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  1. Back in 2010 I received a ccj which I have been paying £10 a month to Hillesden Securities who were managing the account on behalf of Cabot. I have recently received a letter from Cabot informing me that they have asked Mortimer Clarke to take over managing my account. Apparently Mortimer Clarke are happy to keep to the repayment plan agreed with Hillesden, but they will need to speak to me to arrange for my payments to be sent to them directly. I don't particularly want to speak to them as I'm worried they will start to harass me for higher payments. I have found an em
  2. Morning, folks. I'm in a particularly odd and confusing situation so any assistance in clarifying where exactly I stand would be greatly appreciated. In 2010 I took out a credit card with Virgin Money. In 2012 I defaulted on this due to financial difficulty and depression. I do not remember receiving a default notice from Virgin Money. It's possible I received a default notice from MBNA, but I closed an account with them in 2006 (I have the letter) so would have discounted it. In January of 2017 I found out a CCJ was registered against me with Hillesden Securities as the clai
  3. Was quietly browsing my credit reports last night when I spotted on both of them that there was a CCJ listed. I check monthly and its the first time ive seen them. Was issued 29/12/15 by Northampton Bulk Clearance Centre. Called Northampton today and get a few details from them including the creditor, etc. Turns out ive been CCJed for a debt that I last made a payment on in 2006 and have never communicated in written form about ever. There were a few calls around 2008/9 from them but I requested more than once a copy of the Credit Agreement that they were unable t
  4. Sorry if I'm repeating old info, I have had a read of other posts but these all seem to be at CCJ defence stage and I'm not there yet! Details are as follows: Hillesden have been chasing me for a payment of £848 for as long as I can remember. The debt was passed to DLC and most recently to Cabot. Mortimer Clarke are now chasing me on behalf of Cabot and claim that they will take me to court if I don't respond with a suitable payment arrangement. The van was returned in 2007 and my last payment on the debt was Sept 2008 (according to them). I do not know when it defaulted exactly
  5. Hi all I've received a rather threatening letter from Restons Solicitors, I'm hoping you can assist me with my problem. Resotns solicitors been instructed by their Client Hillesden securities limited. I have received an n30 Judgement for claimant Resotns solicitors been. I believe it relates to a car finance agreement I had with Black Horse back in 2000 the Car price was £12000 to be paid over a period of 48 month. After few month later in year 2000 due to financial problem I wasn’t able to keep my payment of the monthly instalment to Black Horse. Black Horse dec
  6. Hi, I've received some letters from Hillesden Securities informing me that they have applied to the courts in regards to a CCJ regarding a debt from 2004. I stopped paying as I couldn't afford it but and was on a debt management plan at the time the debt had been passed around various companies before Hillesden took it on, as I do not have any paper work relating to this debt I'm about to write a letter requesting details of the agreement as I heard I maybe able to contest them if they've not contacted me in what I believe to be around 6 years, if I do th
  7. hi all, A Family member has just received a ccj claim form, I have filled the form out as best i could, we are almost 100% sure it is statue barred and believe they are just chancing it, Hillesden securities Limited t/a dlc Date of issue – 14 DEC 2015 What is the claim for – The claim is for the balance of installments due & unpaid under an agreement dated 12/07/2005 & under which Black Horse LTD agreed to sell the defendant goods for a price payable by installment('the agreement'). The agreement was assigned to the claimant. PARTICU
  8. Hi, and apologies if I've filed this in the wrong section - sleep deprived trying to research how to respond to the above. The particulars of the claim are: The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant(s) under a contract between the Defendant(s) and Black Horse Ltd dated on or about Apr 30 2008 and assigned to the claimant. PARTICULARS a/c no xxxxxxxxx DATE ITEM VALUE 10/11/2015 Default Balance 7xxx.xx Post Refri Cr NIL TOTAL 7xxx.xx Issued on 02 Dec and I've co
  9. Hi All I will try and give a quick back ground of what has happened since 2009. I got into money problems when my company went into liquidation in 2009. I re mortgaged to offer F&F to all credit cards and bank loans through accountant he managed to settle on all accounts except MBNA who never replied to his letters. Since then in 2013 I started getting the standard letters from DLC no telephone calls then in December 2013 I got a letter from Aplins stating if payment was not made to DLC they would be apply to take me to court. I got a court c
  10. Wow... Cabot are becoming a debt powerhouse... The extract is from CreditToday's article of 4th June.
  11. Hi All, I first received court papers from Aplins on behalf of Hillesden Securities dated 6th August Read alot on here and sent CPR request to Aplins Solicitors, immediate response saying they were in touch with their client and would agree to an extension of 28days. Acknowledged online on 18th August Sent CPR15.5 letter to court with copy of Aplins letter. No response so phoned court and advised to enter defence. Defence entered and accepted on 11th September, was a couple of days late but they accepted. Not heard anything since from anyone.
  12. Hi Am hoping someone can help. Originally had a loan with Black Horse - long story short, we hit hard times and the debt was not repaid. (This was originally a single loan, then further on became joint loan) Black Horse gained a CCJ, that was not defended, and later on secured a charging order against our property. (The property is a shared ownership). Had a letter a couple of years ago saying the debt had been sold to Hillesdens. Since then they have sent the occasional letter giving a sum of arrears etc. There has never actually been an agreement to pay.
  13. hello i am currently in the process of paying off the last 2 of my 9 debts, in total i owed in excess of 10k, over the past few years i have managed to clear a considerable amount, currently im down to £3200 owed to DLC/hillesden on behalf of a car finance loan from blackhorse. all of my previous debts were paid off in full either as a full payment or payment plan over a set amount of months, the last debt totals £3200, in this case i am wanting to send a letter to offer a settlement figure and need some advice. first of all im not sure whether i would need
  14. Hi, Today I received a statement of account from dlc the creditors name is Hillesden securities ltd formerly Lloyds tsb the original date of agreement is the 15/06/1995and is fir over £1000. Can someone give me advice on dealing with this matter. Regards Wade.
