bank of England both said that whilst they were shocked by what they heard, they weren't interested. Then, one person advised me, off the record, to refer the matter to the Illegal Money Lending Team who have said that they believe they CAN get involved. So, here's the upshot. My complaint about Black Horse, supposedly regulated, has been referred to the Illegal Money Lending Team, because none of the FSA, FOS, OFT, BOE, Treasury or Trading Standards can find a remit to regulate. How laughable is that. No wonder the banking system is in such a mess if an organisation that chases down illegal loan sharks, criminals and low lifes is picking up a Black Horse case because the regulators who should regulate Black Horse have been caught napping!!!
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