  15. Hi All, I have been getting letters from Hillesden securities saying that they are chasing a debt from Lloyds. I asked for proof of debt and they sent me statements from lloyds. The statements showed no payments being made just charges for being overdrawn. The account was put in default in March 2008 however I was unaware of this default. I have not acknowledge the debt and I have not made any payments to them for over six years. It does not show on my credit file. They have now sent the account to a DCA which is MBA, what should I do?
  16. Hi All Hope you can give me a piece of advice. Took a loan out with Yes Car Credit in Sep 2004 made repayments of over £10k over 3 years got into difficulties. Owe £3904 now. DLC did make me an offer in 2009 to close the account for £904. Hillesden Securities are reporting on my credit file default date 03/09/2008 but I believe I received a default notice in Sep 2007 from DAF. Last payment/contact with Direct Auto Finance 08/05/2008 Could someone tell me when the debt becomes statute barred and when it will drop off my Credit report. I have
  17. Morning all, I had an old Associates card which was sold off to Hillesden Securites way back in 2006, they could never find any paperwork associated with the alleged account, and as a consequence they removed the default. I have just renewed my Experian sub after about three years, and have just noticed they are updating the report with a six month late payment marker. The last payment I made on this account was at the end of January 2007, so should be SB in a couple of weeks. Can they keep updating like this, because surely it will never disappear (not th
  18. Hi, any advice would be very much appreciated. I have received an email off a company called Hillesden Security. It asks me to urgently ring a number quoti ng a reference number. It doesn't say what it is about but I have looked it up and see that it is a debt collection agency. I am scared - should I ring them or not? I have obviously not phoned them back. It maybe related to £600 that I owe a college that I did a course with. I was a month late applying for a grant from student finance that would have paid my fees. I was depressed and had high anxiety levels at the the time and
  19. Hi all, It's 2PM in the Morning and I am wondering what to do next, any advice would be REALLY APPRECIATED. I have just received a claim form from Northampton (CCBC) dated 18th September 2013 Claimant: Hillesden Securities Sending address: Alpins Banbury The claimants claim is in respect of a credit facility 4******* provided by capital one (europe) Plc at the defendant's request on 4/11/2004. Failure to meet requests for payment resulted in the account being defaulted. On 11/12/2009 all legal and beneficial interests for the monies were assigned to Hillesden
  20. HELLO ALL, TWO OF MY DEBTS (FROM CITI AND EGG) WERE BOUGHT BY DLC. I TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THEIR 90% DISCOUNT ON CITI DEBT AND SETTLED ACCORDINGLY. WHILE THE EGG ONE IS STILL UNDUE, THEY MADE ME AN OFFER OF 75% ON EGG BUT I DO NOT HAVE THAT MONEY SO I AM STILL PAYING THEM £1 PER MONTH. I STARTED DEFAULTING ON THEM IN 2006. I AM NOT SURE WHETHER I ASKED for a CCA file or not but all of their correspondence mention the original creditor name. So far I have been advised by DX to send them a CRA file. Which I shall do as soon as my printer is fixed. A new development is that none of
  21. Hi Folks, I've received a letter from Hillesden Securities / DLC threatening to get a charge on my property. This relates to a debt bought from Halifax in December 2008 which had a payment plan in place for £35 per month that had been maintained with Halifax up to the date it was sold . I have continued to pay Hillesden £35 up to the present. In June 2011 - when my credit history finally cleared - I took out a loan to settle some of my larger creditors and this prompted a letter from DLC threatening at that time to get a charge on my property. I sought advise from my local
  22. I've been getting letters (demands) from Hillesden Securities in respect of a debt that I have no knowledge of, because they don't tell you who the 'original' debtor is. Then I start getting letters from Direct Legal & Collections. The last one was dated 22 April 2013. Then, within a month, there was this from Aplins Solicitors.... Now, I've been a stupid 'head in the sand' person, but is it too late to send a CCA letter, and request a copy of paperwork bearing my signature? If they've got it, it may actually shed some light on what debt this is. But I do
  23. Hello, This is my first post so any advice would be very welcome. I was made redundant back in 2009 from a 10 + year job and started struggling to keep up with my credit card from Virgin money.The last statement or contact from Virgin was july 09 I then received a letter dated 29 Aug 2009 from a company called DLC telling me that my debt has now been assigned to Hillesden securities trading as DLC and that MBNA no longer own my account they do and all future payments must be made to them . After telling these that I am struggling to find permanent employment and can't afford to
  24. Hi all! I've been so busy sorting out 2 other defences for my OH, that I completely lost track of the date. Right! Claimant: Hillesden Securities (prev Black Horse) Amount: less than 5k. Aos returned disputing full amount. I have received no NOA, DN or response to my CPR31.14 request. I didn't know that Black Horse had sold the debt and the trouble started when I tried to reclaim my PPI from Black Horse 4-5 months ago. My PPI claim has been rejected but I am appealing (just with Black Horse at the moment but to FOS if necessary). My defence is due today and I'm really unsure w
  25. Hi Folks, Looking for some advice please on some letters my mum has been sent from a Company called DLC, working on behalf of Hillesden Securities who now claim they own a debt which was previously to Morses Club. My mum had a loan out with Morses some years ago before they went bust, afterwards no-one came round to collect any re-payments and no letters were sent to instruct her on how to make any payments. Now she has started receiving letters from this DLC company asking for her to make payments. I have sent the letter i got from here asking for a true copy of the CCA, this was in
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